Memoirs of a Mummy


This is Ryu, our youngest. Everyone calls him Bubu after Aoki gave him that nickname. We used to call him Bunso but since she could not pronounce it months ago, he became Bu or Bubu.

Photo by The Perfect Grey

Don’t let this photo deceive you.

This boy rarely stays still. He is always running, jumping and climbing.

He is mischievous. He is curious. He is pretty independent. So yes, we are always on our toes.

He gives us 100 heart attacks daily but he showers us with 101 out of the blue hugs and kisses. Every morning, with eyes still half closed, he mutters, “Mommy lablab”. He then crawls to my side, hugs me and falls back to sleep.

This is the smile gives us when he knows he will get a reaction.

Have a great day!

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