Musings of Madam-wannabee

Missing my Mojo

It is been  more than a month since I last won in a contest.

It is been a while since I last pumped my fist into the air, did my kontrabida laugh and danced my happy dance.

Hay! What is wrong with me?!

Fine, I am being OA. There are still a lot of things that I am thankful for. But I really miss the sudden rush of endorphins that I get from winning contests. Some people like feeling the wind against their face when they ride a motorcycle or the heat from the spotlight when they strut their stuff on the runway. I get that feeling whenever I received a  congratulatory email.

From December to Feb I have won the following:

Gadget Bag from ManilaMommy

Kerastase Shampoo from Hair In Manila

Bebe Chic Diaper Bag from Chubby Cheeks Baby

EcoPan Saute Pan from Yummy

And can I just say I hate chu Hizon’s for not posting the winner of your free kiddie party promo! You make me feel like an ex-girlfriend who  keep on trying to move on but can’t because there was no closure. 😛

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