Memoirs of a Mummy


We are bad (but fun) parents. We introduced Aki to our favorite fighting shows from our childhood and he loves all of them. His newest favorites? Dragonball Z 🙂

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Book Recommendations for You and Your Kids

I have been regularly going to Booksale ever since Aki was born. The sections that I love are 1) children’s books, 2) magazines 3) cookbooks and 4) parenting books. I discovered late last year on one o those nights when traffic was so bad, you’d rather wait until the mall closes before leaving, that there are other sections, waiting to be discovered.

There’s the assorted topic section. Here you’ll find books about pop culture to painting, history to horses, carpentry to cancer and many more. My last good find was for Aki. He likes science so this Weird but True by NatGeo Kids is perfect for him. Continue reading “Book Recommendations for You and Your Kids”

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Stamp Painting


How did you celebrate Valentine’s? Our little family stayed at home. I was still in bed when I heard footsteps rushing down the stairs. In a minute, Aki gave me the loveliest bouquet, handpicked from the garden. Later that day, we tried our hands again at stamp painting.

Materials: canvas, acrylic paint, disposable bowl and spoon, and a box wrapped in string Continue reading “Stamp Painting”

Memoirs of a Mummy

Puppet Show Night

Now that I have discovered how easy it is to post IG videos on WordPress, I will preschedule Aki’s videos. Now, there will be new “old” post on this blog even when I am too lazy to blog! Hihihi

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Puppet show night

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…And We Ate Happily Ever After

That is the story of my life for the first quarter of the year.

I worked in the kitchen and enjoyed the fruits of my labor afterwards.I gained only 2 pounds because I ate healthy during weekdays and feasted on weekends.

Same thing on the work-front. I have worked on double shifts for at least 4 times last quarter. On some days, you win. On some days, you learn. I work hard on weekdays but make sure that weekends are for family.

Going back, some of my finished products. How I wish I have time to document how I tweaked the recipes and how easy/intimidating/frustrating/surprising/laborious the cooking process was. Since I don’t have the luxury of time, please refer to the links and modify as needed. Continue reading “…And We Ate Happily Ever After”

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Dance like Nobody is Watching

I learned just now that posting a video from Instagram on WordPress blog is easy. Just paste the link and that is it!

Obviously, Aki got his dancing skills from me. The energy, the passion, and the silliness are all from his dad.