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Disney on Ice 2018

48971452_10217952817712921_1396355616674414592_oLast December, I whispered a desperate prayer. I really wanted to watch Disney on Ice with Aoki. She loves the Disney princess. I just know that seeing them up close will make her day. Scratch that. Seeing Belle, Cinderella, Jasmin and Elsa will make her year. But but but, yes there is a but. Even if my kids’ happiness is priceless, Disney on Ice comes with a price tag. I am still kuripot to the core. PHP 1400-PHP2600 for a two hour show per person just isn’t practical.

So when, I saw a DIO contest on my Facebook feeds, I knew I had to join. This may sound OA, I really felt like God was telling me, “That’s yours. Get it!” Not a lot of people have the time and patience for contest especially if they need to stop and fill out raffle stubs. I knew I had a shot at winning because it was December and everyone is busy shopping. I read the contest mechanics many times. And I mean MANY times because I wanted to strategize how I can improve my chances. Even if the lines at the grocery cashier was long and people behind me were probably complaining, I did not care. The rules said, one raffle stub for every PHP 65 receipt worth of the participating product. Guess how many receipts I got? Twenty! I asked the merchandiser to get all the products left in their stock room. He came back with two pieces. I got most of the products on shelf to eliminate competition. Talk about being competitive. But it did not end there. Rules said winners will get 3 tickets. That is more that enough for Aoki and myself but I want to bring the entire Familia Kiki to MOA Arena. You know what I did? I asked my family plus my single friends to fill out the stubs for me. I chose only the single ones because if they win, the prize will be mine. If they had kids, while they are my friends, I am sure they would want to keep the tickets. As I wanted to secure my chances, I asked my kakuntsabas to fill out an authorization letter and give me a copy of their valid ID. All these before I dropped the tickets into the drop box. I was so confident. I joined this contest prepared and ready to win, just like Catriona was in the 2018 Miss Universe.

The moment of truth came. On the day, the draw was scheduled, I kept checking my phone. At 8pm, I started getting calls, SMS and PMs. We won! December 23, I journeyed from Paranaque to Munoz by way of PNR and LRT 1. It was a Sunday. It was raining. My throat was hurting. But who cares? My tickets were waiting for me. Guess how many tickets I won? Nope. higher. Higher. Try one more time. No! Higher! Ok ok ok. I won 33 tickets! That is not a type. I brought home thirty three Disney on Ice Tickets. Fifteen of which are VIP. Amaaaazing! I was smiling from ear to ear while standing in a cramped non-aircon PNR coach from Blumentritt to Bicutan.

I kept 6 tickets for my family. Gave away 1/3 to my friends. It would have been great to go with my nieces and nephew but sisters in law had prior commitment. The rest I sold for half of the original price. I felt so blessed and it felt great to be a blessing to others. Lord, more moments like this please in 2019.

My total investment was around PHP 1300-PHP 1500. The market value of the prizes was about PHP 60K. After selling the extra tickets, I got PHP 13000. That’s 10x ROI. I plan to donate a portion to a friend’s friend’s ICU fund. The rest, I will use to purchase a printer for Aki’s school work. I love this child but when he told me on a Sunday night that he needed to bringa a picture of animals who live in caves, the following day, I wanted to donate him to childless couples. By the way, I also won a laptop, which I am using now to make this blog entry, during our office Christmas party. During the raffle, I said, “God, if merong laptop or printer, please akin na lang. Kailangan na ni Aki. Kung ibang prize mapanalunan ko, I will donate.” God heard me like He always does.

Anywhoo, moving on. Disney on Ice was suuuuuuper! We loved it. Even Franco raved about the experience. Aoki was dancing. Ryu was singing. Aki, who is nota Disney baby, could not stop smiling. After the show, we were asked to stay because there was a meet and greet with Mickey and Minnie. I loved how they acted excited when they saw the twins. Because they are wearing a costume, their facial expressions were fixed but they used body gestures so well to show excitement. I can’t explain. Seeing them stop and show appreciation when they saw their mini versions was so heart warming. The line was long and Aoki kept pulling my arms so we can get closer.


Btw, OOTD details. Aoki’s dress and my skirt (so cute because it has a tail), are from Tokyo Disneyland as per tag. I got them, plus Ryu’s top coat and red velvet pants from my suking ukay-ukay. Aoki’s headband is from Hongkong Disneyland. I bought it from my neighbor’s garage sale.

Alright. Photo dump time. *moves my eyeglasses while squinting my eyes* Let me see how is this done these days. haha

Woah! This is pretty long for an I’m – back- to- blogging post. Haha. Hope to be back tomorrow.


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