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Buntis Diary: Week 35

Week 35July 11-17
Current Weight – 173 lbs (estimate)
As Aki always says, OH YEAH!

Most twins are born between weeks 35-36. So yup, anytime now! 
I am extra careful now coz as I have said, anytime now! I intentionally did not go to PatientFirst to check my weight. I wanted to but walking from G1 to G3 will surely stress my puffy feet. Stress could lead to contraction and contraction leads to labor. I don’t want to give birth inside a mall alone! Hehe
Btw I am still going to work. The Philippine standard 2-month maternity leave is not enough for one new baby. How much more with two!? Unless doc tells me that I need to be on bedrest, I plan to continue to report for work. Not easy but I would rather be miserable at work than waste my precious maternity leave credits.
I met with my doula friend, Velvet. 
Hopefully, she will be by my bedside during labor and delivery. 
We talked about a lot of things. My birth wishes. Breastfeeding. Preparing for birth and post partum care. After our discussion, I had a list of questions for my OB. 

Velvet also suggested that I bring lots and lots of bath towels. She said that towels are much better than breastfeeding pillows. How so? I don’t know. We will find out soon. 
Special shout out to my bosses, MJY and DDM! Today, I received news about a very special work related blessing. Thank you! 
Another reason why I go to the office despite the discomforts, despite the fact that I can always work from home, are my bosses and my team. The work and dedication they put in day in and day out makes me feel that anything less than my 101% is injustice. 
Thank you again, MJY, DDM, my SG&A, my PBJF and my Comp teams! 
Still on the topic of work.
I have been asked one of the nicest questions ever.

I was walking towards the rest room, both hands on my waist. My back was slightly slanted backwards to balance my weight. I paused for a moment to catch my breath.  
Suddenly, someone was calling, “Miss Jamie! Miss Jamie!”. It was Ella. She asked, “Miss Jamie, pwede kita ipag-pray?”. I am still teary eyed as I type this. 
Before I went home, with my dorm-mate turned officemate and soon to be Ninang to one of the twins, Josica, Ella and I, had a solemn moment in one of our vacant meeting rooms. I always pray that God keeps us safe and healthy. Ella prayed for that any many other things like financial blessing, strength to overcome challenges, God’s plan and many more. 
Ella, thank you so much. And to everyone who prayed and are still praying for us, may God bless you! We will include you in our prayers too. 

 I am bad at taking selfies but for this week, which could be my last week as a working expecting mommy, I tried to take more preggy pictures. 

For the last couple of weeks, I have been asking our facilities team on when will the La-z-boy chairs be returned to our breast feeding rooms. My pangungulit worked! 
I am proud to share pictures of our mother’s room in Glorietta. 

Special thanks to my cousin, cousin-in-law, niece and aunt for the pamana clothes, shoes and baby paraphernalia!! We are so blessed! 
Now that I am so so close to the finish line, I am extra sensitive to any discomfort in the belly area. 

Is the tightness because of the weight of the belly? Or maybe it is because the kids are pushing their back and bums against me? O wait, I think I just need to pee? No, no, I am hungry. Hold on, how can I be hungry. I just ate. I think it is hyperacidity. It can’t be contractions, right?

When I met with Velvet, she touched my belly and confirmed that I am feeling contractions. The uterus is practicing for the D-day and that is a good thing.

One last Fri-date with Franco before we become a family of 5. Had dinner in Dad’s. He posted this photo in Facebook. Originally, we did not want to announce the pregnancy in social media and just surprise everyone when the twins are out. Oh well, to date, this is our most liked photo. 

Since I was having a hard time walking, Franco was the one who went to the buffet table to get me food. My request was to have the cheesiest dishes available. As there was no more space in my tummy, I had to settle with 2 platefuls. Normally, whenever I eat buffet style, I goal to have at least 3-4 plates plus dessert. The food was great as always. Dad’s never disappoints. It is was the walk to the parking area that was terrible. My belly was hurting so bad. I really thought I’d be giving birth in a few hours. Pain went away as soon as I was comfortably seated in my recliner. Kakai, my prenatal masseuse, arrived soon. This was our 4th session. Before I knew it was already in zzzzzz land. 
Saturday Morning
Another item off my buntis bucket list: Bring Aki to his pedia. 

