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My Airplane Party Inspiration


This was taken April of 2009. I was three months pregnant then. We did not know the gender of our baby.

The boy holding the pink walkie talkie is Tosilog. He was the captain. His brother, Joaquing-quing was the co-pilot. The girl, our only girl, Jyllilay, is of course, the stewardess. (We were supposed to wear matching flight attendant outfits to Aki’s airplane party.) Jyl’s preparing food in the airplane kitchen for our lone passenger, Rock Rock, the then-youngest of the rowdy brood. 

This picture never fails to make me smile. Sometimes though, it also makes me sad. When Aki is 3 years old, Jyl and Tosi would be tweens by then and might not play make-believe games with my little one anymore.

Oh, they ask  the cutest things. I so look forward to documenting Aki’s questions.

After watching our onsite wedding video

Tosi: Tita Maqui, bakit mo ini-eat ang mouth ni Tito Franco? (Tita, why were you eating Tito’s mouth) —> referring to the 5 second kissing scene


After I gave birth. Tosi asked his lola

Tosi: Lola, ilan ang anak ni Tita Maqui (Lola, how many babies does Tita have?)

Lola Sor: Isa. Baket? (One, why?)

Tosi: Akala ko three. Hingi sana ako para sa basketball team namin. (I thought she has three. I want to ask if I can have one for our basketball team)

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Aki's Airplane 1st Birthday · Memoirs of a Mummy

Air Akira Airplane Party: Flooch

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Flooch. Flooch. Flooch. I don’t know where to start.

Let me start with three words. BEST. HOST. EVER!

Another three word description would be WORTH EVERY PENNY!

I learned from my wedding preps days about the crucial role of a party host. Party planning mommies can plan the smallest details  which guest may or may not appreciate. Guests will probably not notice the decors but would always appreciate a good host. Our guests had a fab time and stayed until the end of the program because of Flooch.

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Air Akira Airplane Party: Mr Balloonatix

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I am a suki of Mr. Ballonatix. I got them for the baptism and now for the birthday party. Am sure I will get them again for my future parties.

Their rates are unbelievably and irresistably affordable. The inclusions of the package for the party, would have probably cost  twice as much  with other suppliers.  Decors were very important to me because without decors or if they were so-so  the airplane theme would not stand out. As I’ve said, I started conceptualizing even before we learned that we’re have a boy. I knew what I wanted but I also knew how much can we only work with.  Mr Ballonatix was the perfect choice.

I met with Jojo, my contact person,  thrice before the actual party. The first meeting was for the down payment. The second meeting was in our office. I gave him an 8-page list of my requests  and dislikes with supporting pictures. Teehee. That was a productive meeting because we were able to set the right expectations. I told him what I wanted and did not want. He got to tell me which of requests were doable and which weren’t. The third meeting was in Chateau Elysee for the ocular. It was his first time to decorate the clubhouse so I felt it was important for him to checkout the place, know the restrictions and meet the building admin prior since I will not be around come party day to assist him.

Come party day, Mr. Balloonatix provided the following:

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Aki's Airplane 1st Birthday · Memoirs of a Mummy

Air Akira Airplane Party: Check In Counter

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The gift table was named Check In Counter. It’s on this table where guests left/checked-in their presents for Captain Akira.

To his parents’ delight, Aki received lots of toys, many of them high tech. The kind of toys that I would not buy myself because they are expensive. Thank you  so much generous and thoughtful  friends and family. I don’t think we’d be buying any new toys for the next two years.

After we opened all the beautifully wrapped presents, Aki’s cute and cozy playroom became cluttered and confusing. There are just so many toys! Aki got hyper everytime we’re in his room. He’d play with one toy for a few minutes sometimes even just seconds, then move on to another toy. Thank God, I finally had time last Monday to organize his toys. I sorted  them based on age appropriateness. The ones for 3 years old and up are hidden inside the big Chicco box. The ones he can play with a few months from now are behind it. So now, only those toys recommended for kids 1 year and up are within his reach. I also decided that we will try to keep the toys inside their boxes so it would be easier to stack and store them.

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Aki's Airplane 1st Birthday · Memoirs of a Mummy

Air Akira Airplane Party: Restaurant

I am probably the only host who do not prioritize the guests’ tummies. I did not book  our caterer based on the food tasting. I booked Lins Foodhouse because it was the most affordable caterer that I could find. It was a 3PM kiddie party. It just did not feel right to spend so much on making sure the adults go home full and satisfied when they are off to dinner in a couple of hours after the party.

Since I was not paying much, I did not expect much. For 180 pax for spaghetti, mixed veggies, fish fillet, pork in mushroom sauce, and beef teriyaki plus a chocolate found and bottomless iced tea, what do you expect? Surprisingly, a couple of guests loved the food. I thought it was so so. The spaghetti looked liked a palengke spaghetti. The fish was dry. The pork and beef dishes weren’t bad but were yummier during our food tasting.

Then again, I paid little so I was not in the position to expect and demand in terms of quality of food. I am still thankful to Lins because because of them, we were able to invite 100 adults, 30 kids, and afford nice costumes, a great host and  other nice to haves.

I would recommend Lins for smaller parties. I didn’t notice a head waiter and that is probably why the waiters seemed lost at the start of the party. It would have been nicer if they were more proactive in serving drinks while guests were waiting for the party to start. Aside from that, I did not experience the waiter horror stories that I oftem hear, like taking home the left overs for themselves or demanding guests for tips.   Lins also gets plus points for giving in and buying  cloths last minute for my request for specific shade of blue for the tablecloth.

