Memoirs of a Mummy

The Tooth will Set You Free

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The first week of August was a week of firsts for our then 9 month old bulate. First time to sit, pee and poop on a potty chair.  🙂  First time to have a sprain. 😦  First time to drink from a glass by himself. 🙂 First time to brush his two little teeth. Weeeee!

As I mentioned before, we are big fans of Tommee Tippee. So when the time came to buy Aki’s first toothbrush, I went straight to the TT shelf in Baby Co. Their toothbrush is reasonably priced at php150++ for a set of three, 2 gum massagers and one real toothbrush. 

I was on my way to the cashier when something caught my attention.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

On Being Strong when Your Child is weak

Warning: long long long post ahead 

Tuesday’s breakfast: fried rice, crispy tofu strips sprinkled with mummy’s guilty tears.

I was forcing myself to eat breakfast when I heard a panicky shriek from the bedroom. It was from Yaya Jane who was looking after the sleeping sickly baby. Aki vomited again. His first of the day, nth since last Saturday. After helping Jane clean the room and the kid, I went back to the dining table to finish breakfast. Soon, I found myself sobbing. I remembered how, every time I was sick, I felt so alone and fragile in my dorm room when I was still studying or in my apartment bedroom  when I was still single. I had this tendency to indulge in self-pity as I longed for my mummy.

Aki has been sick and I could not do anything about it. He usually responds fast to medication but not this time. In addition, Jane expressed her intent to go home to Quezon   and rest. Plus, I was not feeling well. Sleepless nights and too much worrying have taken a toll on my body. But the most significant reason for Tuesday’s tear-fest was guilt. I was  sad that Aki was sick and even sadder that I had to leave him and go to work. I texted my  boss that Tuesday morning that I will be reporting for work later than usual because I still  have to look after Aki and endorse him to my in laws. This is partly true. For the other  part, I was just still unconvinced that office needs me more that my son did. How I wish we have tons of money so I don’t have to leave the house. How I wish we have a work-from-home policy so I don’t have to ever choose between my work and my family.

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Musings of Madam-wannabee

May-August Winnings

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If this blog makes you think, my life revolves around two men, you are so right. Now that I leave in Paranaque, I choose my gimiks really well. Or I turn them down. The last shuttle leaving for Bicutan from Ayala departs at 11PM. And it takes the longer route. I need to be at the terminal before 9PM if I want the 20 minute route. It also does not help that my husband works on night shifts. If I go home late, it will just be Jane and Aki at home, watching Agua Bendita.  Inasmuch as I love and trust Jane, knowing that my baby is left with only his yaya at night while I am out with friends or at work, kills me.

To keep the work-family-life balance, I maintain this blog and join contests. As I mentioned in my last contest update, I upped the ante for the month of June because of mother’s day ( winners are usually announced after one month). From my standard goal of one winning per month, I aimed for two.

May was a loser month because I did not win anything. Booo!

June as targetted, I won two items. A CK One Summer perfume from Topaz Horizon FB and a PhP1200 worth of GC’s from FabNaima. Since I don’t use perfume, hubby is now the proud owner of the the CK prize. Against my wishes, he uses it now as his everyday perfume. He insists that he only use Eternity on special occassions. Since we are on a weird set up and I dont get to tie his tie every night, I let him wear and smell whatever he wants. The GC’s, I am reserving for Aki’s back up birthday outfit. Thank you, Frances and Jenny! More power to your blogs!

July turned out to be better than I expected. I won GC’s from tooooooooot and super yummy popcorn tubs from Yummy.Ph . Sorry I can disclose the company that gave me the GC’s. I am planning to use the GC’s as prize to the kiddie guest who will come in the cutest costume. The popcorns are super yummy. I shared one tub with my officemates and we all could not get enough. The flavor is Southern French Herbs something but to me, it takes like my prep baon Hapi House crackers in pizza flavor. Thank you tooooooot and!

August is also a lucky month. With ten months to go before the month ends, I already have two prizes under my belt. Both are GC’s. Again I can’t disclose the generous sponsors because the GC’s will be awarded to special guests on Aki’s party.

I am crossing my fingers that Smart Parenting finds my contest entry to their stroller promo most deserving. Of all the contests that I joined lately, that has one prize that I absolutely need.

My favorites mommy blogs have ongoing giveaways. Yey!

ManilaMommy is giving away a super cute diaper bag.

Mummy’s Reviews is giving away a  reuseable swim diapers

Mrs. Monologues

Derek from Dakota

WARNING: This is a mushy post.

Last Saturday, I watched MYXX for the first time in months. You see, I am not a music person. I listen to songs without closely listening to the lyrics. Aki woke up earlier than usual on that day. We always wake up between 5:30-6AM on weekdays but last Saturday, Aki’s body clock had different plans. He woke up quarter before 5AM, energetic and ready to party! I was still groggy and not at all in the mood for rough play. Thank God for MYXX TV  in Channel 23.

Aki does not know how to dance yet but when he listens to music that he likes, he shakes his head left and right like crazy. And that is what he did when Let me See you Wiggle it, Just a Little Bit was playing. Seeing him party on his own baby way was enough to wake me up. I was having blast seeing my son have a blast.

Then a Ricky Martin..

Then a Gloria Estefan.

