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Akisms {Positivity #2}

As parents, we are always a work on progress. We have good days. We have bad days. Thank God, we have someone who always reminds us when we are not able to walk the talk.

This happened one evening. I came home very tired from work. I wanted to rest but there were homework and quizzes that we need to work on. I was complaining because Aki was not cooperating. Continue reading “Akisms {Positivity #2}”

Aki's Elementary Years · Akisms · Memoirs of a Mummy

Akisms {Positivity # 1}

Aki responds well when we introduce him to mantras. We call them family mottos. Last year, when we wanted to tame down his competitiveness and improve his sportsmanship. Our family motto was

“Sometimes, you win. Sometimes, you learn. What is important is doing your best.”

This year, we want him to be more positive. I noticed that he was whining more often and gave himself  negative labels. In college, I learned about self-fulfilling prophesies. If you think you are terrible at something, that will eventually happen. Why? Because you have convinced yourself of your capabilities, you will not try and overcome  challenges. Challenges that will make you better eventually. Now, think of the reversed mindset. If you know deep inside that you are limitless, what do you think will happen?

This is the latest addition to our list of family motto:

“Your words have power.” Continue reading “Akisms {Positivity # 1}”

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New Family Hobbies

Happy Ninoy Aquino Day! The boys went to Franco’s neighborhood barber and left me all alone here. I wanted to come but they said they want an all-boys bonding activity. Fine! I have been telling myself for the past 2 weeks that I need to catch up on blogging anyway.

These are what we have been up to. I am glad that Franco decided to cut back on his extra curriculars and spend more time with Aki and me.


This is Mr Masa, owner of Tita Em’s, our favorite Japanese turo-turo in MCS. Blogged about it here. Silly Aki was trying to copy our suki’s Japanese eyes. Don’t you just love having a suki? Ate Tina and the rest of the staff in Booksale MCS,  Monique of  Good Eats in our Sunday parish tiangge, Kuya Manny and Kuya Willy of the Bicutan-Ortigas shuttles, Dom of Studio 2916, Kitkat of Kalea’s Conections.  Their special attention makes me feel important. During our last meal at Tita Em’s, Mr Masa translated the Voltes V songs for us. hihi


Franco, Aki and I probably gained a total of 25 pounds in the last couple of months, special thanks to our new hobby of supporting small entrepreneurs from our beloved community.

Here is a yummy Belgian waffle served ala mode from Milky Moustache


And these really moist and not-to-sweet red velvet crinkle sandwiches from one of the homebakers in our village. Yum-oh!


But what we really like to eat nowadays is PANCIT CANTON!! Franco re-introduced us to canton. In college, I must have eating at least 150 packs in my dorm room. When I started working, I stopped eating them. I discovered the convenience of home-cooked Washington carinderia food (no washing required!). Back to our canton obsession. We love eating canton while engrossed in our other hobby, watching 80’s movies and shows. God bless whoever invented Youtube and streaming

Here  we were eating canton while watching Ghostbuster II.



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Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms


My four year old son’s honesty, curiosity and innocence get me laughing or get us in trouble.


Dear Jesus,

Thank you for everyone
Thank you for our toys
Thank you for the prayers
Thank you for giving us something
I like you because you are good
I like you because you listen to me
Thank for you for everything I like
Jesus help me become a good boy every day
And super super super super huggy you (hugs himself, pretending he’s hugging Jesus)
What are the different kinds of clouds?





Aki: Daddy is wasting our time!
Me: Huh?
Aki: Because he loves us.
Me: Huh?!



Aki: I want to marry you but I am not an adult yet



During our writing drills….

Aki – I can’t do this!
Me: Yes, you can. Just do it. Don’t think about it too much.
Aki: How can I stop thinking? I have a brain, remember?!!!


Crying after he tripped….

Aki: I fell because the power of the armadillo did not work!!



Talking to his jujitsu instructor….

Aki: Excuse me. My brief is stuck to my pwet.


Talking to his dentist…

Aki: Excuse me, Doc. Are you kalbo?



Me – Aki, Tita Jana said you include her in your prayers

Aki – She’s your sister. You pray for her.

Me – I will but you should too.

Aki – Okaaaay, okaaaaaay. I will forget so you remember to make me not forget


In short, remind me. Another title in my resume — my son’s secretary.


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Aki's Preschool Years

First Day High (Part II)

Part I here

As soon we arrived at the school, Aki looked for his friend and nursery classmate, Enzo.


Parents were given a few minutes to watch from the windows.

Aki’s seat is on the last row. He said he likes his seat because of the aircon.


Kids nowadays are so lucky.We only had ceiling fans in classrooms when I was still studying.

Teachers are lucky too. They now have laptops and projectors.


Listening to Miss Malou like a boss..


