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Yin Yang Yaya

May I just rant? My current mood does not match the new look of my blog.

Today went really went until a few hours ago when I discovered that we do not have water because Ate Dorina broke the knob of one of the water pipes. Oh shhhhhhh!   I spent the first hours of today playing around the features of the WordPress. Then, off we went to SM to watch Iron Man 3. While waiting for the movie to begin, I scored several brand new top 100 children’s books which I intend to give as birthday gifts. When Aki said he was thirsty, we went to this milk tea stall that we like and to the Zagu stall. The lines for both were long so we just transferred to McDonald’s.  While waiting for our float, I saw their Kiddie Crew Summer Program poster. To my pleasant surprise, they accept 3 year olds. Hooray! Next, all three of us watched Iron Man III. Franco who happens to be Tony Starks’ biggest fan, has been telling me for months that IM 3 should be Aki’s first movie. Now, I am wishing I did not insisted that we celebrate Aki’s Moving Up by watching Croods. It would had been cool if Aki had the bragging rights that his first proper movie was c/0 Marvel. (My first movie was Kabayo Kids. What’s yours?) After the movie,  I had a haircut but a little before that I spotted a buy one take one poster in Marithe Francois Garbau Gaurbo Gerbod GerGer. I am now  a happy owner of 2 more bags. Another yey! Now, I have  a white, a brown and a black. My next mini project is to buy my very first genuine leather bag. Any leads?  For dinner, I made giniling na baboy carinderia-style. I was excitedly reviewing Leah’s post on how she transferred from WordPress blog to a self hosted one. My wish for this blog is to be able to have Nuffnang ads. Just that.

And then, Ate dropped the big bad news that we don’t have water. Hassle!!!!  This was around 8:30PM  so it was impossible to get a plumber. My blood pressure rose and I could not hide how pissed I was. For the first time, I scolded Ate Dorina, for not telling me immediately (she noticed something was wrong for 2 days already) and for breaking another item for the nth time.  After asking our neighbor for water and organizing my thoughts, I told Ate what  we appreciate bought her and what concerns me and what needs to be done moving forward.

If there is anything good that this experience gave me is the world shattering news that water (given that the pipes are A-ok) is available 24×7 in this part of Paranaque. How come no one told me that we don’t need to fill our water tanks anymore??!!

So what do we don’t like about Ate Dorina?

In Laguna, we call people who often breaks things as mabigat ang kamay ( heavy hands, in English). That’s Ate’s biggest opportunity for improvement. She also needs to be more thorough

I used to be a proud owner of this I-mop. This is the only I-something that I own.


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