Then this New Radicals song  that has been playing on my head over and over for a week now…

90 miles outside Chicago
Can’t stop driving
I don’t know why
So many questions
I need an answer
Two years later
You’re still on my mind

Whatever happened to Amelia Earhart?
Who holds the stars up in the sky?
Is true love just once in a lifetime?
Did the captain of the Titanic cry?

Someday we’ll know if love can move a mountain
Someday we’ll know why the sky is blue
Someday we’ll know why I wasn’t meant for you

Does anybody know the way to Atlantis
Or what the wind says when she cries?
I’m speeding by the place that I met you
For the 97th time tonight

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Franco's Japanese Party · Mrs. Monologues

Japanese Party for our Sumo Daddy!

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Last Saturday, we celebrated Franco’s big three-O with family and closest friends. Franco knew all along that we’re gonna have a party in his honor. What he did not know is that I was working on a theme close to his heart, JAPANESE! You see, my husband is a sucker for anything Japanese (except for hentai and anime, hehe).

With just one week to prepare, I searched the net for inspiration. I did not have to look far for decor ideas. We call our guest room, the Japanese room, because that is where Franco’s Japanese collection is displayed. Kimonos, samurai swords, Japanese dolls, painting, mat, books, divider, CHECK!

For appetizers, we served Japanese rice cakes with tuna spread and apple slices. Yum-oh for a last minute recipe that I invented. For the main dishes, we had tonkatsu, sukiyaki (c/o MIL. Thanks Mama!), gyoza, yakiniku (my husband’s favorite!), Sushi/Maki platter, tuna and salmon sashimi. The last three, I ordered from Wasabi, a small stall beside SM Hypermart (where Makro used to be) in South Expressway. The gyoza deserves its own post for the stress it caused all of us. It was our first time to make one. It took me more than an hour to wrap 60 pieces. I cooked the first batch by arranging 10 pieces in a pan with oil and water. You know the gyozas are cooked when the botton is already crispy and the water has evaporated. I only did the first batch.  I decided to enlist the help of MIL’s helper and Franco’s yaya, Ate Patti for the rest. I put the gyozas in a plate and sent them over to MIL’s house. Wrong move. The gyozas sticked to each other. Poor Ate Patti had to redo them all over again. With just a few minutes to go before the party started, we had no choice but to make steamed siomais out of my gyozas. 😦 (BTW, 1 kilo of ground pork makes more than a hundred dumplings) We also made Sputniks, which is my Tito Kiboy’s lazy version of morcon. Not at all Japanese but it was the birthday boy’s special request so I had to give in.

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Mrs. Monologues

Rough and Tumble

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…that is how I describe Franco’s parenting style. Absolutely opposite my style which is based on research and paranaoia.

1. Early Exposure to Violence. Here you see my boys watching a movie. See how focused they are. Can’t remember if they are watching Ip Man 2 or Ancient Assasination Tools

2. Kawala kawala time. That is how my bigger baby calls this bonding moment with Aki. Basically, it goes like this. Franco wraps his arms around the littler baby, smothers the little one with kisses then pretends to suddenly fall asleep. Naturally the littler Franco tries to escape. Right on cue, irritated mommy runs to the rescue.

3. Rapin’ time. Here Franco holds Aki’s arms and legs then  tickles the little one’s tummy and kilikili. The first seconds when both boys are laughing are really cute. However when Aki’s giggles turn into begging for the daddy to stop, it is not funny anymore. And it is not any funnier when the daddy  still keeps on tickling the crying baby.

4. Dentist Aki. Franco is lies on his back while Aki is in a sitting position. Franco puts his tongue out, inviting Aki to play with it. The daddy then opens his mouth so the little one can further explorer. Then suddenly, like arwana fish, eats the little hand.  Aki enjoys playing dentist. He enjoys it so much that he developed this bad habit of trying to put his hand inside other people’s mouths. We are trying to correct the habit by not letting him play dentist anymore.

5. Sparing partner. When Franco was a newbie at brazilina jujitsu, he’d practice his moves …..on me! against my will of course. Now his sparring partner is Aki. Aki looks like he is in pain here but Franco assured me that the little one is not. He’s doing the paawa face because he is trapped. The picture is blurry because hero mummy again rushed to the crying trapped baby.

6. Imunity builder. Dadeh helps in strengthening Aki’s immunity system ……by letting the kid play with his socks! Used by the way!

to our rough and tumble daddy, happy happy birthday. We would not want you any other way.  wuvs you wuvs you! I love us!

Mrs. Monologues

Local love!

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As I mentioned in a previous post, I love going to trade fairs and my house looks like a mini trade show.

Sharing some of the local accents that can be found around our house..

Christmas Tree Chair– You saw this first in this blog post . The chair is in our living room and serves as my personal library.

Painting by Imelda Cajipe Endaya – We are blessed to have an artist in the family. Tita Meps, an award winning painter and installation artist, gave us this painting for our wedding. We call it Techno Macopa.

Altar – A cross made of twigs and a rosary from Puka Beach. This rosary, we used during our wedding. Both rosary and cross sit on top of our wedding Bible which sits on top of a skinny wooden bar stool. Our altar is at the end of our stairs to remind us to whisper a short prayer before we eat breakfast in the morning, and after dinner on our way to our bedroom. Btw, the stool, the cross and the Xmas tree chair are all from AsiaCraft which happens to have a showroom just outside our village.

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