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Stressed and Depressed

So many stressful events happened last week.

Work. For the first time since I got engaged, I stayed in the office past 1AM! My shift started at 7:30 in the morning the previous day. So many things to do, so little time. Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do. I can recruit and recruit and recruit until I retire. However, lately,  I hadn’t been in the zone. If you are familiar with the 7 Habits Principles, I am in the point where my day is filled with not so significant sand and pebbles, leaving me with no or little time for stuff that really matters, like coaching my new assistant and setting expectations with clients.I really hope I get my groove back soon.

At home. Jane went to an OB Gyne last Wednesday because of a painful bukol. According to the doctor, she has a cyst and should refrain from working for the meantime. So the next day, we talked about the one thing that I have been fearing for, her resignation. Let me be more specific, her immediate irrevocable resignation. After our heart-to-heart talk, I contacted Gigi, who like Jane used to be my aunt’s kasambahay. Gigi texted me last week if I need an additional helper. I told her no but I will refer her to me friends. In the back of my mind, I knew that there’s a possibility that Jane might leave us, so I didn’t give her number to my friends. Gigi said she can start today. yey! Thursday, during my lunch break, I hurriedly looked for Smart padala booths. I found one and sent her 2000. She said 500 would be for her fare, the rest of the money for her children. Jane was nice enough to agree to stay with us for a few days once Gigi is here for some training and transition…… But wait there is more! Just when I thought all is well, Gigi informed me yesterday that her mother was rushed to the hospital. She offered her cousin as her temporary replacement. Since I am not comfy leaving Aki and our house with someone I don’t know, I told Gigi to ask their doctor for an idea on how long will they be staying in the hospital. If it will just be for a few days, I’d rather wait for her. Then today, just a few hours ago, she informed me that her mother passed away. Big sigh.

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Japanese Party Supplier Info

 I received inquiries about my suppliers for the Japanese party we had last month for Franco’s big 3-O.

Sushi Platter from Wasabi

I am too lazy to type so here are pics of their brochures

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More on Baptism Details

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Based on the stats generated by WordPress, many of the vistors of my blog landed here by looking for baptism giveaways and DIYs in search engines. In celebration of my blog’s sixth month birthday, let me share more of Aki’s baptism details.

We gave away cactus pots. Baby cactus for the general guests and bigger pots for the godparents.  I looked for poems in the net, mixed ’em altogether to come up with poems that I like. I printed the poems, taped a toothpick on each print and planted them on the pots. Cute noh? My mom and inlaws got a framed poem that I also got from the net.

Form my printing needs, I go to Tronix. Their customer service is usually great. Plus,  there is no minimum number of orders. Lastly, what I like most about Tronix is that they use photo papers that do not have the brand printed on the back side, giving the prints a more postcard-like feel.

My favorite detail is the guest sheet. It’s cheap, easy to make and and makes very good momentos of the day. I am not a fan of guestbook. Answers are always generic, boring and forgetable.

survey says..

Aki looks like his dad (overwhelming 70%)

His most noticeable physical feature are his eyes (30%)

His favorite food will be chicken (30%, FYI, I don’t eat chicken)

Math will be his best subject (30%, FYI, I got an Uno in my Math 100 class. One is the highest, 4 the lowest)

Many predicted that Aki will be a martial arts champion (30%, Franco is a black belt in Aikido)

I love that several guests thought of me as intelligent and creative and Franco as good looking (bwahahaha), funny and sociable.

My favorite answer was from my officemate Judah

You look like… an angel! Naks, friend talaga kita, Judah!

