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{Aki’s Letter A Birthday Party} A is for Akira!

When it comes to planning parties  for Aki, I always get a little excited. Okay, that is an understatement. I get super excited! I started planning the first birthday during my first trimester. For the 2nd birthday party, I started conceptualizing right after Christmas 2010.

For my lay-out and printing needs, I can always count on my sister. After sending a lengthy email with  the text and very detailed instructions on how I want the birthday stationery to look like and after demanding 2 revisions, my creative and not to mention patient and customer-service oriented sister came up with these lovely details that I just love love love!

The invite.

A is for Aguinaldo! This signage was for the gift table.

A is for Arigato! We placed the souvenirs in Aki’s desk.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Aki Gets a Makeover

It is time for a trim.

Aki has been going to to Super Cuts, a barber shop along  Dona Soledad. Not only is it near our place, haircuts there cost a fraction of the price of more known kiddie salons. Aki’s barber has been cutting our son’s hair since he turned one. In our last visit, I gave specific instructions that only a few inches should be cut off because I don’t want Aki to suddenly look older again.

Just like in our past haircuts, Aki was well behaved most of the time. Except for instances when he wanted to transfer to the other kiddie car and when he kept covering his face, he sat quietly and let  the barber do his job.

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The Annual Birthday Photo Tradition

The idea is simple. The birthday kid has his picture taken in the same place or doing the same thing every year. I did not expect it would be that difficult but it was. It really was. Until now, I don’t know which set-up will we carry on annually. Maybe we will try to replicate all shots until Aki becomes cooperative.

These are what we tried

Back-to-back picture with Dadeh —>Fail

Back against the grills  —> Major Fail

Wearing Dadeh’s Wedding Barong —> Major Fail but I really think this is cute.  The expression on his face gives the picture a story.

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Aki’s Action-Packed Birthday Celebration

Photo-heavy post ahead!

After the cupcake ceremony in bed, we continued to celebrate Aki’s birthday. One word that immediately comes to mind is Action-packed! I had some traditions in mind to close the day but even before we reached home, both Aki and I were already pooped tired and asleep in our daddy’s van.

So what did we do?

We went to church just like what we did last year. Unlike last year though when Aki sat on our laps quietly, this year, Aki kept shouting, in an ascending volume ” dede, Dede, DEDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE”. He refused to stay inside the church and kept dragging our hand to the koi fish pond.  After the mass, we went to a room behind the altar and asked the priest to bless our birthday boy.

After mass, again like last year, we went straight to Aki’s favorite restaurant, Jollibee! He ate his spaghetti with gusto and devoured his sundae as if there is no tomorrow.

enjoying the last drops of his strawberry sundae

By the time we were done eating, it was already  4:30PM. Aki was sleepy but I begged him to stay awake for a few minutes because we have another surprise for him. Continue reading “Aki’s Action-Packed Birthday Celebration”

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Aki’s Birthday Celebration in Bed

I am sucker for traditions, routines and rituals. For Aki’s second birthday, I was determined to incorporate as many traditions as I can. One of the traditions we started this year is the birthday greeting in bed.

While our birthday boy was sleeping,  I prepared the materials for our simple surprise.

The crown, party hats,  noise makes,  foam animals turned confetti,

and of course, a birthday cupcake!

As soon as Aki opened his eyes, we put on our party hats, lit the candle and sang Happy Birthday! He was still half -asleep when we started singing. I might have thought his parents were rude for singing loudly when he still wanted to catch some zzzz’s. His face lit up though as soon as he realized that there was a candle for him to blow. I think we sang at least 4 happy birthday songs because he kept requesting for one more blow.

Before heading for the door where another surprise was waiting, we had to have a family super hug and a family super kiss.

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Handmade birthday cards for Aki

I am thankful for creative and resourceful officemates who can be counted on for last minute requests. Had I asked them to  make cards for Aki days ahead, I am sure I could have received  a pop-up or a 3D card.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Mommy’s Magic Tricks: 7 Steps to Curing Boo boos

Step 1 – Offer lots of hugs and kisses. Acknowledging the pain is very helpful too.

Step 2 –  Scoop the pain with one hand. Squeeze your hand so the pain has no space to escape. WARNING: do not open your fist until you get the go signal.

Step 3 – Gently blow your hand

Step 4 – Now, ask the toddler to blow your hand.

Step 5 – Shake  your fist over your left shoulder. Then over your right shoulder. Don’t forget to say ” Shake shake shake” enthusiastically and with a smile. Continue reading “Mommy’s Magic Tricks: 7 Steps to Curing Boo boos”

Mrs. Monologues

When your yaya tells you that she’s leaving in two days..

Warning: long post ahead. I wrote this yesterday.
What do you do?
I have a lot of happy posts lined up. I am excited to blog about them. I just don’t have the time and energy yet.
The drafts are half finished in my head. I usually mental blog during the commute  to and from work. Let me list them down so I won’t forget. I will be blogging about
– our trip to a secret zoo/park in the heart of Paranaque
– how we finally got Aki to brush his teeth
– our ritual on how to cure boo boos
– the most effective family planning method
– the new games that we like to play
– more “This toddler can”… tidbits
– a yummy and healthy way to practice fine motor skills
– the birthday traditions we started this year
– the super fun morning of Aki’s actual birthday
– the action packed whole day birthday celebration we had last Oct 12
– Aki’s letter A themed intimate birthday party last Sunday
– my reflections on the mother I was and the mother I am now
Whew! When will I have the time?

For now, let’s go back to my first question, shall we?
So what do you do when your yaya tells you that she is leaving in two days.
Apparently, Cheryl’s  pregnant sister in Bacolod has been bugging her to come home and help her. Her sister is due to give birth  on December and has been finiding her second pregnancy difficult. The sister’s first child is months younger that Aki. I understand how difficult the situation is but I am no charity institution.  Manang mentioned  this to me in passing before she left. When I confronted Cheryl months ago if she has plans of leaving soon, she said she would be staying because she wants to save and she is enjoying her stay because she is learning a lot.  I was planning to get a second househelp but she said there is no need because she can handle the job all by herself. FYI, Aki stays with my in laws while she is busy with household chores. By 10AM, she is done already.
Last October 12, oh yes on Aki’s very birthday while I was on a birthday high, she told me that I should look for a replacement already. She said she wants to rest and her sister is asking her to come home. She said she will be leaving on Oct 24. I was stunned. This was when I was dressing up Aki at 10AM. Imagine, I had a great day planned, only to be ruined by bad news that couldn’t wait. I told her that she really needs to render 30 days  like what we agreed upon when I hired her. I told her that I don’t want to ruin my mood so I will talk to her after the party. Continue reading “When your yaya tells you that she’s leaving in two days..”

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Going Bananas

Here is a fun and healthy way to practice fine motor skills and analytical thinking.

Aki likes to completely peel his bananas before eating it.  When he is almost done peeling, he moves his hands to the peeled part so he can use the other hand to remove and hand the peel to me. It sounds so simple but when Aki tried it for the first time, he had to focus and think over his strategy thoroughly.

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