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Last Minute DIY Paleontologist Costume

Good morning!

I am back at work. It feels like I had been missing in action in the office for a year. Even the small things like how the printers work and where do we save files A and B, I need to relearn. While I would rather stay at home forever, no complains about going back to work. The 2-month medical leave that I took was a blessing in disguise. It allowed me to rest and examine what really is important to me. Am very grateful for my teams, colleagues and boss who stepped up and helped each other while I was out. Last week, I prayed for God to remove the heaviness that I was feeling. As usual, He listened.


The downside, of course, is that I won’t have as much time to focus on the things that like to do like DIY projects and blogging.

Speaking of DIYs, one of the fun projects that I worked on last month was Aki’s costume for Liam’s When I Grow Up party.  It did not register to me until a few days before the party that we need to come up with a costume related to the theme.


Lucky me, Aki’s dream profession isn’t so complicated. 


He wants to be a palentologist just like his favorite FRIENDS character, Ross. I gathered a dino fossil shirt, his Dinosoles shoes and cap and dino toys. He wore his pretend lab gown from my neighbor’s garage sale, fake glassses so he’d look more scholarly and a DIY ID. Not seen on the picture is his magnifying glass.



So what do you think?

In case you need ideas, here are our past DIY costumes



Taho Vendor

Traffic Enforcer

Mad Doctor


Thanks for inviting us, Liam, Dom and Roni!





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