Memoirs of a Mummy

Tokyo November 2018, Day 1

One of our favorite memories from 2018 was our trip to Tokyo, Japan. In 2017, we saw temples, shrines, geishas, a bamboo forest, an old castle and hundreds of deer in Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. For our trip last year, we wanted to see the modern futuristic busy side of Japan. The recent trip was extra special because it was Aki’s first out of the country trip. With us were my uncles and aunts, all were 60 years old and up. The challenge for me was coming up with a flexible itinerary that both kids and senior citizens would enjoy. That meant not too many temples, not too many anime and toys and not too much walking. It was not as difficult because there are plenty of things to do, place to visit and food to eat in Tokyo. What was challenging was choosing which activities to include and which ones to forego.

Our itinerary

Day 1

  • Arrival @ Narita Airport a little before noon
  • Skyliner to Nippori. Transfer to Yamanote Line
  • Check-in @ our Komagome accommodation
  • Get settled, rest
  • Explore Komagome area, early dinner
  • Rest again, then Pokemon Go

Aki’s First Plane Ride
Rotating seats inside the Keisei Skyliner
Our Komagome home for 1 week
2 bedrooms with a total of 5 queen beds. There are more futon mattress downstairs. 15 pax can probably fit in this unit
Exploring Komagome Ginza
The family that plays Pokemon Go together, stays together.

I love our Komagome apartment. We originally booked a smaller unit in Otsuka but 2 weeks before our trip, AirBnB cancelled our reservation. Haaay imagine my stress! We immediately looked for units in The Komagome apartment was PHP 30K for expensive but I must say, it was one of the best decisions. It was pretty huge by Japan standards, I think the unit can accommodate up to 15 pax. It was about 10-15 minute walk from the Komagome station where the Yamanote train line passes. I highly recommend getting an accommodation near a Yamanote train station. This train line stops at the stations that are close to most major tourist attraction. It is a railyway loop which means if you miss your stop, no need to drop off. It was also easy to navigate. The Komagome accommodation worked for us because on days when our group had to separate, all I need to do was ensure that my uncles and aunts ride a Yamanote line going to Komagome. From there, they could easily navigate the way home. Unlike other stations, Komagome is relatively quiet. Only the Yamanote line passes thru so it is not confusing. The area is also residential. In the morning, we saw mothers in a hurry to drop off their kids to day care and elders lining up to check out the goods in the neighborhood market. The downside is that there is not much happening at night which was ok for us because after 20 thousand steps, all we wanted was to  enjoy the bathtub and rest.


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