Hello! First time to blog using a tablet.

I recently celebrated my 33rd birthday. Aside from the gadget, my boys gave me these.

One of the reasons why I had not been blogging consistency is that my old then-trusty laptop is not so dependable anymore. Malware virus is beyond annoying. My camera is also dying. Photos are not as crisp as they        used to. 

To those who blog using an iPad, what apps do you use? Currently, I have Resize Image for resizing and PhotoGrid for editing and watermarking.

See you soon! I hope.


September Slumber {Part II}

Part 1 here

One of the highlights of Aki’s day is his school bus ride home with his closest friends. I had the chance to ride with these boys and may I just say, they are wild! Happily wild. And I just love it whenever Aki proudly says, “Guys, this is my mommy!!!!!”


I hope these boys will be busmates until they graduate from high school.  Continue reading


To our

Bruno Mars-singing,





Baby Boy,


September Slumber {Part I}

Pabebe wave from our little family to yours!


Oh yes, we are big fans of AlDub. Maine and Alden are one of the reasons why we are mostly at home on weekends. Franco is still in denial and claims that he is watching only because the lolas are hilarious. I have a picture to prove that he is kinikilig. If we are FB friends, head over to our wall to see the picture.  I posted it  because he posted my kilig picture without permission.

Anyhoo, September, just like most of the months of 2015, was quite uneventful. I could not find a nice photo of myself from our camera phone. Either I was sitting in our living room floor or laying in the bed. Uncombed in my Divisoria daster, take note. The gift of an ordinary day to the highest level. Continue reading

Paper Fortune Tellers

Aki came home from school last year and begged me to make paper fortune tellers. I WAS THRILLED! I learned how to make them when I was 9 years old. Big big thanks to our trusty ChildCraft encyclopedia set.   I remember how proud I was because it was me who introduced my grade school classmates to this super easy and fun paper craft. How can I not be thrilled, twenty years later, when my own kid, born in the digital era, shows interest in the same old school plaything?

Here is you can win the mother-of-the-school-bus-rider of the year award. Continue reading

Our Real Living Makeover

If you read this post last month, I hope I inspired you to join the makeover contest of Real Living. A lot of people tell me I am very lucky when it comes to contests. In a way, that may be true. What I want to think is that I win because I try. Hard. I don’t have many desires but when I want something, I commit. For this makeover contest, I read the stories of past winners.  I took photos of my house and had the pictures developed. I wrote and rewrote and rewrote my entry. And then, I commuted from Paranaque to Ortigas to handcarry my entry to Summit Media. When I learned that our house was shortlisted, I planned for the ocular inspection by rehearsing how to “sell” our house and by baking chocolate chip cookies in the morning (which RL team was not able to taste because they came early). Now, was I really just lucky? Continue reading