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Protect Your Family Said the Pope

Hello hello hello!

Is it just me or  is every 1 out 5 people that I know getting sick nowadays? That includes me. I have not been able to report to work for 2 days. The very moment that I sneezed, I knew immediately that I caught my officemate’s virus. As soon as I got home, I drank ginger tea and gargled warm water with salt. On the next day, I was semi okay. Wednesday was a different story. Today, Thursday, I decided to rest (yesterday I worked from home).  Thank you God for the gift of healing.

Moving on to another topic, what did you do during the long Papal weekend? Although we live close to Villamor, we chose to stay home. The pope said, “Protect your family.” If  protecting means praying, preparing for the future, nurturing, prioritizing health, and spending quality time with your family, we did just what the pope said.

First thing we did on the first day of the long weekend, was meet our financial advisor, Efren Cruz. Click here to read our past posts about insights that we gained from him. Financially, so many things have happened since we first met Efren in 2012. We paid off our Pag-ibig loan. I got promoted. Franco moved to an insurance company with great benefits. We just want to check if our finances are in order. Continue reading “Protect Your Family Said the Pope”

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Cash and Carry Fun Finds

yellow! It’s been a while since I sat down, looked at my picture folder and compose a proper blog entry. One is because I have been busy. Busy with the photoshoot marathon, with work, with my social life. All I can say is life is good. I am beyond thankful. I am amazed at how God puts everything in place.


One of the things in my gratitude list are my boys’ underwear. Haha. One day, I realized that I had enough of my husband’s favorite ratty and skimpy boxer shorts. Haha. And he likes walking around the house topless wearing them. Everytime I tell him how annoyed I am that he keeps on wearing those shorts, he tells me that it is his house so he has the right to do and wear whatever he pleases. Last month, I caught him on a good mood and struck a deal of a lifetime. We will throw out those boxers if we find shorts that are comfortable and cheap.  And that deal prompted our trip to our 2nd favorite mall, Cash and Carry Makati.


I scoured the tiangge stalls while the boss was playing with his son.  Knowing my husband, he does not like comparing products. He will buy the first one that he sees. I rarely get to convince him to buy things for himself so I wanted to make sure that I find the best boxer shorts that Cash and Carry had to offer. After dragging him to the 5 stalls that made it to my shortlist and hearing ” Sige na. Sige na. Okay na yan” ay least 4 times, we agreed to getting these. Continue reading “Cash and Carry Fun Finds”

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Almost Perfect Fridate

Happy Thursday!  Weekend is almost here.

Some days are good. Some days are bad. Some are almost perfect. The last Friday of July is one of those almost perfect days.

We started the day with a prayer. This was the week when we decided that we will pray the rosary on our way to work.  Instead of me mobile surfing and Franco getting hot-headed because of rude drivers on the road, we spend 15-minutes meditating on the life of Jesus and Mary.

Continue reading “Almost Perfect Fridate”

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Chicken Wings Partey for Daddey

Two weekends ago, I once again proved my undying love and devotion to my husband. I don’t eat chicken. Seeing raw chicken parts makes me want vomit. But because it was his special day, Ate Doring and I slaved in the kitchen the whole day, preparing 5 chicken wing dishes. In the morning, Aki and I made memories as we baked a chocolate birthday cake. Continue reading “Chicken Wings Partey for Daddey”

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Prayer for our Husbands’ Protection

Do you have a copy of the Power of the Praying Wife book? If you don’t, you should get one ASAP. I bought mine from National Bookstore for PhP550.  Small price for something that can do wonders in our lives. The book is divided into 30 easy-to-read chapters. Each chapter is dedicated to an aspect of our husbands’ lives that we ought to pray for e.g. finances, sexuality, fatherhood, emotions, faith etc.


Today, I want to share one of my favorite prayers from this book.  My dad died a day after his birthday. He was out with friends. It was raining and the roads were slippery. I also heard that the driver was quite drunk.  My dad, who always sat on the passenger seat, agreed to sit on the back for some reason. The driver and the friend who sat beside him, survived the car crash. My dad was not as lucky. I can’t imagine how my mom felt and reacted after hearing the news. I was only 2 and my sister was only 10 months old.  And this is why, I get semi-paranoid when Franco tells me he is going out with friends.  This prayer is for our husbands’ protection. We can shield them from danger 24/7 but God can. Continue reading “Prayer for our Husbands’ Protection”

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My Jon Snow

To my panganay and bestfriend, happy happy 34th birthday!

