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PART II: The Start of the End of Carefully Planned Birthday Parties

Part I 

A not so quick run through of what we did after Aki’s birthday celebration.

We stayed in MCS, the best non-mall in the whole wide Metro Manila, while waiting for Aki’s class to end. We were expecting to eat left over pizza but no, Aki’s classmates ate everything we brought. Our late lunch was at Tita Em’s, our favorite Japanese turo-turo. Then off to Booksale we went. I was able to buy several brand-new Christmas gift-able books. At 3PM, we were supposed to have a massage with our favorite blind therapists but the queue was so long! Quite surprising actually since it was a weekday afternoon. To forget my disappointment, I visited my newest discovery, an ukay-ukay store for kids and tweens. I was able to score 2 Bossini pants for Aki. Only 40 pesosesoses each! Continue reading “PART II: The Start of the End of Carefully Planned Birthday Parties”

Aki's Preschool Years · Akisms


I was so sleepy when I was writing this post the other night. It is only now, almost 2 days after, that I realized that instead of saving the draft, I posted it! Hahahaha.


Anyhoo, I am pleased to share that yesterday, Aki was one of the winners of the  Best Halloween Costume Award in Franco’s office. Actually, we just placed second out of probably 150 kids and because I am biased, I don’t agree with the decision of the judges 😛  He was in character and was so talkative all the time.  All. The. Time.


Here are some examples of his kadaldaldaldalan




After we waited for her for more than an hour, our beloved pedia arrived. As she walking towards us

Aki to doc: Tagaaaal (mo) naman!


He said it in a sweet way but still, I wanted to bury my head.




Aki: How old are you, Mummy?
Me: Thirty-one. I will be 32 in November.
Aki ( whispering): You know… when you are 32…. you are going to be a ninja like me.
Me: Oh really? You are a ninja.
Aki: Yes. I went to China and studied in the ninja school.
Me: Ok. I will go to that school too after my birthday
Aki: No adults allowed there. You go to the ninja office.




Aki: Sabi ni Darvin, pede pancit canton baon ko.
Me: Hinde. Ampalaya gusto mo?
Aki (suddenly had panic attacks): No! Noooooooooooooo! Nooo!





Aki: Itchy back!
I then did my motherly duty of scratching his back.

Aki: Higher.. higher… left please.
Me: I can’t reach that part.
Aki (lecture mode on): In our family, we don’t say “I can not”. REMEMBER?!!! Continue reading “Akisms”

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The Start of the End of Carefully Planned Birthday Parties

Last summer, Aki and I agreed on the theme of his birthday party.I did not go all-out with the planning yet as I wanted to know the school’s policies on birthday celebrations. As the school year progressed, I realized that Aki’s big school is not big on parties. At least 5 classmates celebrated their birthday in school and none gave invitations.  The class adviser only wrote on the diary to inform the parents. If I remember correctly, only 1 gave out loot bags. Actually, in general, Aki’s school is not big on monthly celebrations. I have friends who regularly have to come up with costumes for their kids’ school’s United Nations, Linggo ng Wika, Community Worker, Nutrition day. So far, the school has not required any costumes yet. The closest probably is the monthly note from the vice principal that it is time for a haircut.

Back to the party. Then, a few weeks ago, Aki said he wanted a pizza party like Lance’s. Hmmm. I was immediately sold. If classes are suspended, like last year, no food will go to waste. If the classmates are not in the mood to eat, like in Aki’s old school, we can take home the left-overs. And with only 15-20 minutes of party time, there’s no allowance for games and cutesy details.

Several days before the party, we convinced Aki that there won’t be any party. He did not mind. What he did not know is we told her teacher that we want to surprise Aki.

Here is how the day went

After breakfast, we reviewed Aki for his quiz on the Holy Rosary. Can you guess what mystery this is? Continue reading “The Start of the End of Carefully Planned Birthday Parties”

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Life is Good…2014 Q3 Recap Part III

Part I

Part II

Am most thankful for the time I get to spend with my boys.

Our staycation in Edsa Shangrila.


Ever since Franco decided to get into boxing, he has more time for us and has been more hands on when it comes to helping Aki review. Continue reading “Life is Good…2014 Q3 Recap Part III”

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Life is Good… 2014 Q3 Recap Part II

Part I here

Am thankful for the revival of social life. Haha. When Aki was smaller, I used to feel guilty when I spend time with friends. Now that Aki’s bigger and more independent, I am more comfy leaving him with his dad or Ate Doring. Besides, he has his own circle of friends. If he has a social life, I should have one too, right?

Continue reading “Life is Good… 2014 Q3 Recap Part II”

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All Smiles @ McDonald’s Summer Kiddie Crew Workshop

I know summer is still far away but in case you are planning to enroll your kids to summer classes, this post might be helpful.  For the second time, Aki joined Mcdonald’s Kiddie Crew Workshop. I blogged about his first experience here. Aki was only 2.5 years old then.

The workshop runs for 5 days. If I remember correctly, as early as March, start holding workshops. Most branches have several classes a day. My tip is enroll your kid as soon as you see the announcement. I know a lot of interested parents who got disappointed because all the slots were filled. Actually, I was told that too, that they don’t have available slots.  I asked for the manager and begged her. Hehe. So glad my charms worked. Also, consider getting the morning slot, so you can wash the t-shirt in the afternoon.

For only 500 pesos (or was it 600?), the fee was very reasonable. It includes  the ID, uniform, chef’s hat, apron, activity materials and daily snacks. In a way, it is win-win situation for the kids, their parents and Mcdonald’s. Kid’s have fun. Parent’s have fun. Mcdo earns because the companions will surely buy food when their kids are serving. Continue reading “All Smiles @ McDonald’s Summer Kiddie Crew Workshop”

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Happy happy fifth birthday to my little love!

Happy happy fifth birthday, Aki! My little love, my gentleboy, my wildfire.

Had I known that at 5 years old, you’d be too heavy for me to carry, I would have held you a little longer, a little tighter, the last time I had to rock you to sleep. Continue reading “Happy happy fifth birthday to my little love!”

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Life is good….2014 Q3 Recap Part I

Welcome Q4 and goodbye and thank you, Q3! The third quarter of last year was one on of the most stressful moments in my life, work-wise. So stressful that even my personal life was getting affected. Franco and I took a leave and sat down to discuss how we want to move forward. We agreed that it was time for Franco to transfer to another company. Once he’s already a regular employee, I should start looking for work in Makati so that all three of us, Aki included, are Makati-based. Everything worked out better than we planned for.  Franco found work in another industry. After 10 years on graveyard shift, he is now working on usual office hours. Aki passed the entrance exam. And as for me, I did not have to move out of the company because in an interesting twist, my department was relocated from Ortigas to Makati.  Yey for answered prayers! Franco was saying the other day, that had my last pregnancy been successful, life would have been too picture perfect. That is so true. We have been truly blessed these last couple of months. And whatever work and personal challenges that we had to overcome in the past, only made us a better and more appreciative. Continue reading “Life is good….2014 Q3 Recap Part I”