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Halloween Post: Who you gonna call??!!!

This year we introduced Aki to our favorite movies and shows from the 80’s and 90’s. I was not surprised at all when he begged for a Voltes V costume. I initially said yes, thinking a Steve costume would be easy peasy. But no! Aki clarified that he wanted to be the robot with matching laser sword, ultramagnetic top and all the other effects. Last year, he made it clear that he was disappointed when we settled for a viking costume instead of the 4 headed dragon that he really wanted. If he is going to be like his cousins, I figured that Aki will only dress up for Halloween until he is eight. He will only be a kid once so I really wanted to grant his Halloween wish. Based on my research, the costume seemed challenging but doable. Thankfully, Aki changed his mind. I was relieved when he decided that he wanted to be Ghostbuster instead.

As early as mid-September, we already started on the proton pack.  Continue reading “Halloween Post: Who you gonna call??!!!”

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Last Minute DIY Paleontologist Costume

Good morning!

I am back at work. It feels like I had been missing in action in the office for a year. Even the small things like how the printers work and where do we save files A and B, I need to relearn. While I would rather stay at home forever, no complains about going back to work. The 2-month medical leave that I took was a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to rest and examine what really is important to me. Am very grateful for my teams, colleagues and boss who stepped up and helped each other while I was out. Last week, I prayed for God to remove the heaviness that I was feeling. As usual, He listened.


The downside, of course, is that I won’t have as much time to focus on the things that like to do like DIY projects and blogging.

Speaking of DIYs, one of the fun projects that I worked on last month was Aki’s costume for Liam’s When I Grow Up party.  It did not register to me until a few days before the party that we need to come up with a costume related to the theme.


Lucky me, Aki’s dream profession isn’t so complicated.  Continue reading “Last Minute DIY Paleontologist Costume”

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Goodbye, Playschool

Last March 19 marked another milestone for our family. It was Aki’s Moving Up Day and last official day in his first school. Goodbye, Playschool! Hello, Big School!

Proud parents with the proud owner of an ice pop
Proud parents with the proud owner of an ice pop

It was a bittersweet day. I was so proud that Aki’s transferring to his dad’s alma mater but so sad that we won’t be seeing his first friends and teachers anymore.

The picture on the left was taken on the day, we went to the school and inquired. Aki was a couple months away from his 2nd birthday.


The picture on the right was taken on his last day. Aki was 4 years old and 5 months.

After I posted this entry, I have been getting a lot of inquiries from mothers who are looking for the best preschool here in Betterliving, Paranaque. I was in that place just 2 years ago. Preschool hunting can be frustrating and challenging. There are a lot of choices and a lot of factors to consider. You have to consider the location, the facilities, the teaching style (Montessori, Traditional, Progressive etc), the tuition fee, the class size, the teachers, the feedback from other people and many more. Lucky for us, we found a school and fell in love with it immediately.

When Aki entered the school, he spoke an alien language. Now, we can’t make him stop talking. He actually got an award for his neverending questions and thirst to find answers. When Aki entered the school, he did not have any friends. Now, he has a lot and even has a crush.  Aki: My crush is Kylie. Me: Why? Aki: Because she has cool shoes but when I looked down, my shoes are much cooler because it has a dinosaur and it can roar. 🙂 When Aki entered the school, he was terrible dancer. Now, he is a terrible but adorable dancer brimming with confidence.


Thank you Teachers Joy, Tina, Julie, Aica and Jam. We will never forget your patience and lambing.
Thank you to Aki’s little friends. How we wish we can still see you regularly.
Thank you to my fellow stage parents. I wish we had more opportunities to bond. Continue reading “Goodbye, Playschool”

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DIY 90’s Costume

The theme of Aki’s moving up day last March was Remember The 90’s.  GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

If you have been reading this blog, you know that I take DIY costumes seriously. I was initially eyeing an early 90’s hiphop look. Think Vanilla Ice or Prince of Bel-air. Franco even suggested we can make his pants out of black trash bags.
In the end, we decided to go with grunge.

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The Unappreciated DIY Viking Costume

Happy Halloween!

Hehe. Had I shared this entry 4 months ago, I would have started it with I am so excited to share blah blah but since we all know that this post is soo late, let me just say I hope someone finds this post helpful 8 months from now.

As early as summer last year, Aki kept bugging me about his Halloween costume. He had been watching How to Train Your Dragon. We have seen it for at least 20 times. I will complain once my eyeballs have fallen off from my eyesockets but for now, I can honestly say that I love this movie! And we are oh so excited for the release of HTTYD II this June. If you have not seen this movie, head to the nearest video store and get yourself a copy. Now! It is one of those rare movies that everyone in the family, regardless if you are 3 or 33, will enjoy.

And it is because of this movie that Aki wanted to be a dragon for Halloween. And not just any ordinary dragon, he wanted a 4-headed dragon costume! After much negotiations, we agreed to have a viking costume instead. Sometimes he looked at his viking costume with the same this-is-sooo-lame irritated expression that we see in teenagers. At some point, I wanted to make him a dragon katol (Franco’s idea not mine) to irritate him more.

My super excited viking..
Don’t move smile for Mummy….
Isn’t motherhood the most rewarding profession? He only stopped complaining when I told him that he’s hurting my feelings. Continue reading “The Unappreciated DIY Viking Costume”

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Our Son is a Model!

Yep! We are going to be rich!

His 2 Halloween costumes last year are featured in the latest issue of Smart Parenting issue.

I am glad the magazine indicated his full name. I would have wanted that they mentioned that the idea and materials were all from me but I am okay mention of the name. The assistant ed said they will include a link to my blog in the actual step-by-step post in the SP website. Let’s see.
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Super Easy, Super Cheap DIY Halloween and Worker Day Costume

One thing I really like about Aki’s school is that they have weekly themes. The lessons revolve around the theme. At the end of the week, they have activities that tie everything up.

