Memoirs of a Mummy

If love could save you, you would live forever

Yesterday, June 30, was an extremely sad day for the family. Our beloved pet, Kaiju went to doggie heaven. It is around 5AM now as I type. My eyes swollen and my lips are dry from crying.

We brought home Kaiju on Mother’s Day. Funny because since last year Aoki begged and begged to have a cat or a dog. Franco’s answer was always a firm no. Last April, my vet friend, Po-an, offered to give us her black shitzu, Meiji. He was a beautiful dog with complete shots but still it was a no. For Mother’s Day, my Lapinid family had a mini reunion in our suki resort, Casa Buenasuerte. As Franco was parking the car, he noticed that there were puppies in a cage. They were chabradors. Mom was a labrador. Dad a chowchow. And on the spot, Franco decided that we’d take one puppy home.

This is how love at first sight looks like.

We named him Kaiju which means strange beast in Japan. Kaiju is the collective name for the giants in TV and film like Godzilla, King Kong and, the big bad guys in Bioman and Power Ranger. We knew our baby would be huge because of his chubby chubby paws.

First order of business, how the heck do we bring home this dog? We got a muzzle so he could not bite. I placed towels on our laps so we won’t get scratched. DIYd a dog diaper in case he’d pee or poop. The trip home was uneventful. I held him. Talked to him like a baby. Hugged him like a baby and told him we are his family now. I expected barking, crying, biting, peeing and escaping. He sat quietly on my lap althrough out. I had scratches because his nails were long. Other than that, it was a peaceful first ride.

When we got to Paranaque, we paid a visit to a nearby vet clinic and pet store. Kaiju was almost 3 months and had not had a shot yet. First shot, check. Dog food, check. Chew toys, check. Collar and leash, check. Feeding bowl, check.

He immediately adjusted to life in his new home. On his first day, new sounds like Ryu running down the stairs or opening of the ref door woke him up from his sleep. After his first days, he got used to the sounds and motions. In a couple of days he was potty trained.

Oh Kaiju, I am missing you so much! You completed our family and now that you are gone, there is a long list of things we will miss about you.

