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S-teda, Sparkly Spit and Aki’s Other Inventions

This was taken this morning. Isn’t Aki the cutest inventor?

Speaking of his inventions, here are some of his latest creations

The Spy Goggles


The Amazing Gun. Not to be confused with the Powerful Gun.
Who wants a ride on the Disappear Horse?
Another gun whose official name I have forgotten. I don’t feel guilty because he comes up with a new gun invention every 6 hours. How the heck can I track all the names?!

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Random Big Boy Updates

He’s getting better at ruining a what could had been a great group picture.

Proof that I have a big boy: We don’t bring a diaper bag anymore. We used to bring 101 items whenever we go out. Now, on days when I am not feeling lazy, I bring 5 things – foldable fan, water, extra shirt, towel/lampin for his back, and a damp towel. When my bag is small or is already full, I leave the water and the fan. Still using wipes? Try bringing a damp towel sometime. It is cheaper, earth-friendly and better at wiping sticky hands and faces. The capsule which often comes with a towel in it, is widely available.


Aki is taking his big boyhood to heart. Whenever we enter any building that has guards, he always go to the queue for males and does not move until the guard has inspected him.


Dragons are his current obsession. He even saw a dragon up high in the sky lately.


One of the stories that my mom always tells about my childhood is how embarrassed she was when she apologized to the parents of a kid I slapped on the face. Now, I understand how truly embarrassing that is. My neighbor and sister in law, Mae, was telling me how Aki misbehaved in their house. It was one offense after another. It felt like a never ending “but wait there’s more” tale.  Mae was not upset at all. She just wanted to let me know what happened. The next day, I made Aki write an apology letter.


This is not the first time that we apologized. The first incident happened with a stranger sometime in March. Aki and I were in Ceelin’s, a bakery in BF. I was waiting for my relatives. Aki went up to me and said that the other kid in the store was not dancing the Gangnam dance properly. Instead of arms forming an X, the kid’s hands were together. Aki was obviously bothered. I just told him that it is okay and let the kid be. While I was looking out the window, Aki approached the kid and tried to teach him the correct position of the arms. The kid, who was probably less than 2 years old, did not mind Aki and turned around. Then, it looked like Aki tried to slap the kid’s back. The kid cried. Oooooooooooooh shooot! From my angle, Aki did not mean any harm. He just wanted to call the kid’s attention again. Of course, that was not how the other kid’s family saw it. From the kid’s family, I mean mommy, daddy, lolo, lola, tito, tita and cousins, basing on their gasps and piercing looks, they thought Aki was their little prince’s first bully. I really could not blame them. I’d feel the same way if I were in their shoes.  I did not dare explain to them Aki’s side. The grandma looked really upset. I needed reinforcements but hubby stayed in the house because of our LQ and my relatives were nowhere to be found. My brain froze for half a second. Then, I quickly apologized to the mom, removed Aki from the scene and spoke to Aki in private about what happened.  He was also in shock because he did not mean to make the boy cry but he was also still upset that the boy was not doing the dance right. Even though there was nowhere for us to go, we left. About an hour after, we saw the kid again in church. Aki was in a better mood. So were the boy’s parents. The scary lola was not around anymore. We went to the parents and apologized again. This time, it was Aki who personally said “I’m sorry po.” The mom who looked surprised by the gesture, replied, “Aaaaw. It’s okay. (looking at me) Ganun naman talaga ang mga bata, diba? (looking at Aki) What is your name?”.

So all is well in the end but Aki, if you are reading this, you still owe me big time!!

Let’s move on to happier, less traumatizing thoughts, shall we?

But wait, there’s more!

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Aki Tells Tales

Once in a while, I have moments when I worry if Aki is his hitting the developmental milestones of his age. Do other 3.7 year olds hate writing too? Is he the only boy his age who is not a fan of drawing?  Why does he keep saying Twenty-teen? My main source of worry really is the fear that he might not pass the entrance exams of the big schools that we are eyeing.

Aki asked me to draw a water dragon. When he saw my drawing. Aki:  That's a duck!
Aki asked me to draw a water dragon. When he saw my drawing.
Aki: That’s a duck!

And then, there are also those moments, when I watch him, so care-free and so happy with himself and all my worries are washed away. Last Thursday was one of those moments. I was home early. I picked him up from my in-law’s house. I was putting away my baon when I heard him playing with his 2 current favorite toys – a broken balloon pump and a small toy car that he got from his summer job in McDonald’s last month.

