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In Our Garden Now

The rainy days are here! So loving the rain because it gave our garden  a 360 degree transformation. What used to be brown and ugly is now so alive and colorful, most especially our sideewalk.

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New Cookbooks

Since we have tried most of the recipes from my Yummy cookbooks, I thought of buying new books for my cookbook collection. For less than 150 for each, I must say these babies are great investments especially when you have a picky carnivorous hubby who plans to be a vegetarian in 2 months.

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The Adobo Book definetely deserves its National Book Award. It is a collection of a hundred plus variations of the Filipino stable ulam, Adobo. With its essays, trivia and cooking tips, it is the most entertaining cookbook ever!  The following are the most memorable adobo recipes that we have tried.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Good Morning!

I can’t remember the last time I slept for 8 straight hours. Definitely not ever since our little bulate came into our lives 8 months ago. Since Aki wakes up at 5:30am, I have no choice but to wake up early too. I am not complaining though. I love mornings because this is how they start…

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Livin’ La Vida Elbi

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Just a few of the many reasons why we love going home to Los Banos (this post is one month delayed)

  • My mom’s mismatched sheets
  • The best siomai ever! For 3 pieces for only 14 bucks, san ka pa?!
  • Free prophylaxis c/o my dentist mummy
  • Early morning jogging and breakfast at the UPLB grounds
  • Fertility Tree
  • Ate jyl’s new smile
  • Kuya Rock’s mother’s day shirt
  • Aki’s mother’s day bib
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Memoirs of a Mummy

Riverfront Residences Clubhouse

Love at first sight. That is what I felt for the clubhouse of Riverfront Residence the first time I saw a picture of the place. And when I saw this post at Ging Lorenzo’s site, my heart jumped!
Even before Aki was born, I knew I wanted to hold his 1st birthday party there. I went to the resort condo last month to pay the DP and confirm my pencil booking. This is what I saw…

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The function hall has these gorgeous hanging lamps which reminded me of why we also fell in love with the chandeliers of Manila Hotel. The hall is pretty in pictures but even prettier when you see it in person. It is in the second floor of the clubhouse which is beside a very inviting pool. The first floor is open and has several sofa sets where residents and guests can lounge.
In terms of the peso power, rental is reasonably priced at 8K for non residents. This covers 5 hours of usage, AC and sound systems. They only accept two booking per day which is good because this policy ensures that there is ample time to for clean up and styling.
Location-wise, it is strategically located in Pasig, about 15 minutes away from c5. Commuters just need to take a jeep from Shaw to Pasig rotonda and then a short tryke ride.
Another plus point is the fact that RR does not have accredited suppliers. Unlike other clubhouses, renters of hall are free to get any supplier that they want.
The Riverfront Residences Clubhouse is the perfect venue for Akis birthday partey!