Good night, bebe love.
  • You are a kind, gentle easy dog. You sleep a lot. Lie on the floor a lot. You like lying by the door and people/car/dog watch.
  • When we are in the living room, you lie beside the couch and we’d rub you with our feet. We both loved that. Your fluffy fur was like a soft relaxing carpet.
  • Your favorite spots in the house are by the door, beside the sofa and under the dining table and basically anywhere you can feel the wind from the electric fan.
  • So chill is how you are described by people who met you. You are not likot like your doggie BFF cousin, Pancake. You allow anyone to pet you and never ever attacked anybody. You hardly bark. The only time and maybe it was not even more than 3 times, I heard you bark was when it was past your meal time and we haven’t fed you.
Pancake and Kaiju
  • You are an easy dog. Sleeping outside in your cage was not a problem. I was waiting for crying and begging. There was none. You patiently wait for us to wake up and let you out. No whining, no barking. Did you know that Kuya and Daddy lovingly repainted the cage?
  • You take care of your cage. You never pee or poop in it. Inside the cage are your chew toy, a Tigger plushie from Ate Michiko and the towel we used to bring you home. And now when I look at the empty cage or your newly washed blanket and toys, I am reminded of the emptiness now that you are no longer here.
Kaiju’s toys and blanket
  • Speaking of pee and poop, you always pee and poop in the garden. Usually, minutes after eating and drinking. But your absolute favorite place to poop was in our next door neighbor’s garage. hahaha. We had to DIY a border wall to stop you from going over Michi’s house. And now, we can take down that border because you are gone na. I wish we could keep that border forever, baby boy.
  • I will never forget the day you discovered you could jump over the first border. You did and went straight to Tita Mae’s side yard. I think that was the happiest I ever saw you. I learned that you like being chased. You ran, looked over to check if I was looking and then ran. I love that excited jump and that split second eye to eye contact. It was as if you were saying, “habulin mo ‘ko”. How I wish I was able to take a video of you asking us to chase you. My baby I hope there a lot of wide open grassy lawns in heaven. Are you with Emily? If not, look for her. I am sure she will love running and rolling in the grass with you. Say hi to Lolo Jun, Lolo Ben and Tita Jojie for me.
  • Every morning, you waited for me to go down the stairs. You greeted me good morning by licking my legs. I rubbed you and said hello. And then I’d go straight to the garden where the flies excited kiss my legs because of your laway. haha. Sometimes you sat beside me as I tend to my roses. Sometimes, you looked for a random item, an empty bottle, a slipper, a gardening tool, a sack of weeds, a plastic watering can and chew it. Sometimes, you’d just watch the dogs pass by. Baby boy, I will not miss the flies attacking my legs but I will miss your morning leg licks. (PS I shed a few tears as I edit and change the verbs to past tense since we will not go thru our morning ritual again)
  • Thank you, Kaij, for not attacking my roses. Although, I think you learned your lesson na that Mommy gets mad when you hurt the plants. You saw how upset I was when you plucked and chewed on the black velvet plant that Tia Miling gave me. Look, Baby Boy, a day after you died, the plant you almost killed, gave me a brand new leaf.
  • Sometimes, while Ate Doring, Ate Patty and I are in the garden you sneak outside and happily smell the pavement. Sometimes, I wonder if it is here where you got the parvo virus. If I see you happily sniffing, I invite you to walk outside. You know, Daddy justified buying you by telling me you will help him lose weight because you will be running together. Turns out, you are not a runner. Nor are you a walker. When you saw us holding your leash, you would go under the table where the chairs make it hard to get you. Or once the leash is on you, you’d retreat to your cage. You are soooo not a walker. I think you only walked once around the village. You only like walking on our street. You made Kuya Aki, who was in charge of bringing you to the vet, almost cry because you refused to move your butt. I am gonna miss your stubborn pwetish!
  • My absolute favorite moment of you with a leash, was when Kuya Ryu would run and you are forced to run until you realized that you are having fun. I would shout, ” Run to Mummy!” and you two will run about 20 steps to me where I both reward you with rubs and hugs. I would do anything to get a video of that moment. Oh wait wait wait. Let me check if the village CCTV caught that.
  • Did you know that Kuya Ryu was so jealous when we brought you home? He told me that he wants to be the only bunso. So we told him you are the bunso now but Ryu will also be the human bunso. haha.
  • Ate Aoki was your official owner. It is her name that is in your vet forms. I will miss her “Aaaah bebe” whenever she gets gigil because of your cuteness. When she was spending too much time with her tablet, Daddy would tease and say, “Benta na”, meaning he’d sell you because she’s not taking care of you. Aoki would immediately drop her tablet and burst into tears. Before you left us, Aoki would tell me that she does not need a gift on her birthday because she already has you. We pray that our next dog will be like you. May he or she come into our lives effortlessly. May the doggie be gentle and sweet like you.
  • You are so gentle that the cats are not scared of you. When you see a cat or a dog, you get curious. You would sit up and follow them with your eyes. In the morning, sometimes, you would sit by the gate and watch other dogs pass by. Sometimes, in 2 occassions to be exact, you got so curious that you followed a neighbor dog. I got the leash and we walked. But only until the end of the next block because, baby, you are not a walker.
First and only walk around the village
  • On our way back home from our very very short walks, you sprint excitedly as if you had not been home for days. You are a homebody just like Kuya Aki. So low maintenance and so chill. Aki was not a dog person until he met you. It is the same with me. When I see a cute dog, I would admire it from afar and that is it. I would not want to pet or talk to the owner and get to know more about it. It is Aoki and Daddy who really really like dog. But you won us over, Kaijungjung. I wanted a dog for Aoki but I did not expect to love this fast, this hard, this much.
  • Yes yes, you are the most gentle dog but you had your share of playbiting. You once bit Daddy’s crotch. ahahaha. The twins’ pwet. The hems of Aoki’s dresses. The gabi and oregano plants. I will always remember you when I see the holes your teeth left on our slippers. When we are sad, we will imagine you happily chewing all the slippers and plants on heaven’s gate.
I wonder when I will stop feeling sad whenever I wear my slippers
May the angels let you chew on the hems of their robes
  • I have so many what ifs. My biggest regret is not taking many pictures and videos. Every time we were with you we were really enjoying each moment so taking pictures or videos was not a priority. We really thought we had years ahead of us. I mourn for the memories that I was looking forward to making with you. Our first beach and swimming pool. You hugging the kids when they get home from school. A joint birthday celeb for you and Daddy this August. Your first Halloween this October. Rolling on the grass in Bayog. Visiting your family in Casa Buenasuerte. Going to a park and meeting other dogs. Our first family photoshoot with you. Our first Christmas. Your first tricks.
Group pic fail
  • Thank you, bebe boy, for being part of our family even just for a short while. You are the perfect first dog. I hope you felt how much we love you. If love could save you, you would live forever, baby boy. Please visit me in my dreams because Mommy misses you so so much. I don’t want to be sad anymore. I want to stop crying. Show me how to redirect this love and emptiness into something meaningful and useful. Watch over us, as we navigate life without you and look for another puppy to love. This is what lazy Sundays look like.
I wish you were part of this picture
  • Aoki and Franco reading an encyclopedia about dogs. Aki practicing Ryu how to read. If you were here, you would be lying on the floor beside the sofa and my feet would be rubbing your belly, as I watch Friends.
One of your last pictures. look how much you have grown. The folks at the vet clinic were surprised when they learned that you are still a puppy.
You are not allowed to sit on the new couch so sometimes, when the kids are not minding you, you sit on the old recliner.
  • Until we meet again, Kaiju. Run free. And if you still don’t want to run, that is ok too. Love you, my bunso boy.
Memoirs of a Mummy

