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My Son’s First Ever Certificate of Appreciation

We so love the people behind!!! We got this certificate from them a month after we sent Aki’s whale origamis. See how it all started here Continue reading “My Son’s First Ever Certificate of Appreciation”

The Gift of An Ordinary Day

Our Favorite August Fridate

Hooooray for Friday, our third favorite day of the week!


On Franco’s birthday last month, we took a leave from work. I wanted to check out the Books for Less warehouse sale. Check out my post here. Franco renewed his license. We left early, around 6AM so we can avoid the usual morning traffic.

I had the most wonderful time at the warehouse sale with my friend Rachel. Even though my hands were vulcanizing-level dirty and my stomach was complaining of extreme hunger, I left feeling satisfied …. and hungry. Continue reading “Our Favorite August Fridate”

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Want to know my secret shoe store?


Do you want to know a secret?

There is this secret shoe store that I have discovered. The number of flats in my then very-questionable  shoe collection went from two to about 13 in my last count, because of this place. While I am very serious about my ang-pagdadalaga-ni-maqui-endaya project, cost is still  an important consideration. Whenever I have to buy something, I feel a lump in my throat if the price tag says PhP 300 or more. Imagine my joy when I discovered this store…. Continue reading “Want to know my secret shoe store?”

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South Beach and Okoy

Good morning!  Finally, I was able to force myself to wake up early and blog. So many wonderful things going on. My fear is that if I let this blog laziness to continue, I might totally lose the drive to document.

Last night, I thanked God for the 5 pounds that I dropped in 2 days. You see, I started my South Beach diet last Monday because I have gained 10 pounds since I went back to work last June. The cravings were so strong, I could not stop myself from eating. I was already full but I still kept putting food to my mouth. With South Beach diet, those cravings are eliminated. For the first two weeks, foods that stimulate an increase in insulin which leads to craving later on are prohibited. That does not mean, I allow myself to get hungry. In fact, even if I am not hungry, I still eat snacks because we avoid a drop in sugar levels which could also lead to a desire to eat non-healthy foods. This is my 4th time to go on SB diet. I highly recommend it to everyone who wants to lose weight but does not want to feel hungry and sluggish.

Speaking of food, here is one that I have to temporarily give up, OKOY.  If I use whole wheat flour and bake it instead of frying it, maybe I can start eating this again next month.

Continue reading “South Beach and Okoy”

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Cash and Carry Fun Finds

yellow! It’s been a while since I sat down, looked at my picture folder and compose a proper blog entry. One is because I have been busy. Busy with the photoshoot marathon, with work, with my social life. All I can say is life is good. I am beyond thankful. I am amazed at how God puts everything in place.


One of the things in my gratitude list are my boys’ underwear. Haha. One day, I realized that I had enough of my husband’s favorite ratty and skimpy boxer shorts. Haha. And he likes walking around the house topless wearing them. Everytime I tell him how annoyed I am that he keeps on wearing those shorts, he tells me that it is his house so he has the right to do and wear whatever he pleases. Last month, I caught him on a good mood and struck a deal of a lifetime. We will throw out those boxers if we find shorts that are comfortable and cheap.  And that deal prompted our trip to our 2nd favorite mall, Cash and Carry Makati.


I scoured the tiangge stalls while the boss was playing with his son.  Knowing my husband, he does not like comparing products. He will buy the first one that he sees. I rarely get to convince him to buy things for himself so I wanted to make sure that I find the best boxer shorts that Cash and Carry had to offer. After dragging him to the 5 stalls that made it to my shortlist and hearing ” Sige na. Sige na. Okay na yan” ay least 4 times, we agreed to getting these. Continue reading “Cash and Carry Fun Finds”

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Aki (super proud of himself) : Look, Mom! My wrist is longer now. See?! See?!




Pregnant aunt just arrived


Aki (who has been watching Voltes V): It’s Tita Buuuuuntis Five-Ah!


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Why I had not been blogging

Because I have been busy with the back-end work for our recently concluded N@W Family Photoshoot Marathon!  Because of this major project, I overcame my fear of online banking, put blogging aside, and learned how to create and maintain Google docs and Facebook event pages.  Being one of the organizers was very demanding but seeing so many families happy and our own teaser photos and videos made all the effort and sacrifices worth it.

Here is our short video courtesy of WeCelebrate Studios formerly know as MyPhotato.


WeCelebrate Studios | +63.917.535.6277  |  +63.822.7089  |

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Almost Perfect Fridate

Happy Thursday!  Weekend is almost here.

Some days are good. Some days are bad. Some are almost perfect. The last Friday of July is one of those almost perfect days.

We started the day with a prayer. This was the week when we decided that we will pray the rosary on our way to work.  Instead of me mobile surfing and Franco getting hot-headed because of rude drivers on the road, we spend 15-minutes meditating on the life of Jesus and Mary.

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