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Aki Tells Tales

Once in a while, I have moments when I worry if Aki is his hitting the developmental milestones of his age. Do other 3.7 year olds hate writing too? Is he the only boy his age who is not a fan of drawing?  Why does he keep saying Twenty-teen? My main source of worry really is the fear that he might not pass the entrance exams of the big schools that we are eyeing.

Aki asked me to draw a water dragon. When he saw my drawing. Aki:  That's a duck!
Aki asked me to draw a water dragon. When he saw my drawing.
Aki: That’s a duck!

And then, there are also those moments, when I watch him, so care-free and so happy with himself and all my worries are washed away. Last Thursday was one of those moments. I was home early. I picked him up from my in-law’s house. I was putting away my baon when I heard him playing with his 2 current favorite toys – a broken balloon pump and a small toy car that he got from his summer job in McDonald’s last month.

I grabbed  a paper, sat beside him and started jotting down everything that came out of his talkative mouth. He is such a passionate storyteller with sound effects and changing voices for added drama, I tell ya. Aside from dinosaurs, Aki is into dragons and robots. He is always either a viking or a inventor. Watching him play is such a delight and makes me realize that he is indeed developing just right.. in his own pace. I have always wanted an imaginative and curious child. Aki is exactly that and much more.

His current favorite books
His current favorite books

Without further ado. I would like to share the stories that Aki made up, in his own words.


Once a time, this name dragon charlie. (Charlie is always the toy car)

Charlie found other dragon,
His name is Bukol Aki. (Bukol Aki is the broken pump)
Bukol Aki is sleepy.
Next, he’s hiding (referring to Charlie)
and Vraaaaaaagh!
He is come awake (referring Bukol Aki)
Bukol Aki have a breathing fire

Bukol Aki says Nyaaaaar!
Nyaaaar means time to eat.

Am.. Aaaam… Aaaam…

Next, Bukol Aki spins and spins.

And the other dragons come to fight the big dragon..

(Me: Wait. Is Bukol Aki the big dragon?
Aki: No. He’s other dragon (he is one of the other dragons) )

Hooray to Bukol Aki!

Charlie (who was still hiding) says,
Hooray! Hooray! Hoooray!
Hooray! Hooray! Hoooray!
Hooray! Hooray! Hoooray!

The end.



Once a time…
Charlie his birthday (It’s Charlie’s birthday)

Suddenly he see other dragon
And Bukol Aki says, “Your birthday??”
Charlie says, “Yes, I am! I want to start a birthday cake”
Bukol Aki says, “Hmm…. I can make your cake.”
He (Bukol Aki) makes a knight cake.
And then start his birthday…

Suddenly, there is a big dragon.
And now, Astrid comes to help. ( Astrid is a girl from the movie How to Train Your Dragon aka HTTYD. Aki thinks his Ate Jyl looks like Astrid)
And the other dragon comes to help
(with a ringside referree tone) Baaaaaattle again! (translation: Let the battle begin. Aki’s very words: Batooooooohl agin)
Time to fight dragon.
Tapos may sugat feet
    (Me: Huh? In English, Then, the feet has wound. I was never able to clarify this part because he was too engrossed with the story.)
Now suddenly, Thunderdrum time to help too. (Thunderdrum is another dragon from HTTYD)
Aki time to help too.
Now my water dragon start to blast water..

Sound effects: Puuuung! Puuuung! Puuuung!


Tilis means time to not fight.

Now say Hoooray hooray hoooray! Hooray everyone!

I sing a song.

Happy birthday, Charlie.
Happy birthday, Charlie.
Happy birthday.Happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Charlie.

Blow your cake.

The end.


What do you think?

You can now pre-order his future book: Aki Tells Tales: Stories of a Preschooler Storyteller 🙂

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