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This Toddler’s Mother’s Books

When I was cleaning the house in preparation for hubby’s  Japanese birthday party, 2 months before Aki’s birthday, I had a major realization: I am so not prepared for toddlerhood. When I was still preggy, I read my baby books at least twice. I bookmarked helpful reference sites and had a special folder in my email for baby related issues.

And so, I got this book, the Smart Mom’s Guide to the Toddler  Years. Unfortunately, life got on the way and I was only able to read the book when Aki reached his 14 month.  I love this book because concerns unique to Filipino moms like raising a bilingual kid and dealing with yayas where discussed. I also like that the tips are very specific. For example, the book suggests that to teach kids about the value of money and saving, we should never leave loose coins lying in the house. Also, bringing a shopping list, showing it to the kid and most importantly, sticking to the list, were also suggested. From PhP295, the book was marked down to PhP 100  


For play, I refer to these two books: Child’s Play by Maja Pitamic and Things to Do to Learn and Play by Dorothy Einon.  Most of the activities in these books are for kids two years old and up but there are a few pages on games for younger toddlers like Aki. It is from these books where I got the idea to make an anaconda out of paper tissue tubes and to make an improvised drum set out of old tin and plastic cans.

To instill discipline, I bought this book, Parenting the Defiant Child. Most of the tips are for older childer but I still looove this book because of the discussion on the proper way to PRAISE. Accdg to this book, Praise should be specific to the action (you did a good job in packing away your toys vs. good job), cheerleader level like in enthusiasm and involve touch or physical gesture such as a hug or a high five.

I am currently reading First Aid for Children, published by the John Hopkids Children’s Center. This book or any other book on First Aid is a must for caregivers of adventurous kids and toddlers. I love the illustrations and guides in this book.

Aki is not so much of a talker yet. I try not to worry when I come across articles that say he should be able to say around 20 words by now. He says Duh for Daddy, Ta for Tita, Ba for Lolo and Lola, Ija for Manang Lydia, Os Os for Toast. Mamamam for Mummy is reserved for those moments when he is about to explode because of frustration. I am blaming my overeagerness to the mummy in shining armor. I am so good at reading his body language that I become to eager to appease him. From this book, I learned that I should try ignore whenever he points at things that he wants, even just for  a couple of seconds. And before giving the item to him, I should say the name of the object while making sure that I am on his level so we can have eye contact and he can see how I say the word. 

Hands down, my ultimate favorite toddler parenting book is….

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Memoirs of a Mummy

The Escape Artist

For some reason, these pictures remind of the day I gave birth.

Aki is not just getting smarter and stronger each day. He is also becoming more independent.

I was just a few feet away. He could have easily called my attention and asked for help. But no, he did all this by himself, without any support from me.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

The Evolution of his Baby Tricks

This post is to remind me that I need to take more pictures, record more videos and write more notes on Aki’s development.

The boy is growing up so fast. He is learning a lot of new things. Like today, he learned a new word: TAPA for Lola Patty.  Hehe. We can’t be wrong because he said it 4x. When Ate Patty ignored his calls, he went to her, tapped her back and said Tapa.

While it is great to see him grow, it is also sad that he is also outgrowing some of our favorite antics. For example, his sign for “drink”, which is finger tips pressed to his lips with matching tilting of the head, is now just the back of his hand on his forehead.  He used to say Hooooo when we ask him to say Tahooooo. Now, since our fave taho vendor has been missing in action for the past two weeks,  he ignores me everytime I ask him.

This is how Mousey-Mousey looks like

But late last year it looked like this. Too bad, I don’t have  good picture of it.

He used to do the Drivey-drivey everytime he sees anything circle.

Even with our  ring.

Now, Drivey-drivey is more of a baby sign that he uses to tell us that he wants to play behind the steering wheel of our car. It is now  palm over the back of the other hand, with the two wrist going up and down alternately. And I don’t have a picture of it. Boooo to me.

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Aki's Airplane 1st Birthday · Memoirs of a Mummy

My Airplane Party Inspiration


This was taken April of 2009. I was three months pregnant then. We did not know the gender of our baby.

The boy holding the pink walkie talkie is Tosilog. He was the captain. His brother, Joaquing-quing was the co-pilot. The girl, our only girl, Jyllilay, is of course, the stewardess. (We were supposed to wear matching flight attendant outfits to Aki’s airplane party.) Jyl’s preparing food in the airplane kitchen for our lone passenger, Rock Rock, the then-youngest of the rowdy brood. 

This picture never fails to make me smile. Sometimes though, it also makes me sad. When Aki is 3 years old, Jyl and Tosi would be tweens by then and might not play make-believe games with my little one anymore.

Oh, they ask  the cutest things. I so look forward to documenting Aki’s questions.

After watching our onsite wedding video

Tosi: Tita Maqui, bakit mo ini-eat ang mouth ni Tito Franco? (Tita, why were you eating Tito’s mouth) —> referring to the 5 second kissing scene


After I gave birth. Tosi asked his lola

Tosi: Lola, ilan ang anak ni Tita Maqui (Lola, how many babies does Tita have?)

Lola Sor: Isa. Baket? (One, why?)

Tosi: Akala ko three. Hingi sana ako para sa basketball team namin. (I thought she has three. I want to ask if I can have one for our basketball team)

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Non-toy Toys: The improvised drum set

 Tin Cans + Plastic Container + Wooden Box = Instant Drumset!

When he got tired, he decided to stack his drums. He was extremely pleased and proud of the tower that he made.

Each second is indeed spent playing and learning.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Advanced Baby Sign Language

This is Aki’s famous mouse-y mouse-y baby trick. Not really a baby sign but it is too cute not to share. Plus I don’t have a lot of  new pictures of Aki signing in action.

His current favorite is Oh, men!. It  is a light tap with immediate bounce on his forehead. It means “Ooops”. He does it when  he accidentaly drops something, or when his shoe falls off his foot or when food particles slide off his plate. What is funny is that he does it so  many times in  day to the point that I caught him doing the oh, men! sign even when he was sleeping! Hahaha

The eat and drink signs are also very helpful.  One time he was doing the eat sign several times. I told him to wait for a bit because lunch is not yet cooked. I distracted them with toys and TV.  After a few minutes, he did the eat sign again. When I tried to distract him again, he did the eat sign again but this time, forcefully! Haha. As if he was complaining and demanding to be fed right away.

Arigato or Thank you sign (bowing) after Tita opened his Yakult bottle

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