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New Family Hobbies

Happy Ninoy Aquino Day! The boys went to Franco’s neighborhood barber and left me all alone here. I wanted to come but they said they want an all-boys bonding activity. Fine! I have been telling myself for the past 2 weeks that I need to catch up on blogging anyway.

These are what we have been up to. I am glad that Franco decided to cut back on his extra curriculars and spend more time with Aki and me.


This is Mr Masa, owner of Tita Em’s, our favorite Japanese turo-turo in MCS. Blogged about it here. Silly Aki was trying to copy our suki’s Japanese eyes. Don’t you just love having a suki? Ate Tina and the rest of the staff in Booksale MCS,  Monique of  Good Eats in our Sunday parish tiangge, Kuya Manny and Kuya Willy of the Bicutan-Ortigas shuttles, Dom of Studio 2916, Kitkat of Kalea’s Conections.  Their special attention makes me feel important. During our last meal at Tita Em’s, Mr Masa translated the Voltes V songs for us. hihi


Franco, Aki and I probably gained a total of 25 pounds in the last couple of months, special thanks to our new hobby of supporting small entrepreneurs from our beloved community.

Here is a yummy Belgian waffle served ala mode from Milky Moustache


And these really moist and not-to-sweet red velvet crinkle sandwiches from one of the homebakers in our village. Yum-oh!


But what we really like to eat nowadays is PANCIT CANTON!! Franco re-introduced us to canton. In college, I must have eating at least 150 packs in my dorm room. When I started working, I stopped eating them. I discovered the convenience of home-cooked Washington carinderia food (no washing required!). Back to our canton obsession. We love eating canton while engrossed in our other hobby, watching 80’s movies and shows. God bless whoever invented Youtube and streaming

Here  we were eating canton while watching Ghostbuster II.



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A Letter from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society

Oh me! Oh my! I am so so happy!

Remember the letter and drawing that we sent to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society back in May? We received a reply! Continue reading “A Letter from the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society”

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String Painting with my Preschooler

Friends, I present to you…. Colorful Chaos by Aki Endaya


This painting now has a special spot in our wall.

And all these colors just started with these three.



We have done several painting projects in the past. And my usual complaint is how hard it is to reopen tubs of paint. We usually pour paint from the cans to smaller containers. The problem with that is paint dries around the opening making the cover and can stick. So for our last project, we used spoons.


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Whale Hero

Instead of our daily A-Z and Franco-Akira-Helio-Endaya-x4 writing exercises, Aki wrote a letter.



Aki had always had a soft spot for endangered animals. It was no surprise when he was deeply affected after we read the My Friend Whale book.

Here is the letter that Aki wrote


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Aki’s Ice Ice Candy Business is Expanding!

I am pleased to report that Aki’s ice candy business is expanding!

We opened another branch in our house (the first one is in my in-laws). We are also extending operation hours from 7AM to 6PM to save more people from heatstroke. Not only that, we have a reseller! Ate Doring drops off our ice ice babies every morning to a fellow yaya who lives at the other end of the village. Are we sosyal or are we sosyal?


Early last week, Aki and I made a trip to the bank to deposit his earnings from our first month of operation. After deducting the cost of materials and Mayor’s permit and the likes, Aki’s nett profit for April is 695 Philippine pesosesoses! Not bad considering the business hours became erratic when I started my medical leave.

In case you are planning to get into this business, here are some tips.

Our tools of the trade. Mixing bowl, a funnel (very important for obvious reasons), ice cream scooper. Ice candy wrappers from local wet markets are cheaper and thicker compared to the ones being sold inside malls. Being charming and friendly help too!

Food safety is very important. Make sure the germs of the raw meats in your freezer will not contaminate your ice candies. We keep our meats in clear plastic containers.

Listen to your customers. When I conceptualized this project, I dreamed of coming up with unusual flavors. However, since our market are Ate Doring’s friends who prefer traditional flavors, I won’t be having my calamansi basil anytime soon. Don’t be afraid to ask for feedback. Apparently, our loyal customers have a sweet tooth. So, after mixing our secret concoctions, when I have reached the perfect balance, I still add a few more tablespoons of sugar.

Buy fruits in season which are always cheaper. We often buy mangoes which are on clearance sale. These mangoes are smaller, or are about to get overripe. Once blended, they taste the same if not sweeter than their prettier counterparts.


Try to add fruit chunks or jelly. Customers appreciate having something to chew on.


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At-Home Science Experiments: DIY Parachutes

Here is a quick science experiment that you easily can do with your kids.

I got the instructions from this heaven=BookSale sent book. For only 15 pesos, you get a 50+ projects that will surely get your kids more interested in science. Aki is into experiments lately so this book is just perfect for him.


You only need a a pair of scissors, paper napkin, thread, tape, small toys and paper clips.


Tape the ends of the thread to the corners of the napkin. Make sure the threads are of the same length. Gather the other ends of the thread. Tie them into a knot and attach a toy or paper clips.

Voila! You have a parachute!


Go up the stairs and release.

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Aki’s Summer Project: The Ice Candy Store


Yes, I may have lost my blogging mojo but I am logged on to WordPress now because Aki’s summer project is just so cute not to share.


So tell me is this sooooo cute or is this so cuuuuuute?


Honestly, if you assign a peso value to the effort in buying the ingredients, the creativity to come up with new flavors, the labor that we put it in to make these babies , and not to mention, the electricity and freezer space, the measly 20 bucks that we earn on a good day is not worth all the hassle. But, seeing Aki beaming with pride every time he makes a sale, is beyond priceless.


Aside from the value of hardwork, we also hope that through this project, Aki will master addition and subtraction.


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The Caterpillar Story

Last summer, Aki and I started our caterpillar project. I thought it was going to be a walk in the park.  We have a calamansi plant in our backyard that those carnivorous caterpillar-eating birds did not know of. Unfortunately, someone spilled our secrets and we found ourselves shooing away the birds more often. Weeks had past and none of our wormy pets turned into a butterfly.

Things only got better when I rediscovered the old tulle we used to babyproof our electric fans when Aki was still a young toddler. With the help of the tulle, we were able to keep our caterpillars safe from birds.

Here is what we learned about these interesting creepy crawlers

We learned that initially, they are black. The newly hatched caterpillar actually looks like insect poop. Give it a couple of days and it will grow into this


Don’t blink because in a few hours, it will be turn green


The green caterpillar will greedily eat leaves. No wonder it will triple in size in just  a matter of days


It is ready to transform once it starts to look like this Continue reading “The Caterpillar Story”

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Those Mysterious Chubby Pets

Family and friends, I would like to introduce you to our new mysterious pest pets

Isn’t it cute?

I discovered three of them inside a garbage bag. Being nosy does have its advantages.

Aki and I immediately fell in love with them. They are much cuter than the usual caterpillars that we have in the garden.

We did not want them to get bored so Aki made an obstacle course.

Later, he also made a “farm” but I was not able to take a picture of it.

Aki probably sensed that the chubby cuties were getting tired. We transferred them to the calamansi plant, home of the original caterpillar pets. We made sure that those evil birds don’t get to eat our babies so we covered the plant. OA?? I know! That’s me!

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