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Annual Birthday Photo Tradition

One of the family traditions that I hold dear is the annual birthday picture taking that we do for Aki. Unlike some kids, Aki does not pose for the camera. His one-two-three-say-cheese smile looks forced… which actually is the case. Hehe. So why do we continue this tradition? Because I said so. Seriously, the boys can’t wait to go about their businesses and are very vocal that they hate being stopped just for pictures. It also does not help that I, being slightly perfectionist, take a lot of their time because we can’t move one until we have that perfect shot, right? Sorry, Aki but one day, I know you will thank me.

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Oh What Fun!! Green and Red Divisoria Shopping

Yey! Thirty days to go before Christmas! And what better way to get into the holiday spirit than going to Divisoria for some green and red shopping. Oh what fun!!!!

I was there as early as 6:30AM. Most stalls were still setting up. I realized that when you arrive that early, the topless male kargadors and tinderos abound. It can get overwhelming. Lucky me, I am used to topless tambay-looking boys because that is exactly how Aki and Franco look like when we are home. Anyhoo, I also found out that tinderos can be superstitious. I did not get a discount nor was I allowed to buy just one yard from some stalls because I was their buena mano.

Some of my favorite finds from Ilaya and Tabora Streets


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Question of the Day

Aki rediscovered the finger puppets that one of his godmothers gave him a couple of years ago.


Me: Your Ninang Ameron gave you those.

Aki: Huh?! Who is her? Who is her?!! (we are still working on his grammar issues. Hahaha). Is she dead? Is she dead?!!!!!

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Uniwide Fun Finds and One Super Sad Update

With a heavy heart, I would like to inform the public that the Uniwide Coastal branch is already closed. 😦 😦 😦 According to the cashier in Uniwide Sucat, it was because of dispute with the land owner. Hopefully it just temporary. What is even sadder, is that all the goods in Coastal Mall were put on hold and could not be transferred to other branches.

On the bright side, Uniwide Sucat is still open to all of us, bargain hunters. I was there 2 weeks ago and last month.


Here are my favorite finds

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The Morning My Son Turned 5

About a month ago, my little  bunny turned five years old! Can you believe it?!

I am very much aware that in a few short years, he is going to mature and change. I see it my in nephews and nieces. Rocky at 8 years old, does not want to  wear Halloween costumes anymore.  Jyl, our preteen, is not as excited as she used to be about sleeping over in our house. Don’t get me wrong. I love my pamangkins. They are the sweetest nicest rowdiest kids ever. But I do miss the days when they were so easy to please and they were game for anything. So, while Aki is still at that magical stage, I want to make sure that we make as many beautiful memories as we can.

One of the family traditions that I hold dear is the little ceremony that we have on the morning of his birthday. On this day, I wake up early to set-up, around 4AM.  First, I take out the birthday crown from our keepsake box and prepare the birthday cupcake. This year, instead of a cupcake, we used a colorful jelly that I made. Continue reading “The Morning My Son Turned 5”

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Before and After: Toilet Ring



One of the things that I wanted to tackle during my medical leave was the awful toilet ring that haunted me for months. Had I posted this months earlier, I would have remembered what exactly we did, the order, how long we let products sit. But in case it might help, here are the products that we used on the toilet bowl until we finally erased the ring

1. Coke. Let sit overnight. I think we did this twice.

2. Lemonade juice powder. I read somewhere that the acids of citrus drinks can loosen grime

3. Oxalyc crystals. If they can remove rust on our clothes, maybe they’d work on the toilet too

4. Baking soda. We all know that baking soda has magic cleaning powers. For a month now, I stopped using shampoo and started using baking soda to clean my hair and scalp. Girl scout promise, my hair fall problem vanished just after one washing.

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Chinese-Style Steamed Fish Recipe

If you are looking for an effective diet, look no further. South Beach is the one for you. I swear by my index toe, it really works. From 129 pounds, I was down to 117 lbs with minimal to zero exercise. That is just one pound away from my pre-Aki weight. And it is not expensive as many of you think. If you prepare your own food, the cost is just the same.

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