It’s been almost 2 years since Aki has seen Doc Vienne Saulog. Is this your first time to hear about her? Go find the search field of this blog and type Saulog. We adore her!
We were surprised when Doc asked us if we had our twins thru in-vitro fertilization. Throughout this pregnancy, I think we have only been asked twice or thrice. And the questions were more like ,”You did not do anything special to conceive twins, right?”. Apparently, a number of twins nowadays were conceived via IVF. Doc said we are extremely lucky to be naturally blessed with two since a lot of young couples are finding it difficult to conceive bec of lifestyle and work. 
One more takeaway from our meeting with Doc Vienne. Vaccines go as high as 4.5K per shot. Ouch! Make that double ouch because we are having two babies! 
From now on, if someone asks me what items do I need, I will automatically answer, “Pneumonia and 6-in-1 vaccines, please!”
Saturday Afternoon: 
Had another check up with our OB. I was expecting that she’d say that my cervix is starting to dilate. But no, it is still closed. Which is not a bad thing. I know I complain all the time that I am big, heavy and miserable but I do pray that we make it to our 37th week. Looks like we will. Yey! Doc said I should avoid physical stress, sitting, standing and walking for long periods. I was advised to be on bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. 
Doc reviewed our test results and gave the go signal to try vaginal birth. Yey! So yes, unless one of the twins turn and change positions from now until labor, we will aim for normal delivery. I would really appreciate if you can say a short prayer for me and the babies.  
We got our second unexpected question for the day. Doc asked us if we are considering ligation. That was a tough one. Definitely, three is the max number of babies that I want for now. But who knows, if we win big time in the lottery, I might consider having more kids. 
What are your thoughts on ligation? Is there a reversible way?

Oh look look!

 My edema has gotten better. My feet last Monday was so chubby it had it is own bilbil. 
According to Ate Doring, the next (third) time for my feet to get manas is the sign that I am about to give birth. 

We have been taking family pictures more often. It might be Aki’s last pic as an only child. 

Til my next update! 


Not Your Usual Princess Books for Our Little Princess

Dear Baby Girl, I have been looking forward to reading these books to you. As early as 2013, even before I got pregnant, I’d always keep you in mind whenever we go to Booksale. The main character in these books are not your damsel in distress princesses. They don’t need to be saved. They are heroes in their own right. I got you these books in the hope that you will grow up strong, independent, determined and still be feminine and caring. 

These are books by Babette Cole, one of our family’s favorite authors. We love her humor and her wacky drawings. Tarzanna grew up surrounded by forest animals. She was invited to live in the city where she helped zoo animals escape and go back to their home. 
Princess Smarty Pants’ parents insisted that she chooses a husband soon. She subjected the princes to various tests from all night roller disco dancing to shopping with the queen. In the end, she found that the only person she deserves is herself.

Zog and the Princess and the Wizard were written by Julia Donaldson, an award winning author who gave us The Gruffalo, The Snail and the Whale and Smartest Giant in Town. 
The princess in the Zog book refused to be saved by a gallant knight. In the end she chose to be a doctor and even convinced Zog, the dragon and the gallant knight to join her Flying Doctors team. 
Princess Emily’s family was turned into stone by an evil wizard. The wizard also  held her prison. She tried many times to escape. She failed many times but refused to give up. In the end, she outsmarted an evil wizard and saved her family.

These princess did not want to be boxed in the standard prim-and-proper, sit-and-smile-all-day princess stereotype. By getting their hands dirty and doing actual work, they learned that it is more fun to be involved than to be pretty and do nothing the whole day.

Helga was the most beautiful troll but she was very poor. She wanted to marry her boyfriend troll but she could not afford the dowry. Instead of giving up on her man, she put up several rackets. Thru her determination and wit, she earned more than the gold that she needed. When she met her boyfriend again, she realized that any man who waits to be saved and does nothing to help her lady love, just is not good enough for her. 

Your Kuyaks is the most imaginative kid that I know. I can’t wait to see him show you and your brother how to have an adventure in the comforts of our home. Grace is very much like your Kuya. She likes to reenact scenes and copy characters. She wanted to be Peter Pan in her school play. As expected, she received lots of objection from her peers. At first, she was disheartened. With the support that she gets from her family, she realized that she could be whoever she wants to be. She became the best Peter Pan that her school has ever seen. 

Another favorite. Lala, the rugabee, wanted to be a real princess. She lives in a cave beneath the ground. One day, she sneaked into the castle and tried on princess gowns. The 3 real princesses caught her. The three pretended to be real friends but their actual plan was to humiliate Lala in front of all their guests in the ball. Lala with tears in her eyes ,went running back to her cave. Days later, she decided to go back to the castle to return the princess gown that she wore to the ball. Then, something happened! I will save the rest of the storytelling when you are big enough. 
Oh, also, I got you a lot of books about real women who made a mark in history. I wonder which one will be your favorite? 

