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The Boys

Can’t think of any catchy title for this post. Speaking of The Boys, do you also like The Voice Ph? After watching numerous talent and singing shows where the winner fails to make waves after winning, I thought I will never watch another reality TV singing contest again. I am surprised that I am hooked to this show. The coaches are relevant and truly talented. The talents are, well, talented.

Anyhoo, this post is about my boys.

Aki: I have green yayay (saliva)!  So cool!
Aki: I have green yayay (saliva)! So cool!

Aki is such a boy, special thanks to his dad. Friends tell me that Franco reminds them of their older brothers.  Franco is both gross and protective. He reminds me too of my kuyas or older boy cousins who loved to tease me or scare me to death when I was little.

Last month, we were in Glorietta, and I noticed that Aki’s butt crack was showing. I told Franco to go up to his son and pull up the shorts. Franco told Aki to fix his shorts.  Instead, Aki pulled his short down to expose his whole butt with matching booty dance and naughty smirk. The people who saw him found him amusing but for sure the parenting police would have wanted us arrested if they were there. Can you guess who Aki was copying? Definitely not me!

Because my dad died when I was two (my sister was only months old) and because I grew up surrounded with females, the male bonding activities that Aki and his dad enjoy, never fail to either amaze, surprise or scare me.  My husband is a big kid at heart. When Aki gets a new toy, Franco sometimes gets more excited.  When my boys are fighting, it feels like I am raising 2 rowdy sons. Sometimes, I put Franco on time-out too for being naughty and too makulet. hehe.

Even though our parenting style always confuses Aki (eg Me: Go ahead and cry.  Franco: Stop. Crying. Now. ) there is no doubt in my mind that Franco is the best dad for our son.

Here are some of the activities they like to do together.


They like having a drink together. For now, it is just Yakult but after many years, Aki might take after his dad’s love for that Daniels-something.


They build toys together.


Unfortunately for me, both like loud rock music that hurts my ears. They like playing air guitar and headbanging. Anyone else who has had more than enough of the Metallica song Battery?



They both share the love of mixed martial arts. Never before have I seen someone teach a 3 year old protect himself from punches. This is one of the father-son bonding activities that I will never understand.



Speaking of MMA, Aki loves watching his dad train and is delighted every time he is allowed to join the warm-ups. According to Franco, Aki’s first official lesson will be how to fall correctly. Given my husband’s history of broken bones,  I think that lesson will come in handy.


My favorite bonding of these two silly boys, is music. I don’t like music and I think the feeling is mutual. My lowest grade ever, and I mean ever, in my 16 years of schooling was my 75 in Music in high school. This was for the quarter when we were forced to learn how to play the guitar.I so remember how my fingers tensed up and stopped following my lead. Try pressing your fingers, except your thumb, against a wall. Now, the pointer and ring fingers need to move one inch up, together. Then, its the turn of the other fingers. We had to do that but pressing specific strings of a guitar. I just tried it again  and I still can’t do it.  It is sooo difficult, right? Right? Right? I know. Thanks.

Interestingly, I am married to Makati’s best high school bass guitar player circa 95-97. Franco won this guitar contest and represented his school in an inter-school competitions. It is still too early to say if Aki took after me or after his dad in terms of musical talents. I really want to have a boy who sings and woes the ladies with his singing prowess but I won’t mind if Aki’s got his vocal chord  and tensed fingers from my side of the family.

Belated happy father’s day, to our Daddykoykoy! That for being such a great dad and older brother to Aki!

4 thoughts on “The Boys

  1. Maqui, we have too much similarities! Aside from our little boys birthdays, all you’ve written here just described my two boys! And like you, I hate music too! Hubby, on the other hand, was a band member and played drums really well. Pati guitar! And he’s a die-hard UFC fan, too! Recently, he started teaching me how to box. My little boy loves to watch and imitate us. 🙂

    Kaya di na ko nag-uupdate ng blog kasi pareho lang tayo ng kwento. LOL

    I’m excited to see you and your boys! Hubby and Franco will surely jive well. 🙂

    PS: Madaliin ang paggawa kay Emily, para may ka-pair si Saab ko sa Endaya family 🙂

    1. hahahaha! balieve me, gustong gusto ko na bigyan ng playmate si Saab!
      maybe we should meet soon para makapag laro sina brent and aki at makapag wrestling ang mga asawa natin.

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