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Twinkle Twinkle Crying Star

This is probably the cutest version of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Don’t you just love the animation, the musical scoring and the story?

Well, Aki loved it so much, he cried for a few seconds. The sad part for him, and for me too, was when the star and owl were waving goodbye.

can you see the little sad teardrop?

holding back the tear/s.

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Playdate Popsicles

This could have been a great summer post. Only it is not summer anymore.

The moment I saw these popsicle molds, I knew I had to take them home. They were perfect for the weather.  They are colorful and can double as a color matching toy for Akikoy. Best of all, they are only 66 bucks. 

I made these cold treats for our playdate with my n@wie sis Lui and her toddler Buwi. Too bad, the date did not push thru but hopefully the one for this weekend would.

From left to right:  Crushed watermelon with mango bits, same, yogurt with watermelon bits, yogurt with mango bits 

From left to right:  crushed watermelon with banana slices, the ultimate experiment,  Tropicana with banana, Tropicana with watermelon bits

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Memoirs of a Mummy


Last week, we decided that it is time for the playpen to retire.

Yey! Our first floor is one clutter down. Twenty thousand to go!

 A few weeks ago, we also let the bulky diaper bag retire. We love our Bebe Chic because it is  roomy. But now that Aki does not drink as much milk and  pee as often, we don’t need to bring a lot of bottles and diapers anymore. We are now using this toddler size second hand bag from Kuya Rock. I will share the contents in another post.

Interestingly, the baby bath tub came out of retirement last weekend. We stopped using it when Aki started walking.  There was no way to keep that boy still and away from the faucet.  Now there is. I bought him three small bath boats.  And he now likes to play and talk to his rubber friends. Sometimes even giving them a bath while we give him a bath.  I love this pic. I wish I was ble to video tape what just happened.  Aki was talking to his rubber ducky, did the no no sign and then pointed at the door. I think he was telling the rubber ducky that it is not allowed to go out of the bath room.

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The Grazing Toddler

Last weekend, I realized another addition to my lengthy list of things I am thankful for – Aki is not a picky eater.


Proof # 1: A half slice of wheat bread at 10:02AM


4 dimples. one each beside the 2 corners of his lips and one on each cheek. not at all related to this post



Proof # 2: A cup of  yogurt at 10:27.



simot sarap!


Proof # 3 – A 10 pesos cup of Tahoooooooo with less syrup at 11:07AM


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Mrs. Monologues

Failed Attempt at Stamping

Since  I now go by a different name and the position is no longer updated, I decided to bring home this old name stamp that my former assistants gave me back in 2004.  Since I haven’t used it in years, might as well as bring it home so Aki  can play with it.

Play with it he did. He was enjoying the activity so much that he did not care even if I say ” Paper only” 100 x.

the stamp marks on sleeping daddy's forehead.

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Mrs. Monologues

Of Plates and Dormates

My favorite memories  of my young adult life were spent in a building called Kalay. UP Kalayaan Dorm was to home for me and other promdi freshies for a year.  We all lived far from family. Naturally, we found family in each other.

In Kalay, I experienced  attending a party and drinking juice served in a balde. We were dormers living away from the comforts of home and Coleman. haha

In Kalay, I experienced going to the lobby, lining up our baldes so friendly firemen can fill them with water.  Because my room was at the third floor, I had to carry my heavy pail three plights up.

In Kalay,  I joined the cheering team  and our cheer (remember, dormers were from all over the Philippines) was something like Bato Banay Magtinabangay.  I can’t remember that words but I vividly remember the tune and the excitement we all felt that competition day.

So imagine how happy I was when Joy, fellow C-fold (our floor), sent me a message that she wants to visit her godson, Aki to deliver her Christmas gift.  Joy, the feeling not my friend, sooned turned to panic when I learned that she has mobilized the gang and they are coming over in 4 hours. I was supposed to go to Manila for my raket. I cancelled that because I had friends coming over and there’s nothing in freezer.

I realized that

1) I need to consolidate no fail easy to prepare recipes for last minute get togethers. Last Saturday, Manang and I cooked Asadong Pampanga and Tuna Mushroom Rolls with Mango Cream Sauce.  When they arrived, I was holding knife as I welcomed them because we weren’t done cooking yet. 

2)  If your friends know you as someone who can’t cook, whatever you cook is bound to get compliments.

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