2019 Q1

Let’s do a quick review on how the first quarter of the year went down, shall we?



We bought a TV for the first time since we got married. I was planning on buying a smart TV. Thanks to the recommendation of friends, we bought a basic TV plus a TV box.

Can I just say?  Ang mura na ng mga TV ngayon ha! Our 31 inch led TV from Devant was less than 10K. The TV box from Mi Box, was 3K+ from Lazada. The TV box allows us to watch from streaming apps. We have loaded DisneyLife (my favorite but we are having tech issues now), iFlix, Youtube, YT for Kids and Netflix. I love how we now spend lazy weekends in our living room instead of being hooked individually on separate gadgets. We are now watching a series on Bruce Lee’s life on weeknights and marathon-ing on Harry Potter on weekends. And the twins, oh my, they loooooove the movie Sing. We have probably seen it at least 20 times. It even came to a point when Franco and I had a week long Taylor Swift LSS.

Oh wait wait, the TV is life changing, well kind of.  Ok maybe not life changing but, weekend-changing if there is such a thing. It has made our weekends and weeknights much much more fun. But what I really want to never forget is the story of how we purchased it. You see, the kuripot in me always struggles to buy anything that costs more than 3K  especially for non-necessities. So I prayed for a TV. Last December, we found an envelope with 3K + inside. According to our helpers, the envelope had been sitting in the bookshelf for months. We asked out families and no one claimed it. And then some time January, while I was putting away our budget for February expenses, inside one of my old pouches, I found crisp bills amounting to PHP 10000!! The power of prayers! When we were TV shopping, Franco wanted to get a bigger TV. I insisted that we stick to the budget that we were given so that we will always be reminded of how we were blessed.

Canon Wireless Photo Printer

I love love love my Canon printer! I printed over 1000 pictures in the past 2 months. On my free time, I download photos from my Google Photos app. My target is to print 1 month worth of pictures per weekend. I just finished printing the photos from November 2017. I have also printed photos from our past photoshoots. Oh, I feel so so accomplished! Now, I just need to buy a CD reader so I can print photos from my  CD albums. More about my love for my Canon printer here.

Japan 2020 Tickets

I work day shifts but since operations in our company is mostly at night, I do join conference calls in the evening every so often. During one of those midnight calls, when I felt more of a wallflower than a participant, I got a notification on my phone about a surprise seat sale from Cebu Pacific. As soon as the call ended, I logged on to the website and booked a trip for early next year. I paid PHP 8K for 2 pax plus baggage allowance. A little more expensive than our upcoming Tokyo trip which costs PHP 4.4K for 2 pax only but PHP 4K per person is not so bad, right?

I am still 50-50 on this trip though. I really wanted to go to Fukuoka but due to my panic, booked Nagoya instead. I am also not a winter person. Franco and the kids sleep blanket free while I sleep in layers. Lastly, I feel guilty about this travel because the twins are going to school next year. Franco keeps on telling my that we owe it to ourselves to unwind and that money can always be earned. Still, I feel the pangs of guilt biting my neck, knowing that we will have this trip before we pay for their tuition fees.


I am now a believer of the law of attraction.  So universe, I know you are listening, here are some of the things on my wishlist.


  1. A new phone with amazing photo capturing capabilities
  2. Another recliner. Since we spend more time in the living room, we always end up fighting over who sits on MY recliner.
  3. Major sales for Franco
  4. More travels for us
  5. Good health for everybody
  6. One more TV and TV box for our bedroom so the helpers can watch TV at night on weekends.


That is it for now. Next time, I will summarize our vacation and heath for Q1.  It is 7:37 in the morning. The twins are amazingly still asleep but I hear some stirring. Need to get up and take a bath before they wake up.






