Memoirs of a Mummy

Printing Our Pictures At Home

All these photos printed at the comforts of my work area home

Yey!!! I have always wanted to have our photos printed. We have a gazillion softcopies unsafely stored in devices I can’t remember. When I was younger, printing photos was a priority. I would save my allowance just to get hardcopies. In my mom’s house, I have 4 thick albums filled with memories from highschool to college. When taking photos got easier and cheaper (thanks, mobile photography!), I got lazy at printing. The storage system also evolved. From CDs to external drives to cheap USB sticks, OTG and now cloud.

I tried making photobooks but I just can’t find or make time to finish a projects. Maybe if there was some mobile app where I can save unfinished drafts, I would had been more successful. I also tried to print at Tronix weekly. That wasn’t much of progress either. Leaving the office during the weekday, waiting for my turn plus the cost (I think 7-10 pesos per print) just wasn’t sustainable.

Last Friday, I brought home the first gadget I bought in 2 years. Say hi to my Canon Pixma G3000. So far, I am loving it. Here is what I love about it :

  • Wireless. I printed the pictures from my phone. So convenient, right?
  • Ink refills are not expensive. One bottle costs more or less PHP 280.
  • Continuous ink. I only need to refill colors that are running out
  • Bluetooth. To connect to my phone, I don’t need internet
  • It can print, scan and photocopy
  • If the ads are true, it can print 6000-7000 pages with the ink it came with. I am actually thinking of putting a XEROX AVAILABLE sign outside.

Here are the downside

  • The Canon guy repeated multiple times that I should print or photocopy at least once daily or the ink in the tubes might dry up.
  • I wish it was smaller. If it was smaller, I would bring it to small parties so we can print photos real time
  • I wish it prints faster. One photo per minute is not bad but it would definitely be more convenient if it was faster.
  • I am slightly bothered that after printing about 40 pictures, one of the inks was noticeably less.

The first photo paper that I bought from National (Kodak 280 gsm) came out with perfect pictures. But when I used the cheaper thinner ones (Kodak 180 gsm) the photos were darker. I tried to brighten up the picture from my phone. The photo was not as dark but actual colors were not captured correctly. Btw, this cheap photo paper costs only PHP 1.5 per sheet. Yup, sooo cheap that I feel like I have no right to complain. The thicker sheet costs PHP 5. I already bought 600 sheets of the cheap paper. My plan is for the normal day to day photos I will use the cheap ones but for photoshoots and travel photos, I will invest in better paper.

Cheaper paper was used on the right photo.

Happy Monday!

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