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DIY Volcano Project

Look what I found…. an unpublished blog post. I am so proud of myself yesterday.I got to approve and reply to blog comments, plus stalk and greet some friends a happy new year. All thanks to Aki’s afternoon nap, his very first since the start of the holidays.


Here’s a quick guide on how to make your very own volcano. If you are planning to have a dinosaur party, you have to have an erupting volcano. Promise! I am not saying that this is an easy project but once you see the expression in the kids’ faces, you will feel that all the trouble is worth it. Plus, once you have a mini volcano of your own, you can have science experiments anytime.


You’d need a bottle. The bottle will dictate the height of your volcano. The opening should be big enough for another small container for your baking soda. For the mini container, I used a “puto” mold.


You would also need something for the base. We used a cardboard box cover.

Other materials to prepare: lots and lots of old newspaper, tape, glue and brush.

Step 1.  Use the strongest tape in the house to attach the bottle to your base.


Now, twist your newspaper and tape them around your bottle.


Once you are happy with the shape of your volcano, you can move on to the fun part – paper mache!


You would need at least 992 small 1×1 inch newspaper squares. No need to go all out OC in perfecting the squares.  For the glue, my paper-mache guru, my sister-in-law Mae, uses a  50 part glue and 50 part water mixture.  We used a paint brush to generously apply glue and paper to our volcano.  You can of course use your fingers to dip the paper into the glue mixture but that can be really messy. If you have messy kids, you would not want to add to their mess, right?

We did a total of 5 layers. Make sure that the last layer has completely dried before starting the next layer. This process took us several days because it was rainy that week and Aki kept volunteering to help.

Lastly, paint your mini volcano. Tip: Ask your neighborhood hardware store if the re-pack their paint. We got a small container that is a little bigger than a mug for only 30 bucks. You may also want to ask your brother-in-law to marry someone good at painting. Thanks thanks, Mae!

Don’t forget to bring lots of baking soda and vinegar. For sure the kids would want to have several turns.

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