Memoirs of a Mummy

Tokyo November 2018, Day 1

One of our favorite memories from 2018 was our trip to Tokyo, Japan. In 2017, we saw temples, shrines, geishas, a bamboo forest, an old castle and hundreds of deer in Kyoto, Nara and Osaka. For our trip last year, we wanted to see the modern futuristic busy side of Japan. The recent trip was extra special because it was Aki’s first out of the country trip. With us were my uncles and aunts, all were 60 years old and up. The challenge for me was coming up with a flexible itinerary that both kids and senior citizens would enjoy. That meant not too many temples, not too many anime and toys and not too much walking. It was not as difficult because there are plenty of things to do, place to visit and food to eat in Tokyo. What was challenging was choosing which activities to include and which ones to forego.

Our itinerary

Day 1

  • Arrival @ Narita Airport a little before noon
  • Skyliner to Nippori. Transfer to Yamanote Line
  • Check-in @ our Komagome accommodation
  • Get settled, rest
  • Explore Komagome area, early dinner
  • Rest again, then Pokemon Go

Continue reading “Tokyo November 2018, Day 1”

Memoirs of a Mummy


This is Ryu, our youngest. Everyone calls him Bubu after Aoki gave him that nickname. We used to call him Bunso but since she could not pronounce it months ago, he became Bu or Bubu.

Photo by The Perfect Grey

Don’t let this photo deceive you. Continue reading “Bubu”

Memoirs of a Mummy

Printing Our Pictures At Home

All these photos printed at the comforts of my work area home

Yey!!! I have always wanted to have our photos printed. We have a gazillion softcopies unsafely stored in devices I can’t remember. When I was younger, printing photos was a priority. I would save my allowance just to get hardcopies. In my mom’s house, I have 4 thick albums filled with memories from highschool to college. When taking photos got easier and cheaper (thanks, mobile photography!), I got lazy at printing. The storage system also evolved. From CDs to external drives to cheap USB sticks, OTG and now cloud. Continue reading “Printing Our Pictures At Home”

Memoirs of a Mummy

November 2018 Highlights

UP was in the UAAP Season 81 Final Four! Having studied in UPLB in highschool and UP Diliman in college, this was a huge deal for me. I watched the game against Adamson from our house in Laguna. I was screaming so loud that the kids woke up crying. My mom closed the windows because she was worried what the neighbors will think. She described me as mukhang baliw. For game 2, I was having dinner with people I work with. As soon as I arrived, I apologized and explained that watching the game was very important. I tried not to curse during turnovers and raise my fist and shout YES everytime UP scored but I failed many times. Haha. I am sure the diners from other tables stared at me but who cares? We were going to the Finals! Thank you UP Fighting Maroons for giving us that celebratory moment. Watching the compilation of the videos from different UP campuses when buzzer rang and it was official that we were in the Finals made me cry like a baby. Grabe this UAAP high lasted for weeks.

Memoirs of a Mummy

Living the Dream

For several years, I used to get teary-eyed every time I heard the song All I Want for Christmas Is You. The lines (Santa won’t you bring me the one I really need? Won’t you please bring my baby to me?) reminded of how much I really wanted to have a daughter. I had been picking names since I was 12. Continue reading “Living the Dream”

Memoirs of a Mummy

2019 Goals

Raise our net worth to PHP XXX. Eyes on the Prize. This is the main goal for this year. Here is what we have done so far to get closer to XXX

  1. Updated our statement of asset, liabilities and net (SALN)
  2. Created a projection of how incoming funds and expenses monthly
  3. Defined how much we need to set aside after every pay day
  4. Opened a new bank account so we can easily transfer our monthly savings.

I have also identified how much I want our net worth to be for the next 3 years. I am now on the lookout for investment opportunities. For the longest time, we were extremely loyal to mutual funds and UITF. It was very convenient but our money is not growing at the rate that I want. We now have 3 kids. By next year, all three will be going to school. Researching about tuition fees make me palpitate! Last year, we learned about agri-investing. It was risky. It was scary at first. We interviewed stakeholders and investors and read all materials I could get my hands into. A year later, things are looking bright and promising. Continue reading “2019 Goals”

Memoirs of a Mummy

Disney on Ice 2018

48971452_10217952817712921_1396355616674414592_oLast December, I whispered a desperate prayer. I really wanted to watch Disney on Ice with Aoki. She loves the Disney princess. I just know that seeing them up close will make her day. Scratch that. Seeing Belle, Cinderella, Jasmin and Elsa will make her year. But but but, yes there is a but. Even if my kids’ happiness is priceless, Disney on Ice comes with a price tag. I am still kuripot to the core. PHP 1400-PHP2600 for a two hour show per person just isn’t practical. Continue reading “Disney on Ice 2018”