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Air Akira Airplane Party: The Party Passengers

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If you’ve seen the parties that we’ve had, you’d know I have this thing for dress codes. For the eco-themed baptism, guests came in green, in brown for the froggy half birthday party and in red for Franco’s Japanese birthday celebration. For Aki’s airplane party, I raised the bar and asked the guests a.k.a party passengers to come in their most adorable United Nations costumes.

There were kids who wore Hawaiian, Filipino, Korean, Mexican, American, Japanese, African and Chinese. The cutest boy and girl were given each a transparent umbrella and a GC worth 1K which I won thru a contest sponsored by IndigoBaby. Continue reading “Air Akira Airplane Party: The Party Passengers”

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Capt. Akira’s Airplane Party: Party Uniforms

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If there is something that I am thankful for to Aerospace Museum, aside from providing an interesting venue for our first family photoshoot, that is leading us to our supplier for my boys’ airforce costumes.

Against the wishes of the laziest driver of all, my husband, I had set my eyes on having their party outfits done by my mom’s tried and tested affordable mananahi in Laguna. We were supposed to have the boys’ measurements taken last August but we had to reschedule because Aki got sick. Then last September, when we were looking for name plates and pins, we found Marty’s Tailoring!

Marty’s Tailoring is located in this secret strip of stores that specialize in outfits and accessories for the men and women of the Armed Forces of Phils. This secret strip can be found in the Fort Bonifacio, near the Army, Navy and Marines area . You just have to look past the gates to see the stores. I like that unlike many other suppliers that I worked with, the clothes were ready for pick up on the day they committed. The rates were affordable. Franco’s outfit was only PhP1200. The pants, he can wear when he goes to work.  Aki’s outfit plus the side-something cap was 650. They were nice enough to make the shoulder thingies free of charge. The place is not airconditioned, though. The best time to go there is late in the afternoon so you can go straight to Serendra. Hehe.

As I have said, we went there looking for name plates. Hubby went on a shopping spree of airforce pins, to the dismay of his budget-conscious wife, of course. He went a notch higher and got himself an airforce belt. I protested but rested my case as soon as he pointed out that I booked a make up artist. Hehe. The other pins that you see on Aki’s top are from my office and from Pi Gamma Mu. The boys’ aviator shades are from Looney Tunes (Aki) and Magallanes MRT bangketa (Franco).

For my stewardess costume, let me be more specific, my sexy stewardess costume :P,  I have Jo of Baro’t Saya, a small shop along Bicutan to thank.  He was successful in hiding my baby fats without making me look like a manang. I love the fit. I love his rates. I love his workmanship. Convenience since his shop is a couple of steps away from our village gate, is also a major plus. I highly recommend to all mommies who are looking for an affordable designer. He specializes in costumes but also makes dresses and gowns. There are also adorable costumes for rent. When I picked up my dress, there was a 10 year old girl who was fitting a Sri Lankan costume. 🙂

I provided Jo the design and the cloth. Whenever I need cloths, I always go to my suki in Cluster Mall in Divisoria. Since I was running out of time, I just bought the cloths in Market Market for only 150 bucks for 3 yards. My pair of white gloves, which I never got to wear, was also bought  in Market. My 50 pesos scarf and shades are from SM and Bicutan terminal bangketa, respectively. If I had more money, I would have gotten myself a pair of knee high white boots.  To complete the look, I got the services of my officemate Kat to do my hair and make up.

Supplier Information

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Capt. Akira’s Airplane Party: Aerospace Museum/Chateau Elysee

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Let me interrupt the regular programming with a negative supplier rating.

Aerospace museum is the best place to hold an airplane themed party.

There are 17 real aircrafts on display in the museum grounds.
The museum is beside NAIA 3 so it’s one of the best places for airplane watching.
The rental fee of the hall is only 5K. Deposit was only 1K.
Management only allows one event per day. Ingress of the caterers and stylists can start as soon as the admin office opens at 8AM.
There is ample parking for everyone.
The hall is spacious and can comfortably fit 300+ guests.

So why the negative supplier rating?

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Air Akira Airplane Party: The Candy Shop

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One of my biggest wedding regrets was giving in to the upselling of our cake supplier. It would not have mattered if we got the swarovksi    crystals or the pearlized icing. I just don’t believe that spending much on a cake will do much in making a party more memorable. In my opinion, a boring party with a huge expensive cake is still a boring party. So for the baptism, I decided to forgo the cake tradition. We did not get a cake and nobody seemed to notice.

For Aki’s party, we had to have a cake for the ceremonial happy birthday song and the candle blowing tradition. It was a small blue  7″ cake with a 2D airplanes and a 3D # 1. It was small and cute but it still got a lot of compliments. It was not even a quarter of the size of our wedding cake but more people noticed and appreciated it became more people got to see it up close. Why? We had the little cake displayed along side the other sweet treats in the dessert table aka Candy Shop.

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Air Akira Airplane Party: Loot Bag-gage Claim

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The label in the picture says Duty Free but it should have been Baggage Claim. We arrived late for our own party. So amidst the chaos of organizing the other tables, Immigration, Check-In, Restaurant and Candy Shop, I forgot to check if the labels were placed on the right tables. Anyhoo, my original plan was for Baggage Claim = Loot Bags and Duty Free = Prizes.

Just like the baptism, the sub-theme of this airplane party, was frugalicious. Each of our lootbags  with contents, costs no more than 50 bucks! It goes without saying that I am extremely proud of my little feat.

Special thanks to Rosie who accepted my 5 pesos challenge. As I mentioned in a previous post, I get some of my groceries from their wholesale store. I forced , errr, challenged her to come up with 8 treats with  a budget of 5 pesos per loot bag. And ever dependable Rosie delivered and exceeded my expectations. Total cost of of her goodies was Php 4.83 per bag. Thanks again, Rosie!

So what is inside these nifty thrifty fifty peso bags of goodies?

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