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Aki’s First Hospitalization: First Day at Asian Hospital

Monday, August 13, we brought Aki to Dr. Saulog’s clinic because of his fever. Doc ordered to have Aki take both dengue test and urinalysis. Aki had those lab test at a nearby hospital. While taking blood samples from Aki, the med tech did not seem to get my joke when I told him, “Dahan dahan lang ha, baka masuntok kita.” (slowly please, else I might punch you in the face). Promise, I said that with a sweet tone and with a smile on my face. I was hoping that the med tech would fake a smile so Aki wouldn’t be scared but the guy remained stone cold. Che! Franco came home around midnight with the terrible news that Aki was positive for dengue. Shoot shoot shoot! I tried to go back to sleep but I could not. There were a lot of things going thru my head. For most of the time, I was cursing the mosquito that bit Aki.

We called Doc first thing in the morning. She instructed us to bring Aki to the emergency room of Asian Hospital. I called my mom, my sister and my Tita Sor to check what we need to bring. I was only hospitalized once. This was when I gave birth. I had no idea what to bring. I even asked my sister what do people wear in the hospital, pambahay or pang-alis (house or outside clothes)?

The service at Asian Hospital was impressive from the very start. Nurses were attentive and friendly. Facilities were top notch. Here is Aki in the pedia ER. We called the weighing scale “skateboard” and the name tag “Benten watch”

I felt terrible when the nurses had to wrap Aki in blanket cocoon-style, so they can find a vein for the dextrose. I will never forget how scared and later on betrayed Aki seemed to be. In fairness to Aki, he was a lot braver that I thought. I thought he would be screaming and kicking but no. He was calm and quiet even though he was scared. The IV only bothered him for the first minutes. After that, he was back to his old self.

We told Aki to tap his magic wand every time his hand would hurt.Here we are off to our room. We stayed in the ER from 8AM-1PM because there weren’t any available room.

Family pictures as soon as we got to our room.

Here is a room tour.

That is the view from the door. There is a cushioned bench by the windor and two comfy chairs. The one on the right, converts into a bed.
View from the bed. I really like that people who would come in would need to go past the curtains first. There is ample storage for our stuff. I appreciate that they used fun kiddie shower curtains.

My boys.

This is Nurse Kim. She was using Aki’s wand to convince him to take his paracetamol.

I brought only 1 book. That night, we read the Travels of Babar. Babar’s adventures were just as crazy as ours.

More posts on our Asian Hospital experience soon.

13 thoughts on “Aki’s First Hospitalization: First Day at Asian Hospital

  1. maqui! i cant imagine bringing my pao to the hospital for whatever reason… pero mukhang cool na cool pa kayo… hehehe 🙂

    il borrow some photos mo ha? il show sa admin namin (yep im working in a hospital! hehe)… kasi we’ve been planning to revamp our pedia ward… there are some nice ideas they can pick from here… hehe di nman kami competition ng asian hihi 😀

    good thing you were able to detect the dengue right away… yung ofc kasi namin ngayon e nasa pedia ward area… iv heard of the 2 kids na di kaagad naagapan dengue… sad stories… 😦 lucky me di ko nakita yung ordeal, but my other ofcmate did… kaloka….

  2. Hi Maqui! I love Asian’s services and facilities. Kung hindi nga lang hospital masarap mag overnight dun hehe.Twice na naconfine si Kelsea sa Asian (roseola and pneumonia). Mahal but you get what you paid for. Pero buti may health card hehe. I also like the curtains by the door. Naappreciate ko yun when I gave birth to Kelsea. Lalo na when breastfeeding time. Mahiyain pa kasi first time mom hehe. Abangan ko next posts mo about his “dengue”.

  3. Maqui, hows Aki now? I hope he’s getting better now. I almost cry at this post, di ko kayang makakita ng batang nahihirapan. I can feel your pain, Maqui. Lots of prayer and hugs for Aki.

  4. Lucas stayed on the same bed in the children’s ER. At yun bang “nearby” hospital the one nearest to us? Hay nako hindi ko rin gusto mga nurses dun. I am really glad Kuya Aki’s better na.

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