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Do-It-Yourself Pizza Night @ Aki Pizzeria

For Aki’s 5th birthday, all he wanted to eat was pizza pizza pizza. One of these days, he’s going to grow a hard shell and turn into a ninja turtle. A couple of weeks ago, he said he wanted to make the ultimate  all-cheese pizza. Instead of using dough,  he will look for  a big chunk of cheese, cut it into a big circle and make it his crust. I can’t think of a pizza that’s cheesier than that!

Anyhoot, back to our celebration at home. While Aki was napping, I prepared the details for our little party.  Continue reading “Do-It-Yourself Pizza Night @ Aki Pizzeria”

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Last Day High

Faded Patch. Bitin Pants. Same Excited Smile. Last day of school!

Dearest Aki, on your first year in Dadoy’s old school, you learned how to read in both English and Filipino. You learned how to multiply and divide.Oh and fractions too. You memorized all the mysteries of the rosary and prayed the Angelus us daily. You also had your first bestfriend, Zac. What makes us truly proud are your enthusiasm for learning and your faith in the power of praying.

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Making Wishes Come True through the Make-A-Wish Philippines Foundation

Now, I know how it feels like to be a genie. Granting wishes is both humbling and exhilarating. I feel extremely blessed to be given an opportunity to be a blessing to others. Through the Make-A-Wish Philippines, together with my friends, we granted the simple wish of 2 kids to have a remote controlled car. When I received the wishlist, I could not help but get emotional. The kids on the list are fighting life-threatening medical conditions and yet their one true wishes were so simple. To go to SM. To own a Ben-ten watch. To have a tribal shirt. The little things that we ignore are the same things that these kids have been dreaming of. Continue reading “Making Wishes Come True through the Make-A-Wish Philippines Foundation”