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Favorite Gifts We Gave and Received Last Christmas


We did not get to see the Pope but by reading and listening about his visit, I already feel extremely blessed.  I am thankful that God sent a charismatic messenger to us to show how much we are loved.

Still on the topic of Christmas, we were blessed  to be surrounded by generous and thoughtful friends and family. All gifts were very much appreciated. And don’t you just love heartfelt notes?  Continue reading “Favorite Gifts We Gave and Received Last Christmas”

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Oh What Fun!! Green and Red Divisoria Shopping

Yey! Thirty days to go before Christmas! And what better way to get into the holiday spirit than going to Divisoria for some green and red shopping. Oh what fun!!!!

I was there as early as 6:30AM. Most stalls were still setting up. I realized that when you arrive that early, the topless male kargadors and tinderos abound. It can get overwhelming. Lucky me, I am used to topless tambay-looking boys because that is exactly how Aki and Franco look like when we are home. Anyhoo, I also found out that tinderos can be superstitious. I did not get a discount nor was I allowed to buy just one yard from some stalls because I was their buena mano.

Some of my favorite finds from Ilaya and Tabora Streets


Continue reading “Oh What Fun!! Green and Red Divisoria Shopping”

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Uniwide Fun Finds and One Super Sad Update

With a heavy heart, I would like to inform the public that the Uniwide Coastal branch is already closed. 😦 😦 😦 According to the cashier in Uniwide Sucat, it was because of dispute with the land owner. Hopefully it just temporary. What is even sadder, is that all the goods in Coastal Mall were put on hold and could not be transferred to other branches.

On the bright side, Uniwide Sucat is still open to all of us, bargain hunters. I was there 2 weeks ago and last month.


Here are my favorite finds

Christmas Tree Skirts for PhP399 Continue reading “Uniwide Fun Finds and One Super Sad Update”

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Want to know my secret shoe store?


Do you want to know a secret?

There is this secret shoe store that I have discovered. The number of flats in my then very-questionable  shoe collection went from two to about 13 in my last count, because of this place. While I am very serious about my ang-pagdadalaga-ni-maqui-endaya project, cost is still  an important consideration. Whenever I have to buy something, I feel a lump in my throat if the price tag says PhP 300 or more. Imagine my joy when I discovered this store…. Continue reading “Want to know my secret shoe store?”

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Cash and Carry Fun Finds

yellow! It’s been a while since I sat down, looked at my picture folder and compose a proper blog entry. One is because I have been busy. Busy with the photoshoot marathon, with work, with my social life. All I can say is life is good. I am beyond thankful. I am amazed at how God puts everything in place.


One of the things in my gratitude list are my boys’ underwear. Haha. One day, I realized that I had enough of my husband’s favorite ratty and skimpy boxer shorts. Haha. And he likes walking around the house topless wearing them. Everytime I tell him how annoyed I am that he keeps on wearing those shorts, he tells me that it is his house so he has the right to do and wear whatever he pleases. Last month, I caught him on a good mood and struck a deal of a lifetime. We will throw out those boxers if we find shorts that are comfortable and cheap.  And that deal prompted our trip to our 2nd favorite mall, Cash and Carry Makati.


I scoured the tiangge stalls while the boss was playing with his son.  Knowing my husband, he does not like comparing products. He will buy the first one that he sees. I rarely get to convince him to buy things for himself so I wanted to make sure that I find the best boxer shorts that Cash and Carry had to offer. After dragging him to the 5 stalls that made it to my shortlist and hearing ” Sige na. Sige na. Okay na yan” ay least 4 times, we agreed to getting these. Continue reading “Cash and Carry Fun Finds”

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Books for Less Warehouse Sale Haul

Last week, I took a vacation leave from work so I can go to the Books for Less Warehouse Sale in Pasig. From Shaw Boulevard, I rode a Pasig Palengke jeepney. That was the first time I had ever been to that side of Pasig.  Normally, I want to lie down in the couch the whole day when I am on leave but on this day, I chose to work! All for the love of books! Anyhoo, don’t believe the jeep driver if he tells you that La Consolacion and Immaculate Concepcion are one and the same. Those two schools are at least 15 minutes away from each other. From Immaculate, I got a tryke which brought me to La Consolacion which is right in front o the warehouse.  The sale officially opens at 8AM but I was there by 7AM. At first they asked me to come back. I told the kuya’s that I had no idea on which part of Metro Manila I was and had no where to go.

Fast forward to 11AM, I had 70 plus shortlisted books and extremely dirty hands. I was having the time of my life!  From 70, I chose 43 books to take home. If I weren’t commuting, I would probably had bought more.

Here are my tips so you can make the most out of our excursion to Pasig

1) Go there early. Books are stacked neatly in the morning, making it easier to go thru each pile systematically.

