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Welcome into our lives, Dra. Vienne Saulog!

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Last week, I finally found the courage to do something I have always wanted: try out a new pedia.  Ever since Aki was born, we have been trooping to Medical City all the way from Paranaque to see his first pedia. After reading my N@wie sis Sieggy’s blog post , I decided to bring Aki to Dra. Vienna Saulog to consult his on-off cough and runny nose. It was a good decision and  I wish I learned about her earlier.

Let’s start with the clinic. She has three, one in Asian Hospital, one in  St. Luke’s Global and one in Paseo de Magallanes. We went to the Paseo clinic. It is on the same building as Brother’s Burger and Kublai’s Rock. Doctora set up this cozy play area with toys and books. Aki immediately fell in love with the rocking helicopter and the number 9 of the rubber playmats. hehe. The walls are adorned with large pictures of cute babies in monochromatic colors. Aside from the mobile, there are also animal plush toys hanging in the ceiling. I like! Since Aki is not  a fan of stuffed toys, I think we will just hang them in his play room.

Dra Saulog’s clinic hours in Paseo every Saturdays are from 4PM-6PM. This is perfect for us. Franco still gets to sleep after his Friday night shift. I love that the secretary allows pre enlisting.  We were scheduled  at 4:30PM and was attended to by Dra a little before 5PM. Not bad compared to the two to three hours wait in Medical City.  

And when it was our turn, I really felt that it was our turn. She was not at all rushing to finish our session. I was expecting her to be thorough as Sieggy mentioned but I was not expecting her to be THAT thorough. She ran her fingers thru Aki’s scalp and was able to notice a lymph node.  She said that is a sign of teething which might explain why Aki has been pooping more often than usual. She asked that we remove Aki’s clothes so she can inspect his body, even removing the diapers to check the bikini area and anal opening.  She also noticed that small rough patch in my boy’s cheeks. She did not make me feel bad when I told her I have been noticing that for months now but have not been putting moisturizer regularly. For the occassional cough and runny nose, she said it might be an allergic reaction to the weather. She suggested that we give Allerkid for one week, 2x a day and a saline solution thrice a day.

Some  concerns that  I raised

On speech delay – she said most kids in Aki’s age can speak about 5 words. Hmm, Aki can say Mamamama for Mummy, Duh/Dah for  Daddy, Ija for Manang Lydia, Babababababa for baba and Hoooooo for taho. She said the fact that Aki can speak two syllable words means we should not be concerned. Plus she stressed that the important thing is that he can communicate. To encourage speaking, she said we should talk to Aki all time and minimize if not completely ban TV viewing.

On ADHD – Aki can get hyper and jumps from one toy to another in just a few seconds. She asked if there are toys that he showed prolonged interest in. Well, Aki used to be crazy about basketballs. Now, drivey drivey or sitting in the driver’s seat is his favorite obsession.  I also told Doc that Aki has favorite books. Doc said if Aki can sit thru an entire book then that is a good sign that he can focus. She recommended that we continue our reading ritual every night.

On sterilizing bottles and Wilkins for his milk – Doc said that at Aki’s age, his tummy is not as sensitive as it used to be. If sterilizing  is a major hassle for us, we can now skip it but make sure we dip newly washed bottles in hot water. She also gave us the go signal to ditch the  expensive Wilkins and go for boiled mineral water instead. She said mineral water is actually better because they contain, guess what, minerals.

On my no-shoes-and-slippers-inside-the-house policy –  I asked her because my mom is bothered by cold floors. She said so long as we are consistent, there is no problem. Manang should just mop regularly.

On Aki’s first swim – She said we should buy him a sun block  made for kids. I didn’t know there is such a thing.

On Manang’s accent – I did not ask directly but good thing she was able to pick up my cue. She said I need not worry because as kids get older, they learn to self correct.

Dra Vienne De Lou Saulog’s Contact Information

 One Health Medical Clinic

4th Floor, Oakridge Building

Paseo De Magallanes

Magallanes Village, Makati



TThSat – 4PM-6PM

17 thoughts on “Welcome into our lives, Dra. Vienne Saulog!

  1. thanks for this informative info (hehe)… been visiting your blog for sometime…love reading about your now toddler Aki. Just so adorable! Wish I could do the same with my little Addie, it’s just that am not really a blogger.

    Anyway, about the new pedia…was wondering how much are her consultation fees?

    1. Hi Au! how was the baptism? and sure your baby is so active now.
      she charges 500-800 depending on the concern. every centavo is worth it .
      we don’t pay though, except for vaccines, because we are medicard members

      1. ey! sorry to reply just now. the baptism went ok, i guess. hehe, wala naman bad feedback from our guests… am really not good in documenting stuffs, everything’s in an envelope, dko pa na-labellan. ka-stress din pala talga preparations…now, am thinking about our baby’s 1st birthday party and we still don’t have a venue yet… we only have 2 months na lang! ka-ngarag! too bad, am not too ‘oc’ like you, sobrang miles ahead kung mag-isip in preparing for the party. I read about your preparation for your easter sunday party for your nephews and nieces… hats off!! =D

  2. i love banana boat sunblock for kids! Tears free, hypoallergenic and waterproof. and it really works! Medyo pricey nga lang sya sa mga department stores pero sa Cash n Carry , mas laking mura ang price

  3. Re: sunblock – madaming local suppliers who have came up with all-natural sunblock sis. We’ve personally tried na Earth & Me’s (spf 40) and Indigo baby’s (forgot the spf #). Both okay naman. Di naman nagdevelop allergies si Maia. I’m thinking of trying out naman this summer By Nature’s Sunblock lotion (spf 55). All of these are sold thru multiply. Merong stall sa ATC – Sesou natural products. Baka meron din dun para di ka na magpa ship pa :))

  4. thanks to you & Sieggy for blogging about her. when Dade goes home on Dec, sya na rin kukunin naming pedia 🙂 lining up for hours sa Makati Med & Asian Hospital really stressed us while we’re there. sayang ang time!

  5. hi maqui, never got around to saying thanks for answering my questions via text last week. got busy sa office. hay, same tayo. i so wanted to change pedias na because we have to allot almost the whole day pag sa med city yung check up. ang layo! but i wasnt comfortable with the 3-4 pedias we tried as replacement sana for doc alfiler. i’ll visit dra saulog sa asian naman. thanks for this informative post.

    1. You’re welcome! i swer, anlayo talaga ng TMC. too much time wasted travelling to and from there plus the wait time.
      Dra Saulog’s schedule in Asia is 5-7 ata. not sure but it is in the late afternoon until evening.

  6. Hi! Just want to share with you an info about the sunblock for kids. I have 3 daughters ages 8, 6, and 21 months, and all of them have used this sunblock from By Nature, mostly last summer of 2010. Here’s the website so you can check it out. It has a high SPF of 55 and all the ingredients are 100% natural.
    By the way, I’m not a reseller. I just want to help you by making your search a bit easier since you mentioned you didn’t know there’s such a thing…From a mom to a mom… Hope this helps… 😀
    Love reading your posts 😀 – makes me think of the time when I had my first child. Though I’m not into blogging of any sort, I do enjoy reading a lot of mommy blogs. 😀

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