Aki is so luck to have the world’s greatest foam swordsman and Tito-Vic-and-Joey’s #1 fan as a daddy. He is going to have so many happy childhood memories because he has you.

By rolling your eyes every time I plan our weekend schedule, you teach me to live simply.

By impatiently waiting and honking in the van while I am still getting dressed, you teach me efficiency.
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Manila Staycation Part IV: Saturday Morning at Manila Hotel


Part I – Planetarium
Part II – Manila Hotel
Part III – Rizal Park

My husband’s idea of a relaxing getaway is lying in a comfortable bed in an airconditioned room watching cable TV the whole day. Are your husbands like this too? Did the love for being stationary also rubbed on you? For our getaways, I made sure we had a lot of time dedicated to being true to our lazy selves.

Because we are early risers, we were able to watch the sunrise from our room. This was sometime between 5 to 5:30AM. Serenely beautiful, right?


We were engrossed watching the Graduates when the doorbell rang. Have you seen this movie?


Snooky Serna, Ronnie Rickets, PJ Abellana, Cesar Montano, Maricel Soriano, Gina Alajar, Gabby Concepcion, Joel Torre and other actors that we still know today, played fresh graduates looking forward to starting their careers. The issues that they had in the movie are as relevant now as they were in the 1980’s.

Manila Hotel surprised us with a cake for Emily. I mentioned to the reservation officer weeks ago that aside from R&R, we’d also be celebrating our daughter’s 1st month in heaven. I just wanted to know where can I get balloons but the lady I spoke with said she will check if she can get a complimentary cake. Thank you, Manila Hotel! And yes, I spent a good part of that morning crying again.


After the movie, we had our buffet breakfast at Cafe Ilang Ilang.



I particularly love the smoked salmon and the assorted cheese. Sorry no pictures this time. I was too busy savoring each bite. By the way, have you tasted horseradish sauce? I mistook it for cream cheese and spread 2 spoonfuls in a piece of french bread. Oh. My. God!

Next order of the day was swimming!!!

As it was my first time to swim in a hotel, I was amazed that there is a special way for guests going to the pool. I have always wondered why I don’t see anyone dripping wet whenever we are in the lobby.


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Life’s Little Moments

I think Michelle Obama hit home when she said in a Good Housekeeping interview that what makes life great are not the big splashy stuff. It is about the little day-to-day routines and rituals. As a wife and mother, it is my personal mission to make sure that those little moments don’t just pass us by. Being in the moment to me means being aware of the memories that you want to make, keep and celebrate.

Here are my favorite little moments that make our life oh so great

Whenever Aki tells me that kissing and hugging me are his favorites parts of the day


Hanging out in our doorsteps and enjoying the art of doing nothing


Watching Aki enjoy being a kid. Last Saturday’s Kodak moment was brought to us by our suking aircon cleaning guy.


Curling up in bed on weekends and watching our favorite  80’s or 90’s movies. We were in the middle of Back to the Future III when this shot was taken
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA Continue reading “Life’s Little Moments”

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Photo Tradition with the Hubby

Halu! Happy New Year to all. I am starting this year on a different note. Unlike last year where I was feeling excited and pumped up, now, I am more relaxed.  I hope that is a good thing.

If you have been reading this blog long enough, you already know that I am a sucker for traditions. Traditions for me make wonderful memories. And happy childhood memories are what I want Aki to have. I realized though that I don’t have a lot of traditions with my husband. Except for the year-end holiday card where we write down the highlights and lowlights of the year to make sure we won’t forget (see our past cards here and here), there is no other regular activity that I do with Franco that can be considered as a tradition. So I started a new one. Encouraged by the past and present photos that are everywhere online nowadays, Franco and I will be collecting selfie pictures of the two of us during important and ordinary days.


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Where to Eat in Betterliving: Greek Taverna

Franco and I are always excited to try new restos here in Betterliving. Our current favorite date place is Greek Taverna. I discovered it one late Friday night when I had to take the shuttle the goes around Merville, Moonwalk, Multinational Village before heading to SM Bicutan. Since we discovered it early this month, we have eaten in Greek Taverna thrice. That’s a lot considering we hardly eat out. This hole-in-a-wall resto stands out in an area more know for vulcanizing shops. If you are coming from SM Bicutan, it is just a couple of meters after Chateau Elyssee. With its electric blue and white colors, this place is hard to miss.

Here is what we ate on our first date there

Taramasolata (cod caviar) with pita
Gemista (oven baked stuffed bell peppers with rice, ground beef, served with roasted lemon potatoes and Greek salad)
PhP 270


Pork Gyros with chips
PhP 270

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