One of the themes last September was People in the Neighborhood. Parents were instructed to have the kids go to school wearing outfits of their dream jobs. The MMDA outfit was not ready by then so I had to come up with another one. As expected, most of Aki’s classmates came as doctors. Aki’s costume stood out because he came as a…


Words can not explain how proud I was when teachers, parents, classmates and yayas gathered around my boy as he shouted Tahooooooo!

I did not blog about this earlier because I planned to reuse the costume for Halloween. Aki was a magtataho again for our village party, which I learned is where the costume contest really happens. Aki did not win but the loss got me excited and feeling challenged for next year.

Here is a close up on the costume.

Aki wore a hat and a towel over his shoulders. Of course, the  taho containers completed the look. The cans also had a serving spoon and plastic cups. Continue reading “Super Easy, Super Cheap DIY Halloween and Worker Day Costume”

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Aki’s Winning Halloween Costume

I blogged here before, that Aki is fascinated with stoplights, toll gates and traffic enforcers. When I saw a yet-to-be-used reflector in my mom’s house, I had a brilliant idea of having Aki dress up as his dream job for Halloween.

Huli ka! If all traffic enforcers were this cute, I would gladly learn how to drive so I can get a ticket everyday.

The total cost for this Halloween costume is…. drum rolls please… 320 pesos!

What you need:
Reflector from the balikbayan box
Dark Blue Shorts
Blue Polo
Art Paper
Poster Paint
Traffic Cap

Put them together plus cute kid who loves his outfit and you have ..

You have a happy kid in a winning costume.

I bought the second and third items on the list  in Divisoria for a grand total of 150 bucks. The cap is a gift from my mummy dearest. It cost her 140 pesos.

We happened to be in SM last Saturday to pay our bills. I noticed the costume contest poster and read and reread the mechanics. Uniqueness – Check! Creativity – Check! Relevance to Theme (cuteness) – Check! Stage Presence – CHECK!!!! Continue reading “Aki’s Winning Halloween Costume”

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DIY Superhero Costume

Aside from the no no no moments, the terrible twos are also made sweeter and more memorable because of the moments of endless me me me’s. In our case, Aki’s me me me happens everytime we need to change his clothes. Aki insists that he chooses what he will wear. Sometimes, he decides he needs a spur-of-the-moment outfit change. What is quite difficult now is making him understand the concept of pambahay and pang-alis. Almost always, he chooses his gimik clothes. (whoa, I just realized. Do people still use the word gimik?)

His favorite color? Blue. Here, he did not want to wear any shirt because we ran out of clean blue tops.

This is Aki, on his way to his closet  because he was not happy with the clothes that Lottie chose.

Funky Tube sleeves from Mothering Earlings. He asked me to put one on his arm and another on his leg.

Wearing my shirt

Frustrated because I would not let him  wear my “daster”

Insisting on wearing blue again!

He would not let me swap his shoes

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Capt. Akira’s Airplane Party: Party Uniforms

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If there is something that I am thankful for to Aerospace Museum, aside from providing an interesting venue for our first family photoshoot, that is leading us to our supplier for my boys’ airforce costumes.

Against the wishes of the laziest driver of all, my husband, I had set my eyes on having their party outfits done by my mom’s tried and tested affordable mananahi in Laguna. We were supposed to have the boys’ measurements taken last August but we had to reschedule because Aki got sick. Then last September, when we were looking for name plates and pins, we found Marty’s Tailoring!

Marty’s Tailoring is located in this secret strip of stores that specialize in outfits and accessories for the men and women of the Armed Forces of Phils. This secret strip can be found in the Fort Bonifacio, near the Army, Navy and Marines area . You just have to look past the gates to see the stores. I like that unlike many other suppliers that I worked with, the clothes were ready for pick up on the day they committed. The rates were affordable. Franco’s outfit was only PhP1200. The pants, he can wear when he goes to work.  Aki’s outfit plus the side-something cap was 650. They were nice enough to make the shoulder thingies free of charge. The place is not airconditioned, though. The best time to go there is late in the afternoon so you can go straight to Serendra. Hehe.

As I have said, we went there looking for name plates. Hubby went on a shopping spree of airforce pins, to the dismay of his budget-conscious wife, of course. He went a notch higher and got himself an airforce belt. I protested but rested my case as soon as he pointed out that I booked a make up artist. Hehe. The other pins that you see on Aki’s top are from my office and from Pi Gamma Mu. The boys’ aviator shades are from Looney Tunes (Aki) and Magallanes MRT bangketa (Franco).

For my stewardess costume, let me be more specific, my sexy stewardess costume :P,  I have Jo of Baro’t Saya, a small shop along Bicutan to thank.  He was successful in hiding my baby fats without making me look like a manang. I love the fit. I love his rates. I love his workmanship. Convenience since his shop is a couple of steps away from our village gate, is also a major plus. I highly recommend to all mommies who are looking for an affordable designer. He specializes in costumes but also makes dresses and gowns. There are also adorable costumes for rent. When I picked up my dress, there was a 10 year old girl who was fitting a Sri Lankan costume. 🙂

I provided Jo the design and the cloth. Whenever I need cloths, I always go to my suki in Cluster Mall in Divisoria. Since I was running out of time, I just bought the cloths in Market Market for only 150 bucks for 3 yards. My pair of white gloves, which I never got to wear, was also bought  in Market. My 50 pesos scarf and shades are from SM and Bicutan terminal bangketa, respectively. If I had more money, I would have gotten myself a pair of knee high white boots.  To complete the look, I got the services of my officemate Kat to do my hair and make up.

Supplier Information

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