2) Shop with a friend. My very good friend Rachel was there with me. I helped her look for Clifford books for Coco and she helped me spot Bible stories for Aki.

3) Find a newbie book-hunting mommy. Not to brag but Rache and I have been shopping for books even before our boys started eating solids. We have extensive knowledge on highly recommended books and authors  for kids 5 years old and below. Hehe. It was great meeting Kristine, a fellow N@wie. Whenever we saw great books for young toddlers, we passed them to Kristine.

4) Ask for a box. If you find something that you like, just dump them into your box. Once you are done going thru the piles, just got back to your box and sort.

5) Ask for help. I can’t remember her name but one of the ate’s can help. If you are looking for a particular book, just tell her.

6) Wear comfy clothes. Wear shorts and a loose top.  You’d also want to put your hair up so bring a scrunchy or a hair clamp. If you are allergic to dust but want to take the risk, wear a mask. Don’t worry, there is a bathroom with a sink where you can wash up and change before leaving.

7) When it doubt, BUY!! Everything costs only 10 pesos.

8) Bring large eco bags. Or better yet, bring your KJ husband so someone can carry the books for you. There are no cabs in the area so if you are commuting, you really have to carry your mini-library all by your tiresome but highly satisfied self.


Without further ado, here is my loot Continue reading “Books for Less Warehouse Sale Haul”

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Favorite Finds @ Uniwide Sucat

To everyone who panicked because I said last year that Uniwide was about to close its doors forever, I AM SORRY. I am happy to report that Uniwide is still operational. I don’t know whatever happened to that SEC order. I am just glad that all of us bargain hunters will still get to experience that joy of finding really cute items at  unbelievably low prices.


Last weekend, we were back in my happy place. We have not been to Uniwide Coastal in a long while because the Sucat branch is a mere 20 minute drive from our house. Here are my favorite finds.


Looking for gifts for kids? Look no more.  Here are cute tents. If I remember correctly, the Star Wars tent used to cost only 199 bucks. Now it is being sold at PhP399. Still not bad, right?  If you have the space, get this 7-piece tent set. For only 799, this would definitely encourage exercise and imagination in young children. Continue reading “Favorite Finds @ Uniwide Sucat”

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Uniwide Shopping: Gift Ideas

Moving on, Uniwide is also heaven to anyone looking for reasonably priced gifts and knick knacks.

Some of my favorite finds..

Plain white ceramics. I was so tempted to get several ramekins but the ones available had no note that says that they are oven-safe.


If you want to make your home more Christmas-y. This is the place to be



GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading “Uniwide Shopping: Gift Ideas”

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Uniwide Shopping: Christmas Cards

Aside from ornaments, Uniwide is the place to be if you are on the look out for affordable Christmas cards. I only went Uniwide Sucat which is conveniently located 20-30 minutes from our place. I am sure the selection in the main branch in Coastal mall is at least 3 times better.

In Uniwide, you can find a box of cards for as low as 39 pesosesoses or more or less $1.


I have been telling myself every year that I will make more homemade holiday cards but Uniwide is the universe’s way of telling me to postpone the plan. Why shop for, cut and paste materials if cheap but cute cards are easily available, right?

I got a box of 6 pop-up cards for only 39 pesos. That is less than 7 pesos each. The cover is simple


But the inside is ta-daa!



Cute eh?

I also got 4 boxes of these 5-fold cards for Aki’s classmate.

anigif Continue reading “Uniwide Shopping: Christmas Cards”

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Uniwide Shopping: Christmas Ornaments

This year, I promise to regularly update this blog and immediately publish posts that others might find help.

No, not really. Who am I kidding? Sometime last November, I was really planning on blogging about my Uniwide finds. The post could have helped last minute Christmas shoppers. Hopefully, my three-part Uniwide posts might help you 11 months from now.

Uniwide is my happy place. My world crashed when I heard of plans of its closure mid last year. Thank God it is still operational. And I am sorry if I caused panic buying.

I was in Uniwide Sucat several weeks before Christmas. The whole store was in holiday mode.

These greeted us at the entrance. I so want the snow-covered-looking tree! So help me God!


I have been shopping in Uniwide for a couple of years now. It was only last year did I got overwhelmed with the wonderful and affordable ornaments on stock. Whatever your theme is, I am sure there’s something for you there.

Here are some of my favorites

I got this for my friend Margie who likes the moon


And this was for another friend who likes dogs


Santa in sports team uniforms. I’d love to have a jujitsu Santa


I should have gotten this for another friends who loves the color green. Bad friend me.

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAMitch would have loved this because these are her favorite colors.  Tsk tsk. Bad boss me. Continue reading “Uniwide Shopping: Christmas Ornaments”