Pan-Grilled Pork Steak with Truffle Gravy

One of the gastronomic highlights of this summer is our successful pork steak experiment. Whenever we craved for steak, we used to look for meat in the frozen beef section.Thanks to my boss, I learned that groceries also sell a special cut called pork steak.

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I Won A Makeover from Real Living!

Just when I thought that this summer is so uneventful, I got an SMS that made my heart palpitate! Real Living, the number one home magazine in the country, was considering my house for their monthly makeover contest. Golly gee!

Everything happened so fast. I got that SMS May 11. May 13, they did an ocular. May 14, we learned that we were chosen. May 18, we had the the “before” shoot and meeting with the interior designer. Renovation started last May 21. May 29, last Friday, we had the “after” photoshoot.

Please grab a copy of the July issue as soon as it is out.

So why I am I posting this?

Because you too can win! Real Living is accepting entries until June 19.  You may handcarry your entry or send it via snail mail or courier.

Read the full mechanics here

May the odds be on your favor! Good luck!