See you in a few days, bunny girl!!


Buntis Diary: Week 34

Week 3
(July 4-10)

Current Weight – 171 lbs 
I am so heavy that Franco needs to push my butt up whenever I need to get inside our van. I am so heavy that I ask my son to lift my leg and put it on top of the ottoman. I am so so big and heavy but I am not complaining. 

34 is a magical number. In the same way that every week is a blessing. Thirty four weeks is a milestone week for twin pregnancies. Babies who are born on this week may or may not need NICU time. Chances are even if they are considered preemies, the early birth will not have an effect on the babies. 


We are so so close to the finish line. My grand opening could be as soon as next week! Weeeeee!
Lui, one of my first mommy friends visited me! Out of the 5 times that she tells me that she will visit, she is a no show 6 times. Hehe love you, Beks! Thank you for the bath paraphernalia, playmat, baby activity book, nursing clothes, carriers and chocolate! 
Unfortunately, no pictures because we got carried away with the kwentuhan. Here is the pic when she visited me last Feb when I was on bedrest. 

First thing I did when I got to work this week was to turn on my out of office advisory. I am still reporting for work. Unless my doc tells me that I need to be in bed rest, I intend to continue reporting. 
Anyhow, my OOO simply says that my back-ups and my bosses should be copied in all email correspondences as I will be on maternity leave very soon. So thankful for my supportive bosses and dependable direct reports. I have a couple of friends who are also due soon but unlike me, they are stressed at work. Their 2 month absence at work causes their bosses to freak out. 
I got my Philheath CF 1 and certificate of contributions. I have also verified that both twins will receive Philhealth benefits amounting to 1650 each. As for me, I will receive 6500 if birth is normal and 19000 if Caesarian. 

My docs folder is now complete and ready for action!

In case you are wondering what documents am I bringing. Here is the list:

– SSS Mat 2 Form

– Valid ID

– Philheath CF1, 3 copies (for me and the twins)

– Certificate of Philhealth contributions, 3 copies also

– Philheath MDR

– Marriage certificate, original and photocopy 

– Franco and my birth certificates, original and photocopy
My mom and my niece Jyl are here! The last time mother was here, she oversaw the laundry of the twins ‘ clothes. Glad we finished early bec it has been raining all week! Mom is busy fixing up the garden and the kitchen. Her cleanliness standards are pretty high so good luck, Ate Doring! 

Aki and his one and only Ate! The rest of his older cousins are boys. 
We capped the week with a massage party. Lola Do, Jyl, Aki and I had a restful sleep last Friday. Thanks to my suking masahista, Kakai of Totally Relaxed. 

I endorsed a bilin list to Ate. When we go to the hospital to give birth she needs to
– change the bedsheets. Use the new white sheets. Make sure that they are ironed and wrinkle free

– Replace the curtains in the room and in the living room. 

– Scrub the walls of the bed room and one more check to get rid of agiw

– When Franco’s parents visit us, send malunggay soup

– Buy tulya, halaan and other galactagouges

– Remind Aki to do his assignment and sleep early 

– Clean all the electric fans

– Bring the lamp shade to the room

– Set up crib and playpen

– Use yellow bedsheets for the crib and cream sheets for the playpen

I finally finished this book! 

When I was pregnant with Aki, I was so down because I could not calm his crying. Everyone could except me. I thought I was prepared because I read a number of books and attended classes. The conflicting information from family, friends, well-meaning strangers, websites and books did not help. 
I really hope this book will help me. It is because of this book which is why I want a duyan! 
I dreamt about successfully breastfeeding twice this week. Everyday, I pray that this time I will trust my body, not give in to stress and pressure and provide the best nourishment for my babies. 
I have been reading about no-bake lactation treats too. 
Aside from reading up on tandem breastfeeding, I attended a bfeeding class c/o LATCH. This bfeeding support group holds free classes every quarter in Medical City. 
Dear God, I need 6-8 bath towels and 1-2 bags of breast milk as recommended by my bfeeding coach friend, Velvet. Thank you in advance! 
My Tita bought my dream playpen for the twins. 

