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To all mothers out there, this song is for you

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Aki's Preschool Years

Dugo-dugo Gang

Please take a good look at this boy. He is charmingly manipulative. Be careful. You might end up like his parents, phone-less but deliriously happy.

Happy weekend!

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Picasso Playdate Finally!

I can’t draw but I can paint! That is what I proved to myself last month. I have found another creative outlet and it is very forgiving.

Last April 20, Aki’s friends, Buwi and Maia came over for a painting playdate that I have been wanting to organize for ages.

Time really files. These were taken during our first playdates  in 2010. Continue reading “Picasso Playdate Finally!”

1001 Things To Do · Aki's Preschool Years · Arts and Crafts · Holidays

Stamp Painting


How did you celebrate Valentine’s? Our little family stayed at home. I was still in bed when I heard footsteps rushing down the stairs. In a minute, Aki gave me the loveliest bouquet, handpicked from the garden. Later that day, we tried our hands again at stamp painting.

Materials: canvas, acrylic paint, disposable bowl and spoon, and a box wrapped in string Continue reading “Stamp Painting”

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Dance like Nobody is Watching

I learned just now that posting a video from Instagram on WordPress blog is easy. Just paste the link and that is it!

Obviously, Aki got his dancing skills from me. The energy, the passion, and the silliness are all from his dad.

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Last Day High

Faded Patch. Bitin Pants. Same Excited Smile. Last day of school!

Dearest Aki, on your first year in Dadoy’s old school, you learned how to read in both English and Filipino. You learned how to multiply and divide.Oh and fractions too. You memorized all the mysteries of the rosary and prayed the Angelus us daily. You also had your first bestfriend, Zac. What makes us truly proud are your enthusiasm for learning and your faith in the power of praying.

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