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Productive, balanced Sunday

How I wish every weekend would be just like last weekend – productive, balanced and relaxing. I was able to do the things that I wanted to do. I spent quality time with Franco, with Aki, with Franco and Aki and with myself. 

I blogged already about last Saturday. What I did not mention is that Franco and I got to watch Avatar that night, finally!

Sunday was just as great.

We started the day with a visit from our favorite neighbors Chloe and Margaux. Here is Margaux playing with the bubble making dino toy with got from Saizen.

In between watering the plants, picking flowers and stopping Aki from tearing down the towers his Ates made, I was able to trace, cut and outline animals for my storage plastic box make over project.

When Franco woke up, he brought Aki to my in laws’ house down the block. This gave me time to tape and glue the animal cut outs to the toy box. Feeling very proud of my accomplishment, I started a new one – pom poms for the second playroom. My boys came back right after I finished. Two craft projects in one morning! Naks!

It was 12:15PM already and we haven’t cooked anything yet. I promised Franco earlier that day that we will play with my bento tools for lunch. We did not have time because we were already hungry. We opened two cans of tuna, cooked it a bit and mixed in taco seasoning. We then sliced tomatoes and onions, grated some cheese and made garlic sauce using the 88 pesos garlic press from Japan Home. Lastly, we heated the tortillas that have been in the freezer for more than a month. Put them all together and what do we have? Tuna soft tacos in 10 minutes! I forgot to take pictures because we were busy eating. But here is a pic of Aki loving his toasted tortilla.

After lunch, Manang helped me hung the pom poms and the final details on the wall.

 When we were done, this is how the 2nd playroom looked like.

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Before and After: Clear Plastic Storage Box

Because Aki’s old clothes are now in the cabinet, we have three empty plastic storage boxes lying around. 

Using the animal templates that Irene gave, I drew animals on art paper. Cut the drawings and taped/glued them on the plastic box.

Here are the after photos:

Cute eh?

Total cost: PhP 7.50 for the art paper.

Thank you again, Irene, for the templates!

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On this very productive rainy Saturday..


…went to a garage sale and got Aki his very first study table. I also bought  a food processor and two brand new frames for a quarter of the original price. I regret that I did not buy more frames.

… found  a very disturbing hole in one of our tires and could not remove the bolts. Call me OA because a small hole really scared me. I tried to be calm so my husband won’t panic but deep inside I was praying because I did not want Aki to grow up without his parents.

… found a Rapide branch but it was full.

… drove a bit further and found a vulcanizing shop. They fixed our tire in 20 minutes.

… went to Galleria for the first time since we got married and finally got myself a square pan for the lemon square baking project

got my fix of  Japanese kawaii-ness!

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First Father’s Day Celebration in 28 Years

Growing up, we never celebrated Father’s day. My dad died when I was 2 years old. When I was 5, we moved to my lola’s house in Bayog. My lolo died when I was 6 leaving my lola, my mom, me, Jana and our pet Nika. It has always been an all-girl household until Rocky, care of RJ, came.

Last June 20, 2011, Aki had the honor of blowing our very first Elbi Father’s day cake.

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New Plants

Oregano from my original oregano plant. Citrosa to ward away mosquitos. An ornamental plant from my mudra. Ashbita that lowers cholesterol.
Rosemary. Thyme. Tarragon. My third mint plant, Vietnam Mint. And my third basil, Lemon Basil. Dill

Next on my shopping list are: Stevia, Vanilla and Cranberry.

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Banana Avocado Pops

They are not perfect for the current rainy weather but they were still so much fun to make.

Apparently, my mom has not one, not two but 3 sets of popsicle molds! What is cool is that her molds have a built in straw for sipping the melted ice delights.

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Obstacle Course

From the end of the make shift tunnel, Aki had to run, pick up a doll and jump over the blocks, run again and shoot the the toy into the basket.

After dumping the toy, he had to turn around and go thru the obstacle race again. This time, he had to tap the candy colored monobloc chairs as he passed by.

I was surprised that he can follow directions. However, after 3 rounds, he got distracted and played another game.

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PhP 88 Finds from Japan home

A garlic press. I have alway wanted one but have been restraining myself from buying because the ones sold in malls are too expensive for me.

Buy one take one ice cream scooper. I like that these are made of plastic and would not rust.

Barber’s scissors. Funny because after searching the net for info on how to give a toddler a hair cut, I came a across this line:  there is a special place in hell for parents who try to cut their toddler’s hair. hahahaha!

Small weigh scale. Now,  I won’t be intimidated to try recipes that have an ingridient list in grams.

my favorite find….

I don’t know what this is called

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Personalized Father’s Day Board Book

Yey! Finally, after working on this project since the week before Mother’s Day, our Father’s Day gift is now here!

It may look simple but it really was a labor of love. First step was sorting thru the thousands and thousands of pictures since Aki’s birth. Then, I came up with the wordings which took me about a week. There is so many things I want to say but in the end I decided to go with what I think  our toddler would like to say  to his dad.  Taking cue from our Daddy and me boardbooks, I tried to use simple words we say everyday.  The next step was choosing pictures for each spread. Again, this was not easy because there were so many pictures to choose from. Because I have zero knowledge on how to arrange pictures, I availed the free lay out  service of the printing vendor.

Presenting, our 6 x 6, first of hopefully many family board books…

Front Cover

My favorite, the back cover

I love it when you make funny faces.

I love it when you give me tight hugs and pouty kisses

Thank you for the fun games we play

You make everyday a happy happy day!

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