Thank you, Mama Elout!
May I just say, these babies are using my bladder as a punching bag or trampoline. It feels like first trimester all over again. I get up 6-8 times every night just to pee. 
I had a praning moment because I noticed that I had more than the usual discharge. Was it pee or amniotic fluid? It did not persist so I am guessing it was just pee. Sorry TMI. 
After a month and ten days, the twinniepies have doubled their weight! Bunny girl is now 5.5 lbs while Bebe boy is 5.15. These gives me so much relief bec 5.5 lbs is a safe weight for newborns. 
Another good news is that now for the first time, the babies are cephalic or head down. This means, I am now a candidate for vaginal birth. 
I want the normal birth because I want to recover fast. Can I take care of 2 newborns, 1 grade schooler and a Caesarian wound all at the same time? On the other hand, Caesarian birth seems like the safe and popular choice with twins. With CS, everything seems predictable. You see, the thing with twins is that when baby A is born, the second twin, because of the now- empty space in the uterus, will turn and become breech. Poor mommy will end up having both vaginal and Caesarian births! Ouch!


We passed several tests this week

– Biophysical Test. Both babies got an 8 out of 8

– Non-stress Test. I am not yet contracting

– Urinalysis. Bacteria count went down from Many to Few. 

– Internal Exam. My cervix is still closed. Looks like I am not giving birth this week or next week. 
Thank you, Lord, for continuously blessing this pregnancy! 


Franco went out with friends 3 nights in a row. Normally, I would be semi upset that he is not spending his free time with us. I understand where he is coming from. When the babies are out, social life will move further down in our list of priorities. Have fun, husband while you still can!
Special thanks to our Endaya family who threw us a baby and big brother promotion party. We are sooooo loved! 
Remember my multi layer hanger wish last week? We got a set of onesies which came with the very same hanger that I was looking for. 

Talk to you next week! 


Buntis Diary: Week 33

Week 33 (June 27-July 3)

Current Weight – 169.5. 

So one can really gain 5 lbs in one week.
I have been averaging 2.25 lbs per week for the last 4 weeks. Assuming the trend does not change, I will be 178-180 lbs by the time I give birth.
That is about 50 lbs total weight gain since my pre pregnancy weight was 128 lbs. I won’t pressure myself to gain my old body.I am very excited though, to feel lighter, sleep on my tummy, toss and turn while I sleep, touch my toes, move faster and of course, see our dream babies!

Only 2-5 more weeks! 

Just watched the Game of Thrones season finale. Now, another 10 months of waiting begins. For the last 10 weeks, Monday was extra special. I did not dread going to work. Monday is when I turn a page in my calendar as I move on to another pregnancy week, go to the clinic to check my weight gain and watch GOT in the pantry.  
I will dearly miss cheering for Dany and Jon Snow every Monday morning. I will miss crying inside as I mourn another violent death. Hodor’s and Margaery’s deaths were the most devastating for me. Aside from cuddling our babies, I look forward to rewatching seasons 1-7 during my maternity leave. 

Kuya Aki Updates

Got this message from his Grade 1 adviser.


My husband’s jerk meter goes from 10 

to zero. 


June 28

If Franco had not greeted me, I would have totally forgotten that today is our 12th year together. Happy anniversary, Bebekoykoy! 

I love you. I love us!

My pregnancy craving for the week: Chowking! I had sweet and sour fish twice this week. Once, lunch was a feast of 3 bola-bola siopaos. Not to be forgotten is my current fave dessert: white crema halo-halo! 
Because of my water retention, guess what is for lunch and for dinner?

Munggo munggo munggo and more munggo!

This is boiled mung beans with milk powder and sugar.
Jo Lim posted a teaser photo from our maternity shoot last week. 

I also received 55 raw shots. I need to chose my top 4. I can’t decide! 
Interested in having your own maternity shoot? You won’t find a better deal than this. 


 I learned that my former neighbor, Nor is also pregnant. Her official due date is mid-August, like me. And not only that, we chose the same name for our boys. 🙂
I am often asked what is the name of our twins. And often, I say we want to keep it a secret for now. I chose the name of one of my nieces. I love that name and honestly, I wish I could use it for my own daughter. My sister also has a friend who used another niece’s name. And if you watched Sex and the City and FRIENDS, you probably know that Charlotte and Monica have chosen a name for their future kids. After mentioning their dream name to friends, these friends who got preggy first used that name. So there, yes I am OA and I am praning. I don’t want to announce the names of our twins because of fear that someone will use them first before we do. 
PS I learned about Nor’s baby’s name bec she mentioned it in one of her FB posts. Since she came up with it on her own, I totally don’t mind. 

