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Update: Top 100 Children’s Books of All Time Collection

Remember my old post? Back then, I think we only had less than 20. Now, we have 55!  Happiness! All except for the I Love You Forever book were from Booksale.

I have a print out of this list in my wallet for easy reference.

ABC3D:  89
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, Very Bad Day: Judith Viorst and Ray Cruz  7      
Amazing Grace:  86
Animalia: Graeme Base   19
Are You My Mother?:  P.D. Eastman       31     
Bark George     100
Blueberries for Sal:  Robert McCloskey  27
Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do You See?        14     
Caps for Sale:  48
Chicka Chicka Boom Boom:        24
Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type: Doreen Cronin  40     
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: Judy and Ron Barrett         5      
Corduroy:       29     
Counting Kisses 110    
Curious George:         37     
Dear Zoo;       78
Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!: Mo Willems         18
Eleventh Hour: Graeme Base      52
Everyone Poops:  Taro Gomi and Amanda Mayer Stinchecum  21     
Fancy Nancy:  Jane O’Connor     26
Flotsam: T David Wiesner        28
Gallop!: A Scanimation Picture Book: Rufus Butler Seder         65
George and Martha       97     
Go, Dog, Go!: P.D. Eastman      22
Good Night Gorilla      25     
Goodnight Moon  3      
Green Eggs and Ham:  Dr. Seuss  4
Guess How Much I Love You       8      
Harold and the Purple Crayon: Crockett Johnson  15
Have You Filled a Bucket Today: A Guide to Daily Happiness for Kids:    94
Hop on Pop: Dr. Seuss   75
How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?:        67
How I Became a Pirate   84     
How the Grinch Stole Christmas  74     
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Laura Joffe Numeroff and Felicia Bond     45     
In the Night Kitchen: Maurice Sendak .  53
Jamberry:       76
Joseph Had a Little Overcoat:   93
Jumanji: Chris Van Allsburg h   38
Kitten’s First Full Moon        79
Knuffle Bunny: A Cautionary Tale:       77
Library Lion    105
Little Pea      104
Llama Llama Red Pajama  80
Love You Forever        10     
Madeline:       62
Make Way for Ducklings: Robert McCloskey        69
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Aki’s Wiggly Worm 3rd Birthday Party

Last October, my boy turned three!!! I miss those cheeks!


Compared to his airplane themed 1st birthday party and his Letter A 2nd birthday party, last year’s celebration was low key. Having a party in school means less party time and more kids. I didn’t bother making a dessert table or decorating the area. We only had limited time so I wanted to make sure we make the most out of it. And because this was the first real kiddie party in the sense that all the guests were kids, I focused on making the party fun and educational. My priorities were 1) loot bags 2) activities and 3) food.

Aki had a say this time on the theme. Of the party themes that he liked, I picked the Baby Uod  (baby worm) theme. It was just appropriate since he’s been obsessed with worms for the longest time. He even wanted to have a worm sibling at one point. Hahaha!

Let’s have a quick look back at the DIY project that I did for Aki’s little friends.

Read more about the projects here.


Loot Bags

The worm friend


Worm-y pencil


The worm puppet (my favorite DIY project)

Whenever Aki gets a party loot bag, I immediately check on the contents. Most of the time, loot bags are filled with sweets, the intake of which I try to control. So for Aki’s party, no sweets in the loot bag. At all! Aside from the DIY’s, we were supposed to give worm balloons. You should have seen me when I saw these balloons in Andings. Unfortunately, even before we could draw eyes and mouths, the balloons burst. They burst on their own because the material was too thin. Hmmp!

Aki had fun playing with them though.

So what did we do that morning? A lot! Aki’s class starts at 11AM so everything had to be ready by 10:30. Ate Dorina went on emergency leave so Franco and I were busy with the errands plus looking after the birthday boy. Plus, we have our morning birthday tradition.

First, we brought the balloons to Party Tools. We were told to go back after an hour.  Then we went to Red Ribbon to pick up the cake.Then, we bought breakfast from Jollibee. It has been a birthday tradition to eat in Jollibee. We did not have time to dine there so we just ordered take out. Brought the food to the house. My sister and RJ, who were our photographers and videographers for the day were there. Good. Their turn to look after Aki. I gave Aki a bath and turned him over to his Chacha Jana. Franco and I left again this time to pick up the balloons, which started bursting as soon as we loaded them to the van and met up with the hubby of Kitkat of Kalea’s confections (09178920443), to get my order of cupcakes for the cupcake decorating activity.