I grabbed  a paper, sat beside him and started jotting down everything that came out of his talkative mouth. He is such a passionate storyteller with sound effects and changing voices for added drama, I tell ya. Aside from dinosaurs, Aki is into dragons and robots. He is always either a viking or a inventor. Watching him play is such a delight and makes me realize that he is indeed developing just right.. in his own pace. I have always wanted an imaginative and curious child. Aki is exactly that and much more.

His current favorite books
His current favorite books

Without further ado. I would like to share the stories that Aki made up, in his own words.


Once a time, this name dragon charlie. (Charlie is always the toy car)

Charlie found other dragon,
His name is Bukol Aki. (Bukol Aki is the broken pump)
Bukol Aki is sleepy.
Next, he’s hiding (referring to Charlie)
and Vraaaaaaagh!
He is come awake (referring Bukol Aki)
Bukol Aki have a breathing fire

Bukol Aki says Nyaaaaar!
Nyaaaar means time to eat.

Am.. Aaaam… Aaaam…

Next, Bukol Aki spins and spins.

And the other dragons come to fight the big dragon..

(Me: Wait. Is Bukol Aki the big dragon?
Aki: No. He’s other dragon (he is one of the other dragons) )

Hooray to Bukol Aki!

Charlie (who was still hiding) says,
Hooray! Hooray! Hoooray!
Hooray! Hooray! Hoooray!
Hooray! Hooray! Hoooray!

The end.

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Help Me Grant Aki’s Wishes

Wish # 1: I want to go inside a jelly. Remember the jelly castle in the movie Cloudy with Chances of Meatballs? I wonder if there is anything close to that where I can bring Aki.

Wish # 2: I want to ride a flying dragon. This one was inspired by the movie How To Tame your Dragon. Do you know any dragon-like kiddie rides in the metro?

Wish #3: I want to eat a tree star. If you have seen Land Before Time, which by the way we have watched at least 30 times already, you know what tree stars are. What 5 point edible leaves are available in the market? Hmmm

Wish #4: I want a blowfish pet. I am not sure where he learned about blowfish. Mental note: look for blowfish books, articles and clips.

Wish # 5: I want to be Santa! Because my sweet boy likes giving gifts. I think this is doable. I saw kiddie Santa costumes in my last trip to Uniwide.

I wish I can be Santa too, so I can grant all his wishes. Good luck to me!

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Starting 2013 Backlog-Free


I had this wish of starting 2013 backlog-free. That is one big wish that even a thousand genies plus Santa can’t grant. Lemme see. Here are the topics that had been on my head for some time now

– Favorite Memories from My Childhood. Sis and I had SMS and email exchanges reminiscing the years when we were still young, pampered and each other’s number 1 enemy. I wanted to write a list of experiences that I also want Aki to have while he is still a kid.

– Top 30 Moments of My Life. I was supposed to blog about this topic in time for my 30th birthday last month

– Why We Love Aki’s School. I think this post will be helpful since I notice that a lot of people land on this blog after googling Paranaque Preschool

– Things I learned about Mutual Funds. I started investing in MF’s when I was only 24. That was for 2 years and it was only this year when I started investing again. Mutual funds may sound intimidating but it’s really not. Did you know that unlike before when the holding period was for 2 years, now it is only at 6 months?

– How I Try to Control Impulse Buying and other Tipid Tips. This might not be very timely because these past few weeks we’ve been spending spending spending! But if there is one tip I want to share, that is check your patterns and change your route. My weaknesses are BookSale and Japan Home. I used to pass by these stores everyday. By changing my route going home, I am able to avoid temptation.

– Eyeballs! We met Ann and Moymoy at Franco’s nephew’s party in September. Last October, I finally met the oh-so-talkative Sha of Kikay Mommy Sha blog. We had an impromtu lunch with Marsy. Then last month, we had a fun fun fun playdate with Sha, Maggie, Aimee and their gorgeous kids at Ayala Triangle.

– Chinese-inspired party for Baby Dumpling.

– My birthday brunch at Mom and Tina’s

– Our Manila Zoo playdate with Faye and Maia

– Our All Sous’ Day weekend with my paternal side of the family

Whatelse? I am sure I am missing other drafts.. Hmmm..