July 1

Waaaah! July na! We will meet our Leo babies soon.

Hooray for today!
I had one-on-one meetings with my direct reports. I have officially transitioned my tasks and gave my blessings and bilins. Now, I can go on maternity leave without worrying about work. 
Two years ago, when I was pregnant with Emily and we learned from the first ultrasound that heartbeat was not detected, I was advised to go bedrest. I told my OB that I can’t afford to suddenly be out of the office. It was our peak season for recruitment. I had more or less 20 staff, all reporting to me. Most of the team were new. We just transferred to a new site. I also had a new boss. Looking back, I don’t regret the decision to continue to work and tie loose ends. The ending would still be the same had I chose otherwise. Two years later, so much have changed. I have more members within my unit but now, I have 3 team leaders who oversee their own subgroups. I am proud of how much the three have grown and I have no doubt that their respective groups are in capable hands. It is also a major advantage that I was issued a laptop. I can work from home and join meetings via video conference.  
Aside from transitioning my work, today, Friday was extra special because of our team dinner. Thank you, MJY! 

Thank you to my team too for the generous gifts!
One item off my buntis bucket list, a list of things I want to do before giving birth. We went on a Binondo Food Walk! My size and achy joins and the drizzle that morning, could not stop me! 
Big thanks to my bodyguards. 

Franco was hesitant but because it was him who said he wants to take me out, he had no choice. Haha. There are a hundred and one Chinese dishes to try in Chinatown. My personal goal was to bring the boys to at least 4 places. 

Pork Chop and Dumplings from Tasty Dumplings.Kuchay Xiao Long Bao from _________. Almond Shake from Cafe Mezzanine. We weren’t planning to go there but we had no place to pee. Hehe. 

We went to Eng Bee Tin for hopia supply for the day. Last stop was the Binondo church where we said our thank you prayers before hailing a cab. 

Does anyone know where can I buy a reasonably priced rattan duyan? I am also on a hunt to find a couple of multilayer hangers.

How can I end a weekly update without sharing my discomforts? Thank God, no new symptoms this week. I am still achy and cranky the whole day. I did notice that there is one more thing that is difficult for me to do, getting in and out of tiny restroom cubicles especially ones where the door opens toward the toilet bowl. 
Til my next update! 


Buntis Diary: Week 32

Week 32 (June 20-26)Current weight – 164 lbs
Total Weight Gain – 36 lbs

Yey! Another milestone week. This is an important week esp for twin pregnancies. If born this week, babies will still be considered preemie but chances are high that there won’t be long term effects on their health. Thank you, dear God, for continuously watching over us. I am but a vessel. Yours are these babies. 

Lord, pls help me keep the twins inside for as long as possible. 35-36 weeks are ok but 37-38 weeks would be perfect. 


Aki, Me and My 32-week Kinder Egg. This is how we end the day. Aki and I both lying in the recliner, reading a book or talking about how our day went until we fall asleep. Franco will later on transfer Aki to the bed.


Whenever I share my discomforts to my husband, he tells me, “Konting tiis na lang, Be”

Yes, konting konting na lang. The battle is almost won. 


Something new that I have noticed this week: shortness of breath even when I am not physically stressed . I walk a couple of steps towards the bathroom. I go down a plight of stairs. Me watching episode 9 of GOT. Sometimes, for no reason at all. I am just sitting down, working on my laptop. Or in the middle of a meal. 
And another, cramps in the middle of the night. Oooouch! 


*pasintabi sa mga kumakain*

Hello Cankles! 

I am about to say goodbye to my ankles. Where my feet end and my leg starts is becoming unclear.
My feet are also super dry because I can’t reach them anymore. Thus, I am unable to put lotion on them.
There goes my dream to be a Caronia model! 
I bought a lot of second hand cloth diapers. The package arrived yday, Monday. I said before that CD-ing is something I want to try but I don’t want to commit to it yet. Bfeeding will be my main focus after birth. But when you binge buy 30+ diapers in one go, you have no choice but to commit! Hehe. Wish me and my labandera good luck! 
If you have any cloth diapering hacks, do let me know ha. 