The cupcakes that we ordered were unfrosted. The yummy butter cream frostings which came in 4 yummy colors were in tubs.  The cupcake itself was so yummy we had to stop Aki from eating them.


I also ordered mini cupcakes for Aki’s teacher.


Once we got home, I dressed Aki in his party clothes. RJ made this #3 shirt. Thanks, Rj!


I quickly decorated the cake using the worms from Faye (thanks, sis!) and the cake pops that Maggie made. Cake pops by Bites are not only cute. They are really really yummy! Like them in Facebook or visit their blog here.

Off to school we went.

I talked to Aki’s teachers months before the party to ask for approval for my ideas. They were very supportive and liked that the activities were “educational”.

As I suggested, the book of the day was A Very Hungry Caterpillar. I planned on including a copy of this book in the loot bags. Books for Less had a warehouse sale so I contacted them. But then the final quote was too expensive for me, so we had to scratch out that idea.


I wonder why the classmates looked so serious while listening to the story.


To my surprise, I learned after the reading time, that I had to speak in  front and explain the activities to the kids. In case you don’t know, I get really really nervous when I speak in front of an audience, even if they are less than 3.5 feet tall.

Our second activity was coloring. Thank you world wide web for the coloring sheet.


Next we made a worm family diorama. I prepared the blue paper for the base, strips of paper in different sizes, and the eyes.



Up next were the cakes and gifts -Aki’s favorites. We opened only 3 gifts because we had limited time.


The last activity I prepared was cupcake decorating. We got grass ( green sprinkles), soil (crushed oreos) and  of course gummy worms. Each classmate was given a paper plate for easy clean up and a fork for spreading. Each table had two tub’s of Kitkat’s yummy icing.


Everyone even the teachers enjoyed this activity.


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Question of the Day

Me: Anong kinain mo kaninang hapunan?  What did you eat for supper?

Aki: Hotdog! I love hotdog!

Me (gives Ate a dagger look first): Hotdogs are not good for you. Dapat minsan minsan lang.

Aki   (gets very concerned): Huh?! But why, Mommy?! Why? I love hotdog. Is dishus (delicious). Why, Mommy? Why? Why? WHY!

Mental note: regularly monitor Ate Dorina’s wet market loot.

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Must Avoid Booksale

I must stop going to Booksale. I must stop going to Booksale. I must stop going to Booksale. I must stop going to Booksale. I must. I must. I must!

From the forgotten corner of the house, I unearthed a forgotten treasure box – a box filled with books and magazines that have yet to be read. Waaaaah! Some were even bought as early as October last year.


I have not one, not two but 4 cookbooks. If you have been reading this blog long enough, you will know that I am sucker for family traditions. That is why I was so excited when I found a copy of Slow Food on sale. And for only 20 pesos, who can resist this brand new Everyday Cookbook Almanac with 400+ recipes? I actually regret that I did not buy more. Since it is brand new, it would make a good gift idea for aunts who like to cook and for newlyweds who are eager to put their cooking skills to a test.


What’s New Cupcake is the follow up to the bestseller Hello, Cupcake which I blogged about here.


And because I like vintage cookbooks and anything below 20 pesos, I just had to buy this 70’s book on gelatin-making.

This one is for Aki. I was supposed to give it last Christmas but forgot all about the book. I like the unique setting which is in the caveman era. Aki is into dinosaurs nowadays and has been calling me Mummy Raptor or Mommy Brachiosaur for the past two weeks. This book is a little expensive  (120 bucks) but the lessons on sharing and family are priceless.


Oh look, more books for Aki. We love activity books by DK. This summer book did not disappoint. The other one is a write and wipe book that will keep kid’s busy while in church. Very clever, huh?


Are you a Chicken Soup series fan? I am! I bought this Chicken Soup for the Kid’s soul for Aki. I read this during the commute and ended up in a cryfest! hahaha. The other book, South Beach Heart Health Revolution is for Franco. I just hope he will show some interest in reading it.


