Queen Bee Farewell Office Party

A Queen Bee-themed Farewell Party

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Last month, I organized a farewell party for Gaye, one of our senior managers. She is one of best loved managers in our department and saying goodbye to her was hard for everyone. To make the parting sweet, I decided to have a theme for this party. Our office salo-salos are usually just lunch from Buddy’s or Amber’s. Since Gaye is special, I wanted this party to be special. In the back of my mind, I was hoping she’d cry hehe, because in the six years that I have worked with her, I haven’t seen her shed a tear. And cry she did. So did I.

I chose the Queen Bee theme because I felt it was somehow related to her being a sweet well-loved boss to us. When someone told me that her favourite color is orange, for a second, I considered having a Jollibee party. Hehe. It would have been fun but that was ordinary.

Anyhoo, I am blessed to have creative and supportive officemates whom I can count on even for last minute requests. Having a great director, Gaye’s boss, who said budget is not an issue, is a major plus.

It started with the invite that Jordie made. Wordings care of me. The lay out was all Jordie.

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