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Aki’s Airplane Party: MyPartyRocks Photobooth Rocks!

Family comes first.

So in this series of supplier reviews,  I will blog first about my sister’s new venture, MyPartyRocks Photobooth!

Getting a photobooth was not really part of our plans because of budget constraints. A month before the party, we decided to get one because we changed venues, from a spacious interesting museum, to a small provincial-elementary-school-like hall. Luckily, we found another venue (the venue horror story deserves its own post so I’ll just blog about it next time). Because we almost settled for the hall, we thought of getting a photobooth so guests would forget how un-nice the hall is.

A week before the party, we still haven’t settled the details with the photobooth supplier. Because work was piling up, I decided to cancel our reservation so I can focus at work.

…and then angel Jana came. Hehe. My creative sister, who also made the name tags and bag tags for the party, surprised me by sponsoring the photobooth!
Two things that set MyPartyrocks apart:

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Sneak Peek of Aki’s Birthday Party

Am so excited to share the  pictures and stories of my most awaited day of the year, Aki’s birthday party.

You see, I started conceptualizing this party, way before my first stretch mark came. I finalized the theme around April last year. I knew that regardless of the theme,the amount of money burned, the size of the cake, Aki will have no recollection of his first party. So might as well, plan a party with a theme that my next favorite kids, my nephews and nieces, adore.

The party planner was … drum rolls please… me! Around 90% of the creative direction came from my scatterbrained self. From the design of the backdrop to the wordings of the invite. From the “signages” to the floor plan. It  was mostly me! As I jokingly told my friends, the party was for Aki and his mommy. hehehe.

As OC and as hands-on as I was, budget was still a major concern.  Franco and I agreed that we will spend no more than 50K for this event. Unfortunately, we exceed the budget but the deviation was only by 15%. Not bad considering we had 100 adult guests and 30 kids. Would you believe, we only spent less than 50 bucks on each lootbag? 

I thank the patient suppliers, and supportive family and friends who executed my ideas. It would not had been a success without you!

So without further ado..
Here are some pictures from the party

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Today in History

Columbus reaches The New World, 1492

Al Gore wins Nobel Prize for Inconvenient Truth, 2007

The Soviet Union becomes the first country to launch a spacecraft with a multiple person crew, 1964

The First Oktoberfest, 1810

Birth of Luciano Pavarotti (1935) , Hugh Jackman (1968) , Franco Hélio Akira Endaya (2009)

Happy birthday little baby darling Akingking!

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Frugal Find: Affordable Diapers Online

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After losing 0.1 pound because of  flu-cough-fever last August, Aki bounced back and gained 2.2 pounds in just three weeks. This was fab news for us because Aki has only been gaining 0.5 pound monthly  since he learned how to crawl.

With the weight gain came the need to upgrade the size of his diapers. From size L, we bought 3 packs of Prokids in XL. To my dismay, I learned that we were spending 15 bucks per diaper. In a day, that is 75 pesos or 2250 pesos in  a month. What da!

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Will the Real Marie Biscuit, Pls Stand Up, Pls Stand Up

When I went to SM to look for Marie biscuits, this Milky Marie was the only one available. It is twice as big as the Marie biscuit that I could not get my hands off when I was a kid. The packaging is almost the same. Clear with only the biscuit name. No logos. No pictures. However, it not half as soluble or as yummy as the Marie that I was looking for.

I asked my mom to look for one in the Elbi wet market. This is what she got me. Mr Cracker Marie biscuits. It looks smaller than the original Marie. Taste and solubility are not even close. Next marie pls.

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Enter October

If my September was bull$h!+, October is all about being bullish.  October was the most anticipated month last year because of Akira’s arrival. This year is no different. Well, let me take that back. October is still the most esxciting month of the year but  this year’s October is worlds away and different from last year’s. For one, my waistline and boobs are smaller now. Last year, I had piercing pain in my lower back. Now, it is my arms’ turn to be painful. Carrying a 20++ pound baby for a few minutes is like working out. Last year, I was trying to imagine a little face who has Franco’s eyes and hair and my nose and lips. Now, that little face sleeps beside me (sometimes on top of me).

One of these days, I will blog about :

– my latest investment: an elliptical bike!

– our new househelp/yaya: Manang Lydia! Love love love her.

– my birthday party preps. We found a perfect venue and booked it last May. Last Sept 20, 27 days before Aki’s birthday party, the perfect freakin’ venue cancelled our reservation. What da what da what da F! 

– a collection that I am starting for Aki: Palanca award winning children’s books.

– Security project phase 1: check! We now have new doors and grills for our windows.

– my newest discovery: cheaper diapers from online shops. From 15 pesos a piece, we are now using diapers that only cost 7 pesos. 

 – more locally made, all natural baby products that we are now using

– our big fight against that bad bad dengue mosquito bite

– Aki’s first studio photoshoot. I was fun and it was F-R-E-E!!

– I won in the lotto! seriously, I did. Not a lot of money but winning is winining and I love winning anything.

So many things that I am thankful for, I wish I have the time to blog.

By the way, big thanks and cyber hugs to those who have been visiting my blogs. I have been getting almost the same number of hits everyday even if I was MIA for 2 week.

Am ending this post with this picture of Aki last week:

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