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Favorite Holiday Moments 2012 {Part II}

Advance Merry Christmas! Here is 2nd half of the list of my favorite Christmas moments last year. Here is the part one in case you haven’t read it.

We bought two new books for our Christmas book collection.  If you like Little Mouse, The Red RipeStrawberry and the Big Hungry Bear, you will definitely like the twist in this follow up story.


The other book was one of the best steals that I ever bought from Booksale. For only 120 bucks, I got the anniversary collector’s edition of Polar Express. Not only is it autographed by the author himself, it also comes with an audio book recorded by our favorite actor, Liam Neeson. It became a traditon for us to listen to the CD while browsing thru the pages on the weekends before Christmas


I finally finally finally got myself a copy of the Martha Stewart’s Holiday bookazine. This is the magazine that I had been looking for. I remember when I first saw a copy in Booksale. It was already in the hands of another customer. I stalked the girl, hoping she won’t buy that magazine but she did. The wait was so worth it! I got so many doable ideas from this magazine


Speaking of traditions, we added a new one – watching Christmas movies. Franco and I searched high and low to find movies related to the holidays but only got two. Arthur’s Christmas and Home Alone I. I know I should stop being scared of downloading from the net but I just can’t. I also know we’re the baddest of all bad parents for letting Aki watch a violent slapstick movie like Home Alone. I love that movie. Franco feels the same way. And Aki seems to have inherited his parent’s lack of taste in movies.


Meeting Santa in person is also part of the holiday tradition list. As soon as it was our turn to take pictures with Santa, here is way Aki said: Hey Santa, where’s my Beyblade?! hahaha. Santa was lost for words.


Aki’s first school presentation! Yey! But it was another bad parent moment for me! I was worried if people would notice that Aki was wearing a pair of light brown shorts instead of white, which was the instructions in the memo given weeks before. Good news, no one seemed to notice. Bad news: Aki’s class was supposed to wear a green top and Aki was wearing a blue one. Naman! Aki looked so cute though. That performance confirmed that he got his non-talent in dancing from me. Hahaha


We went to Ayala Triangle to watch the light show and have dinner with my mommy blogger friends, Sha, Maggie and Aimee.  These are the only decent pictures that I have.



Nevertheless, it was a fun evening filled with lights, laughter, failed exchange gifts, cakepops and friendship. Sha, who is talkative online and offline, blogged about it here


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My In-house Doctor

Me: Tingnan mo, Aki, o. May sugat ako sa labi. Aki, look. I have chapped lips.

Aki: Inom ka dami dami tooobig. You drink lots of water

Me: Yah, I know.

I turned around to take pictures of the ceiling. When I looked back….

Aki: I get my mommy dami dami toobig. Hih you go. Doctor ako eh.


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My Grandma’s 5 Minute Ham Glaze

Hello! I am sorry that this blog has been boring lately. I have a lot of picture and text heavy drafts that I don’t have time  for right now. Aki has been sick since Monday. I think he got too excited and too tired from the playdate that we had with my mommy blogger friends and their kids last Sunday.

I am sorry too for the delay in approving comments. The last comment that I think I approved was for my New Year’s Day post. Thank you for your patience and for still reading this online diary.

Anyhoo, here is a super quick glaze recipe that I got from my mom who got it from my dad’s mom, Mama Ogie.


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My Best Ever Homemade Nuggets

I did it. I did it. I finally did it! I made chicken and pork nuggets that are tender and moist in the inside but really crunchy on the outside. My boys love them. I am so happy! When Aki started liking grocery-bought chicken nuggets, I vowed to myself that I need to learn how to make them at home. And I did! I followed the Cook’s Country recipe to the letter.

Here are the ingredients

1/2 Kilo Chicken and Pork. Because I don’t eat chicken, the pork was cut thinner and longer so I can differentiate

2 Tablespoons Worshorshor Sauce. I will never learn how to spell and pronounce that.

1 Tablespoon and 1 Teaspoon Salt

2 Cups Water

1 Cup Flour

1 Cup Japanese Breadcrumbs, lightly crushed

1 Teaspoon Baking Soda

2 Egg Whites


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