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Kids, please play with your food

Who said playing with food is bad?

I tried to make the Holy Week more memorable for the kids by having different activities lined up for them. Every day I tried to have at least one outdoors-y ( bubbles, swimming, morning stroll, chicken feeding), arts and crafts ( more about that later) and one food related activity. 

This is how we played with our food:

Angry Octo-hotdogs. These were supposed to be smiling but carving, I learned, is a talent that I do not possess.


Mashed Potato Faces
Rocky playing with the toy mixer with real dirty ice cream in it.

The kids were not involved when we made lemongrass iced tea but they were thrilled to drink it. Not just because of the interesting taste but also because of their fun crazy straws! To make it more fun fun fun, I asked the kids to label their straws.

Junior Master Chef Rocky (helping mix the coffee jelly)

Junior Master Chef Jyl, helping with the waffles

Cookie Monster Aki

Our other food creations

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Lola Do, Cancer and the Magic Powder

Now that I am a mother,  I appreciate  all the efforts of my mom to raise me and my sister right.

Last week, I learned how to appreciate her effort in ensuring that we eat healthy balanced meals.


Breakfast: rice, spam, tomato slices, ampalaya with egg, and kalabasa and saluyot soup

Jyl: lola, ayaw ko ng gulay.

Lola Do: Kailangan ng kumain ng gulay. Spam ang ulam natin. Kain ka nitong saluyot. Sige ka, gusto mo ba magka-cancer?


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Happy Easter!!

Our 7 day R&R was GRRRREAT! Too many stories and pix to share. I have been semi blogging on FB lately but I will find time to post about the Elbi experience here soon.

For the meantime, HAPPY EASTER TO YOU! Thanks for reading my blog.

Here is pic of our fave easter eggs

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Elbi Staycation

We are here in my mom’s house in Los Banos for the week long R&R.

Growing up, I was ashamed to live here. You see, the name of the barangay, Bayog,  never failed to make my naughty boy classmates  laugh.  And because our place seemed so far flung from the rest of Los Banos, I felt like a promdi even if all my classmates, since we all lived in Laguna, were also probinsiyanas and probinsiyanos.

Fast forward, 20 years later, I now wish that we live across the street. Well, umm, not exactly across the street because across the street is Laguna de Bay already. For the past 3 weeks, we have been planning to bring Aki to a park so he can run freely. Something always came up so the trips to High Street and  Salcedo Market were cancelled. Now that we are here in my beloved Bayog,  Aki gets to run. Not just run, but chase chickens and ducks. He also gets a kick everytime I point the many lizards in the ceiling that visit us every night. The tuko has been missing in action. I wonder if it will fascinate or scare the little Manila boy

So many stories to tell but for now, I would like to share these photos

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Roseola, a common cause of fever and rashes in young children

Aside from teething, Dra Saulog advised that another possible culprit of Aki’s fever could be something viral. She said after the fever has subsided, we can expect rashes that would start from the neck and would spread up to his feet. Boy is she right!

The following is from Dr. Sears.


Your one-year-old has had a high fever for the past three days, and naturally you are worried. This morning the fever seems to have subsided, but your child has suddenly broken out with a red rash all over the body. What could this be? Is it serious? Should you rush to the doctor? Here is the Dr. Sears guide to this very common childhood illness.


It is a usually harmless illness caused by a virus. It occurs almost only in children age 3 months to 3 years, most often between 9-12 months. It is probably the most common cause of fever in this age group.


This virus generally causes 3 days of high fever (often over 103). The fever then subsides, and the child breaks out in a flat or bumpy red rash, usually starting around the neck, back and chest, then spreading out. The rash lasts a few days to a couple weeks.

Dr. Sears Clue: Roseola is about the only virus in which the rash appears after the fever breaks.


Sometimes this virus will cause 3 to 7 days of high fever, with no other symptoms and no rash. Some children will have swelling of the glands in the front and back of the neck, runny nose, cough, ear pain, vomiting or diarrhea with this illness. Children can have one or all of these symptoms.

Dr. Sears Clue: The characteristic of Roseola is that infants don’t seem very sick and act almost well when the high fever comes down.
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Dirty just gets Dirtier

I wanted to take nice pictures of Aki’s not so nice naglalatiting feet

He would not sit still so I gave him a tube of Lays to keep him busy while I am trying to take photos

I wanted to take a photo where his dirty feet are clear and his face and body are blurry. It was a challenge because he kept on moving. I was so determined to take a good picture that I did not notice what he was up to

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How to Relieve Toddler Teething Pain (ala Aki)

Today, we celebrate Aki’s 18th month birthday. Sadly, I only got to spend a few minutes with him today because I need to go to work ( I already took a leave yesterday). When I came home at 7:30PM, two hours before his sleeping time, he was  already in zzzz zzzz zzz land. What is even more unfortunate is that he is spending his one and a half birthday with painful swollen gums. He has not one, not two, not three but 5, yes FIVE, teeth that are about to erupt.

How I wish I can take away the pain. If I can make  a deal with the tooth fairy to trade in Aki’s pain with five of my molars, I really would. He has been on Tempra almost every 4 hours since Sunday afternoon. After taking the medicine, his temperature would go down but would go up again after a few hours. He has been eating less, even rejecting his favorites yogourt and Yakult. To say that he is extremely cranky and clingy these past few days is an understatement.

And when all else fail, this pair of bright blue boots saves day!


Aki loves his blue boots so much. As soon as he wakes up, he looks for them and wants to put them on immediately. I thought, like yogurt and Yakult,  they would temporarily lose their magic on my boy, but no, he became less fussy as soon as he wore them.

And because he kept pointing at the door and doing the drivey drivey baby sign, we let him sit for a few minutes behind the wheel. For this toddler, happiness is playing with the horn until the neighbors complain.

For this mummy, happiness is seeing my teething toddler happy. We will be forever thankful to Tempra and to these improvised toys that made our little one forget the big bad pain inside his mouth.

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Sweets for my Sweet

Lookie lookie at what our  daddy brought his mini me the other day

A lollipop! and the little one loved it!
Arigato arigato, Dah! I love it! I thought only doctors give out lollipops
I can almost hear my mom say " Ano ba naman yan, Maqui. Yang anak mo naglalatiti naman!"
Oh no! I know that look! That's the ah-hah lightbulb moment look.

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Naruto Akira


This was taken @ Cash and Carry a couple of weekends ago. This is a boring story of two thrifty parents.

Franco saw the head band  in the martial arts store that he always always visit whenever we are in C&C. He wanted to buy the head band for his boy as soon as he saw it.

Me:  Be, kaylangan ba ni Aki yan? ( Be, does Aki need that?)

Franco: Hinde. Maiba naman, bumili naman tayo ng bagay na hindi niya kaylangan. ( No. For a change, let’s buy something he does not need.)

Are we really that too thrifty?