Memoirs of a Mummy

2019 Q1

Let’s do a quick review on how the first quarter of the year went down, shall we?



We bought a TV for the first time since we got married. I was planning on buying a smart TV. Thanks to the recommendation of friends, we bought a basic TV plus a TV box.

Can I just say?  Ang mura na ng mga TV ngayon ha! Our 31 inch led TV from Devant was less than 10K. The TV box from Mi Box, was 3K+ from Lazada. The TV box allows us to watch from streaming apps. We have loaded DisneyLife (my favorite but we are having tech issues now), iFlix, Youtube, YT for Kids and Netflix. I love how we now spend lazy weekends in our living room instead of being hooked individually on separate gadgets. We are now watching a series on Bruce Lee’s life on weeknights and marathon-ing on Harry Potter on weekends. And the twins, oh my, they loooooove the movie Sing. We have probably seen it at least 20 times. It even came to a point when Franco and I had a week long Taylor Swift LSS.

Oh wait wait, the TV is life changing, well kind of.  Ok maybe not life changing but, weekend-changing if there is such a thing. It has made our weekends and weeknights much much more fun. But what I really want to never forget is the story of how we purchased it. You see, the kuripot in me always struggles to buy anything that costs more than 3K  especially for non-necessities. So I prayed for a TV. Last December, we found an envelope with 3K + inside. According to our helpers, the envelope had been sitting in the bookshelf for months. We asked out families and no one claimed it. And then some time January, while I was putting away our budget for February expenses, inside one of my old pouches, I found crisp bills amounting to PHP 10000!! The power of prayers! When we were TV shopping, Franco wanted to get a bigger TV. I insisted that we stick to the budget that we were given so that we will always be reminded of how we were blessed.

Canon Wireless Photo Printer

I love love love my Canon printer! I printed over 1000 pictures in the past 2 months. On my free time, I download photos from my Google Photos app. My target is to print 1 month worth of pictures per weekend. I just finished printing the photos from November 2017. I have also printed photos from our past photoshoots. Oh, I feel so so accomplished! Now, I just need to buy a CD reader so I can print photos from my  CD albums. More about my love for my Canon printer here.

Japan 2020 Tickets

I work day shifts but since operations in our company is mostly at night, I do join conference calls in the evening every so often. During one of those midnight calls, when I felt more of a wallflower than a participant, I got a notification on my phone about a surprise seat sale from Cebu Pacific. As soon as the call ended, I logged on to the website and booked a trip for early next year. I paid PHP 8K for 2 pax plus baggage allowance. A little more expensive than our upcoming Tokyo trip which costs PHP 4.4K for 2 pax only but PHP 4K per person is not so bad, right?

I am still 50-50 on this trip though. I really wanted to go to Fukuoka but due to my panic, booked Nagoya instead. I am also not a winter person. Franco and the kids sleep blanket free while I sleep in layers. Lastly, I feel guilty about this travel because the twins are going to school next year. Franco keeps on telling my that we owe it to ourselves to unwind and that money can always be earned. Still, I feel the pangs of guilt biting my neck, knowing that we will have this trip before we pay for their tuition fees.


I am now a believer of the law of attraction.  So universe, I know you are listening, here are some of the things on my wishlist.


  1. A new phone with amazing photo capturing capabilities
  2. Another recliner. Since we spend more time in the living room, we always end up fighting over who sits on MY recliner.
  3. Major sales for Franco
  4. More travels for us
  5. Good health for everybody
  6. One more TV and TV box for our bedroom so the helpers can watch TV at night on weekends.


That is it for now. Next time, I will summarize our vacation and heath for Q1.  It is 7:37 in the morning. The twins are amazingly still asleep but I hear some stirring. Need to get up and take a bath before they wake up.