PS: The guestsheet in the photo was answered by our youngest guest, Cedie who was only 3 years old last Feb. That explains the scribbles


I always reply  when I receive requests for copies of the poems. Please check your SPAM folder if you haven’t heard from me. Look for the MaquiFranky sender . 
Memoirs of a Mummy

Monster shirt

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I can’t get over the fact that my baby is growing up too fast. Tomorrow, we will celebrate his 11th month. One more month to go before he becomes a toddler.
I have heard it many times before. Babies grow up fast. Don’t blink your eyes. Ang mga bata parang hinihipan lang. I have heard it too many times that it is like hearing drink more water and eat more greens. You know they are true but you don’t really take time to absorb. As I have mentioned in a previous post, the last thing this kid needs now is a new shirt. But if his growth will keep up the pace, we might as well  stock up on more clothes. (ehem ehem, ninongs and ninangs)

I also mentioned in another post that our local market lacks cool outfits for baby boys. Looks like Gingersnaps read that post. They recently released a line of monster themed shirt. How cool is that?! Cool but not cutesy. Monsters and not sleeping wimpy bears. I just had to get one for my son.

I originally picked a 12M shirt. Perfect for Aki. Actually too perfect. In a few weeks, it won’t fit anymore. I went back to Gingersnaps Shangrila to exchange it for a 18M size. The difference is just one inch in the length and the width of the chest so I just decided to get a 24M hoping Aki will not look like a hiphop in it.

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Memoirs of a Mummy


Ever since Aki got sick, a couple of weeks ago, he’s been very clingy to his Mameh. He likes to hug me even when we are sleeping. I love that he loves me but it breaks my heart every time he cries when I have to give him to someone else. If only, I can hug him all day…

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I love/hate you, Globe!


The most responsible customer ever is my husband Franco. That is why he is the overall in charge when it comes to our bills. Even if he just came from night shift or still needs to catch up some zzzzzzzzs, he’d stay up a little later or wake up earlier than usual just to pay. And he pays, way ahead and most of the time more than billed amount.

So, I imagine his face when the customer care representative from Globe informed him that he will not be able to make calls and send messages until he has paid his dues. Now,  imagine my shock when my husband told me that Globe’s charging him a freaking 17K. What da F! Franco’s bill never reaches 600 pesos and now it suddenly jumps to17 grand. Namen!

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Memoirs of a Mummy

A new shirt

is the last thing that my boy needs.

This is how his closet looks like…How can someone this little own so much stuff?!

and there is still a medium sized box filled with clothes that don’t fit him yet.

Since there is hardly a space for new gimik clothes, Mummy’s favorites (changes from time to time depending on her mood) are proudly displayed in one of the walls of Aki’s playroom.


And because he does not need a new shirt, I just got him a preppy hat. How cute! The price is even cuter! For just 120 bucks, who can resist? Henry Sy, I love you! Let me know if you can be Aki’s Boy Scout ninong a few years from now.

 I have been on a search for nice not wimpy-looking caps so we can get rid of the too cutesy cutesy baby bonnets for months now. I saw really cool caps at Shop Familia but the prices are unacceptable, if you ask me.  If I remember correctly, 900 each. They went on sale (I think the sale is still ongoing) but 450 for a headgear is not practical for a kid who hardly goes out.

He wore it last at Martina’s party (thank you for inviting us!). With his collared shirt (thank you, Kuya Collin!) , he looked like a baby golfer!

Memoirs of a Mummy

LF: Slow Mo’ Button

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Waaah! My Tommee Tippee baby is growing up so fast! Look at the sunbathing pictures I posted last April. Aki lost those cheeks, has more hair now and is getting too likot for my arms.  I need a massage! I need more arms!

He is on his tenth month now. He has officially been living on earth longer than he did inside my tummy. This time last year, I was posing for Atty Fortun’s camera named Bad Boy. Two years ago, I was having blast during my bridal shower with Cosmo hunks at the Austin Power Room of Victoria Count. Now, Aki and I are recovering from the stressful sickie week. I wonder what I will be doing this time next year.

In two months, we will be celebrating his 1st birthday party. We are almost all set. I have been bugging my officemates for RSVP’s even if I haven’t sent out the invites. Haha. I am so looking forward to the party but I am not so ready yet to let go of this baby.

While I am excited to see Aki walk by himself ( he walked 3 steps last week but has yet to do it again ) , I know  walking will lead to running and to hiding and to  begging him to come closer and give me a kiss.

I wish life comes a remote control with slow mo’ and  pause buttons.