– OH! Aki’s Wiggly Worm school party and the simple celebration we had at home with our families.

For now, let me dump Aki’s pictures that I have wanted to blog about

5pageAki: Dysor hands ako ( I have dinosaur hands) –> Sometime Oct0ber


Left: Aki – Happy Feet!  —> Sometime October

Right: Aki – Bye, Happy Guy! –> Sometime October


Left. Yikes! I forgot what was this drawing supposed to be.

Right. Sometime in September, Aki said this is a dinosaur. Yesterday, he told me he wants to be a T-rex… or an armadillo.


August. When Aki got back from the hospital, he used to ask me to make a cave out of pillows every time he was sleepy.

Late October. Aki loved the Mr. Popper’s Penguins movie. 10page

Left. Also in October… Hmmm, can’t remember the story behind this picture. Morning trampoline perhaps?

Still in October. Aki was playing with his “flute”1page

Cant remember when were these pictures taken. Probably in June or July.

Left: Me: Saan na yun bill? (Where is the bill?) Aki: I eat ice cheam ( I am eating ice cream)


Me: Ateeeeh! Bakit pinaglalaruan ni Aki ang mga paracetamol!!!! (Ate, why are the paracetamols with Aki!!!).

What’s that. Aki?

Aki: Aki house. Babita house. Bumbay house.

Me: Ate!!! Kung ano ano tinuturo mo sa anak ko!

Aki, you can call them neighbors.


From October to November, Aki was deeply in love with his soap collection. To this day, he prefers to use Irish Spring during bath time because according to him, Irish Spring is the soap for big boys like him.


Both in October.

Left: Aki went home really sad. He just came from my in-laws. During the walk, he found a big worm that was ran over by a car.

Right: Aki likes standing on his potty and say “I am Gin Gabin! ” ( I am Green Goblin), extend his arms and say a breathy  “Raaaaaagh!” Continue reading “Starting 2013 Backlog-Free”

Memoirs of a Mummy

Meet Sticky

He is the newest member of Familia Kiki. On some days, Aki considers Sticky as his brother. Sometimes, he thinks it’s his pet. Pet or brother, he loves Sticky mouse to bits. Since we bought Sticky last month as Aki’s prize, the two have been inseperable.

This was their first night together. The block was the pillow and the sando was the blanket

Aki converted one of the attachment of his mask for nebulizing into a potty for sticky

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Memoirs of a Mummy · The Gift of An Ordinary Day

The Gift of an Ordinary Weekend

One minute is the apple of my eye. Then on the next, he is the pebble on my shoe! I love weekends at home but when Aki has been testing my patience, all I wish for is for him to finally take his nap. He already went on time out twice. I already  said No and Stop at least 50 times in the last 2 hours. It was when I finally gave up on getting him to sleep that I saw how exciting that afternoon was for him.


Aki: I ipis, Mommy! (I am a cockroach, Mommy!)

Aki: I’m Green Goblin.

I hate it when he says that because it is almost sure that he is going to throw something

An impromptu song

Me: Want another time-out?

Aki: I’m bed! (I am a bed!)

I am fishing shark!

Ninja ninja!

Is he finally tired?

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More Birthday Party Theme Ideas from Aki

Mommy Party
Ben-10 party
Sexy Party. (Waaaaaah! Di ko to kinaya! He always tells me that I am sexy whenever I am wearing anything sleevesless. Even when I am wearing my losyang dasterrr. From now on, the word sexy is banned from the house)
Green Party
Stickball Party (Billiards)
Happy Buhtday Aki Party
Rocketship Party
Dingdong Party (Referring to Doongdoong, the cartoon)
Aki Party
A-K-I Aki Party
Long Neck Giraffe Party
Dila  Party (Tongue)
Bad Worm Party (Referring to the fuzzy creatures that eat my plants)
Patay Fish Party (Dead Fish)
Pukpok Payok Party (Pukpok palayok)

I have exactly 3 months to plan this school party. Since it is going to be school party, no need for me to stress about the decors, activities and food. I will be focusing on making the invite and the loot bags  fun and memorable for the classmates. From the first set and this one, I made shortlist already on the themes. ooooooh. I am starting to feel excited. Let’s do this!

Happy 33rd month birthsary, baby love!