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Aki's Preschool Years · Family Traditions

First Day High

Today, Aki went to school without Ate Doring or me, accompanying him. First time ever. The service van arrived 20 minutes earlier than schedule. Aki just stepped out of the bathroom. Ate and I dressed him in a hurry. He was holding one shoe, trying to figure out if it should go to left or to the right foot. I grabbed the shoe and put it on his foot. Aki got upset and said,” Mummy! You are not a good mommy. I want to wear the shoes by myself. I can do it.” That was the first time he told me that I am not good. I was stunned. I realized that I was not being a good parent by doing something for my son that he can do on his own. I apologized, removed his shoes and gave them to him. I went to the door and told the driver’s assistant that we will be out in a minute. When I turned around, Aki was already wearing his shoes. I gave him his bag, kissed him on the cheek, said I love you and whisked him away.

Hay hay. Where did that helpless demanding baby go?

We have been preparing him for the big school since summer started. We have been telling him that he’d be going to the same school that his dad, uncles and most of his godfathers attended.

Our daily drills included writing his name and A to Z’s. We also have a lot of on-the-spot Q&A’s. What do you say if you have a classmate who looks different from everyone? What if you have a classmate who does not have friends? What if your classmates won’t let you join their game? What if your classmate can’t carry his things? What if you have a classmate who likes to play with dolls? What if someone tries to bully you? What do you when someone tries to punch you? I posted a snippet of our Q&A in my Instagram in case you want to see. I hope he remembers everything we taught him — friendliness, tolerance, handling rejection, and self-defence.

Days before school started, we went to his barber.


Ate bought “aircool’ sandos and socks in the market.

I covered his books, wrote our last name on each side and taped the sharp corners. The only fun part  was when I slid my scissors thru the plastic cover but the rest of the process is just boring. I hate it when I realize too late that I did not allot enough allowance.


Aki tried on his uniform.

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Aki's Preschool Years · Memoirs of a Mummy

The Confident Talent Show First-timer

Last last week, Aki joined the McDonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop. One of the highlights was the talent show. So proud of Aki because he performed confidently in front of everyone.


If I were to make a list of top 5 key traits that I’d like my son to have, one of them would definitely be confidence. Growing up, I was a very insecure and shy kid. I did not  join any interest clubs because I felt I was not good enough for them. I hated public speaking, even simple class recitations. I want Aki to be the opposite. I want him to have courage to try even if the task at hand seems difficult. I want him to be able to speak his mind. I want him to communicate effectively. Even at a young age, I encourage him to do things or say things for himself. Simple things like practicing him on what he wants to say or ask tellers, tricycle drivers and  sales clerks and even  saying hello to strangers especially senior citizens really help a lot.

Last Saturday, we were at Le Petit Cherie. Aki enjoyed his croissant and wanted one more.  I told him that he has to go to the counter and place the order himself. Aki was feeling intimidated because there were five waiters and waitresses by the counter. He wanted me to place the order for him. First, we practiced what he needed to say. Aki tried to get me to agree to his silly deals. Mummy, if you order, I will share my bread with you… If you go with me, they will give you a bonus prize…. Please please my cutie cutie mummy. The last one was difficult to say no to. I had to remind myself that the moment was a good opportunity to teach a life lesson. Just do it. That is what I keep telling Aki all the time ( especially when he is using delaying tactics when we are doing writing exercises). It took Aki several attempts. He would say hi to the staff and then run back to me. Or he would go to the counter and then sit on the floor. I think he wanted the waitress to start the conversation. Then, he did it. Flawlessly, in his little boy voice, he asked the 5 wait staff, ” Siskyusmee (excuse me), I would like to order one more croissant please. Thank you”.  When he went back to our table, he was wearing the biggest smile. I just love it when he is so proud of himself.

Back to the talent show. We rarely sing and dance in the house so those two talents were not even considered. There were two options. He can  perform his martial arts techniques or he can build a robot on the spot. I would have preferred the first so that it would also be  father-son act and also a chance for Franco to market the academy which will be opening real soon. Aki chose the later.  Since he makes robots and other inventions out of junk his pile of toys all the time, we did not have to practice. Aki just had one request. He wanted to wear his Harry Potter robe.

Prior the performance, I made a list of Q&A questions that the talent show host needed to ask Aki before and after building the robots.

During the performance, we played Rock You and We are the Champions. These are Aki’s pump up songs. We play them when we want him to hurry up, when we want him to wake up and when he is about to attend his bully-proof class.

For the props, we just brought his rocking horse and a bunch of toys.

My boy in action



He named this robot Snapsword II. Nickname is  Znap. And those are not boobs. According to Aki, those are canons.


When he was done, he told everyone about Znap. Znap is a boxing and fishing robot which comes with invisible instructions. He said many things about its special features and weapons. The only thing that I remember is that it has dinosoar friends inside its chest. The dinos keep the robot clean.


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Aki's Preschool Years

My Son Loves Me Because

While we were eating junk food (bad mommy, I know. In my defense, we rarely eat chips in the house.), I told Aki that he will get one potato chip for every answer to this question: Why do you love me?


Here is what he said

I love you because you listen to me.
…because you turn on the fan
…because you make really cool things and you bake anything
…because you hug me and you kiss me
I love it when you taking pictures at me


I  love you because I love you

I love you because you love me.
I want to draw a heart for you.

I love you because you are the best
and you are the best because you are the prettiest. 🙂



To all mommies who read my blog, I hope your kids will overwhelm you tomorrow with love, gratitude, hugs and kisses.