Aki’s Dirty Secret

My boy has a secret and it is dirty.

You may think that this is a perfectly ordinary toy.

Inside it is  the secret treasure that Aki is hiding from everyone.

I don’t what got into him. One day, he just started collecting empty Yakult bottles. He proudly said ta-daa! when he showed me his collection. Because Aki and Franco are Yakult killers, if Ate and I had not been secretly throwing away the bottles, we would have a shelf full of empty dirty bottles by now!


8 thoughts on “Aki’s Dirty Secret

  1. Aliw naman! I know those yakult bottles look clean, but does Aki wash them (or ask someone to wash them) before he keeps them ? Or kayo na naglilinis ?

    • No and no! He puts them away right after drinking the last drop. Then when he is not looking or busy with something else, we throw away his stash. He does not mind naman because he always hve new empty dirty bottles to hide.
      Jean, do you have Yakult there?

      • Hi Maqui,

        yes, we do have Yakult here pero not always may stock sa Asian store. We pay between $2.99 to $3.99 for a pack – ang mahal no ?

        Sobrang hinayang ako when we buy, I don’t drink na maski gusto ko, I just give to Sean kasi gusto rin nya eh.

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