What Aki and I are reading

Akimbo and the Lions. More about this when the babies are out.
The red stretch marks have arrived! Grr! They are in the sides, the area that I sometimes miss to lather with sunflower oil. 
I am still grateful though. With Aki, I had white stretch marks and some red ones on the puson area. Since my skin will be stretched more this time, I was expecting that I will have more red streaks and end up looking like a zebra. I hope I don’t jinx myself when I say that so far that is not the case. 
In case you are curious, I don’t put lotion on my tummy. I only use sunflower oil from Human Heart Nature. 
This week, I learned that a TTC (trying to conceive) friend who has been rubbing my tummy whenever we bump into each other is also preggy! She is the 2nd person I know who got pregnant after touching my baby belly. 🙂
Domestic issues! I thought we were going to lose our current helper who is also supposed to bring the twins’ yaya. Ate is not perfect in the same way that Franco and I aren’t perfect employers. There is much to be desired but right now, we can’t afford to lose her. 
Lord, pls help us find a trustworthy and genuinely caring nanny for the twins. 

Akism of the Week I
Aki: I love telling my friends that you are pregnant. 

Me: Really? So did you tell anyone today?

Aki: Well I told F, the assistant leader bully in the school bus. He said that I am going to be so jealous.

Me: You are not going to be just a brother. You will be the 2nd in command parent. You will teach the kids how to be good kids, how to pack away, how to be responsible etc. 

Aki: That is right! 

Akism of the Week II


The Gift of an Ordinary Day

Saturday was our check-up day. 

For the first time in a long time, I sat on the passenger seat beside my sweet driver lover. I reclined the chair, put a pillow for my lower back and, aaaaah, heaven. I haven’t been that comfortable inside a vehicle for a long time. Now if only getting in and out was not an wa-poise and effortful.
Before heading to the clinic, we had an early lunch in one of our fave restos, Mom and Tina’s. One of my buntis cravings, definitely satisfied. And now that we will have more frequent check ups, I am hoping for at least 2 more meals there. 

Here is Aki, clearly amused with the Doppler thing. Both of us got flu shots. My OB recommended getting one bec it will help my and the babies’ immune system. 
OB also said my belly’s fundal height is 38. I asked if that means my tummy now looks 38 weeks (singleton) She laughed and said a full term singleton belly only measures 32.
Oh and may I just share that I think something is wrong with Medical City’s weighing scale. I can not possibly gain 4.25 lbs in 4 days!
I recognize that I better do the things that I will miss, while I still can. One of those is going to MCS. The boys wanted to go home but I was adamant to get my wish. I will probably not be able to visit my fave mall in the next 4 months. 

We had our usual Japanese meals.

I spent an hour or so in Booksales. I scoured the ukay ukay. 

Franco had a massage with his suking blind therapist. 

I had my hair blow dried and ironed in preparation for my maternity shoot the following day!! 
So yes, I was pretty tired by the time we left the mall. If my legs and feet can talk, they probably screamed at me. 
Shortly after we got home, Kakai, my prenatal massage therapist arrived. Now that I am on 8th month, the massage is not as bitin as my last. If you are a cranky and miserable buntis like me, go online and look for the number of the nearest prenatal therapist. Now! You deserve it. Your husband will also thank you for the one-hour no-complain break too! Also, note that if you end up getting a Caesarean section, it will take months before you can have a massage. So have as many as you can while you can!
Here is the book that I bought from Booksale. 

Since 2013 or maybe even earlier, I have been collecting books with strong female characters. Not the ones with your usual damsel in distress princesses. 
I hope I find time to share my collection. 
Sunday was my maternity shoot day!

Here I am looking fresh, thanks to my officemate, Jaypee Lacaste. He also did my make up for our Timezone/Booksale shoot 4 years ago. If you need an affordable artist, just let me know! My specific bilin was for him to make my nose look less manas. Hehe. Thanks, Jaypee! 
We could not find a parking space so the boys decide to stay in the car. This turned out to be a blessing in disguise. During the shoot I was wearing only undies and was draped with cloth. I did not feel uncomfortable at all with Jo, our photog who was very caring and continuously checked if I was comfy. It would have been a different story if Franco and Aki were there. I could imagine them smirking on the background and later on grunting bec waiting just isn’t their favorite hobby! 
So glad that I am having a daughter soon. Finally someone who will happily accompany me in my girly errands. 

This is soooo true! 


Look at that big smile! Franco bought toys for Aki. The plan was to give the action figure right away and hide the Nerf until the babies arrive. When Aki visits us in the hospital and meets his siblings, we will give the gift to him and tell him it’s from the twins. Well as you see, my plan was just a plan. Franco was so excited to show Batman that he forgot to hide the Nerf. Now we need another big brother gift for Kuyaks. 

Wow,  I just finished wrapping up this post. I fell asleep twice. And it is not even 8pm yet.