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Will the Real Marie Biscuit, Pls Stand Up, Pls Stand Up

When I went to SM to look for Marie biscuits, this Milky Marie was the only one available. It is twice as big as the Marie biscuit that I could not get my hands off when I was a kid. The packaging is almost the same. Clear with only the biscuit name. No logos. No pictures. However, it not half as soluble or as yummy as the Marie that I was looking for.

I asked my mom to look for one in the Elbi wet market. This is what she got me. Mr Cracker Marie biscuits. It looks smaller than the original Marie. Taste and solubility are not even close. Next marie pls.

Fibisco has marie biscuits. Almost same size as Milky Marie. It is very tasty. Franco and myself could stop ourselves from eating it. The downside is the texture. It is hard and does not melt it in mouth. Definitely not for kids who do not have molars yet.

Enter Marie Munch from Rebisco. Marie Munch comes in two flavors. Classic and Choco. I don’t see Marie Munch in SM. I got ours from Rosie, my officemate whose family supplies the sari sari stores in Angono ( I also buy our Perla and Joy dishwashing liquid from her coz it is cheaper). It is milky and it is soluble. But not as milky and soluble as the original Marie.

Marie Munch has a sister, Marie time. I am guessing Rebisco is positioning Marie Munch for toddlers and Marie Time for babies. Marie Time is great for babies because like the original Marie, it is milky and it melts as soon as it gets inside the mouth. Yey!

I am not sure if Marie time is the new and improved original Marie. What I am sure of is that my little cookie monster loves it!

I checked the nutritional facts table. Not so much in there. I guess that is okay since this isn’t really Aki’s main source of nutrients. This is what merienda time looks like: a bottle, Marie Time and the cutest little glass of water. Yup, we are using a shot glass and he loves it! I hope it won’t start a tequilla addiction. hehehe

(this is a late post. the draft has been sitting on my draft box for over a month)

8 thoughts on “Will the Real Marie Biscuit, Pls Stand Up, Pls Stand Up

  1. Love your post. I too remember those awesome Marie biscuits growing up in the Philippines. I was going to build a site dedicate to the Marie biscuit story. The original recipe has quite a lot of protein and had saved a lot of soldiers during war time.

    1. oo nga noh!
      thanks for the tip. i tried the superthin biscuits for my own consumption a few months back and i love it. nawala sa isp ko na pwede rin for babies. will grab a pack this weekend.
      thanks thanks again for the tip!

  2. haha i love this post 😀 ang daming marie, DW munched on Fibisco’s while he was teething and we also had Marie Time. then a friend gave us Maria biscuits naman from Macau! hehehe

    1. From Macau!? amazing. I did not know that marie biscuits are international pla.

      hmm parang im inspired to make it mypersonal goal to try as many marie biscuits that i can/ hahah

  3. ang dami nang Marie ngayon, no? kami naman dito we have the McVities Marie biscuits. i think the original Marie sa Philippines is the one made by Rebisco. sarap nun eh!

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