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Aki’s Baptism: Decor and Giveaway/Gifts

Date: Feb 27, 2010

Time: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM

Motif : Green

Theme: Frugalicious/Pagtitipid

Decors were the least of my priorities. I was happy with the ambiance at Guilly’s but felt I needed simple centerpieces to add a party feel to our event.
Of all the balloon suppliers I inquired with, only Jojo of Mr Balloonatix had rates that matched my eensy winsy budget. Come baptism day, I was surprised that he used metallic balloons. Our mommy and lola guests were happy to take home the  centerpieces.
I highly recommend Mr Balloonatix to busy budget-concious mommies who like suppliers who quickly reply to email and SMS.
For the gifts for the godparents, I wanted something that  1)  is color green, 2) would not be just another dust-collector 3) is within my budget and 4) would remind them of being responsible for a precious life.  These uber cute cactus plants perfectly meet all four criteria.
Since I was working on a Frugalicous theme, I initially wanted to DIY the giveaways. I had my eyes set on making towel lollipops. however, after computing the total cost and factoring in the effort needed, I decided to give up the DIY idea. 

Come reception, the cactus plants were a hit! I just wish I ordered more of the bigger cactus plants  for the great grandmothers.
April, my supplier, is very accommodating, courteous and replies fast. Although I never got to talk or meet her in person, I can sense the passion she has for her plants based on the SMS exchanges that we had.
I always reply  when I receive requests for copies of the poems. Please check your SPAM folder if you haven’t heard from me. Look for the MaquiFranky sender  

158 thoughts on “Aki’s Baptism: Decor and Giveaway/Gifts

  1. hi maqui! the guest sheets are really interesting. is it possible to share? please? my son’s baptism is in the next two weeks. thanks in advance. your blog is a great source of info! really helpful.

  2. Ms. Maqui!! I like the cactus idea! 🙂 Can I have the contact number of the supplier din? Please, please. My baby is going to have her christening and those giveaways will be awesome! espcially since everybody knows me to be a tree hugger. mwuah! thanks in advance!

      1. Hi there !

        First time mom here and Im also planning for my daughter’s baptismal . I so love your cactus idea giveaway . I’ll try to look for a supplier too .

        It’d be a great help if you can email me the poems for the ninong / ninang ?!

        Thank u so much !


  3. Simply love your ideas! Can i have a copy of the poem for the godparents? I am currently helping my sister prepare her first child’s baptism. Thanks in advance. ( gt_devera@yahoo.com) – Trinket

  4. Hi! I Like the idea of the Cactus plants as giveaways.can u please send me the suppliers contact details.also ,may i request for the copy of your poem for the Godparents and guest sheets?hope to hear from u …you u so much in advance.my email add. citadelxhaferi@yahoo.com

  5. Hi Maqui,
    Your poems are so sweet and touching! May I please request a copy of the poems for ninongs/ninangs and grandparents. Thank you.

  6. Hi. I like the idea of the cactus plants as giveaways. Can you send me the suppliers contact details. Also, may I request for the copy of your poems for the godparents & guest sheets? Hope to hear from you. Thank you in advance. Continue being a blessing to others 🙂

      1. Hi!

        I saw your give away cactus…can i also have your suppliers contact details? please include also the poem for the godparents…thank you very much.

  7. Hi! Souvenir plant is a great idea and I liked it… Can I also request for the copy of your message/poem for the godparents/guests? My baby’s baptism will be next month. Thank you in advance God bless!

  8. Hello mommy
    Can I have a copy of the poem and the supplier’s contact details for the cactus plant?
    Thank you very much! 🙂

  9. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog last year when I gave birth to my first son. I promised myself to visit again come my baby’s baptism. Now, it’s time!:) I was thinking of having succulents too for giveaways. Can I request for the copy of the poem??:) Hope you still have it. Thank you very much in advance!!

  10. Hi, i like this idea. Like other moms here, can you also please send me a copy of your poems for the ninong and ninangs as well as the details, contact numbers, etc. of the supplier of the cactus? Thanks a lot! 🙂

  11. hi!!!we’re having our daughters baptism next month…i really like your idea for the souvenirs….can i ask how much is tha cactus?and can i also have a copy of your poems? :)…thanks….

  12. hi I’m irene and starting to plan my son’s baptism. Can I have a copy of the poem in the cactus, and details of your plant supplier.
    Thank you!

  13. Hi! I am a working mom and was finding a hard time planning for my son’s baptismal. I just didn’t know where to start and I only have a week! Good thing I came to your page. Heaven sent! 🙂 I’m also asking the same favors as the others did if it’s okay. I love your to ninang poems and also the idea of giving something to the grandmommies and granddad. Is it okay to borrow that idea too?

    Thanks in advance for helping! In case my prayers will be heard(haha!), please send it to mariemcgeejulian@yahoo.com

    Thank you very much!

      1. Hi! May I also request for a copy of the Ninang/Ninong poems? I’m also planning for my baby’s christening and first birthday celebration. Thank you! 🙂

  14. Hi! I’m preparing for our baby’s baptismal this month & i really adore & love your ideas. You did a superb job! Is it okay to have a copy of the poems for Ninongs/Ninangs? Thanks! My email is avignacio@live.com

  15. hi… i really love ur idea on your baby’s baptismal .. may i request for a copy of the poem as well as the Guestbook sheet. Many Thanks. my email add is floresnpj@yahoo.com…. will wait for your response

  16. Hi there!
    like these stressed moms, I also came across ur blog and in one click, u gave me an idea and somehow solved my problem. 🙂 I am currently preparing for my daughter’s baptism and I always wanted to give my guests something useful and not just a dust-collector as u labelled it.
    if u would let me, can i also have the copy of the poems and guest sheet? i’ll try to get in touch with ur contact with those cute cactus. thanks in advance! here’s my email add yamabrigo@yahoo.com

  17. Hi,

    Super love the cactus giveaway with the poems as well as the Guests sheet. Can I also request for a copy of the poems as well as the guests sheet. Thanks…

      1. hi… i really love ur idea on your baby’s baptismal .. may i request for a copy of the poem as well as the Guestbook sheet. Many Thanks. my email add is floresnpj@yahoo.com…. will wait for your response.

  18. Hi! May i request for the copy of poems, guest sheet @ the message in your giveaways for me to have some idea or also try the same. Planning to have my baby’s baptismal nxt month. I like the idea of cactus. My email add is arleneasuncion14@gmail.com thanks!

  19. Hi! I’m browsing the net and found this! I am currently preparing for my sons baptism this sept 28, and your baptismal concept was great! It will be much appreciated if you could give me copies of your poems for the ninang/ninong and also your guest sheets. By the way, Here is my email add madaboutdress@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

  20. Hi, can you please send me the copy of the poems po for the god parents? And also the guest sheet po? Did you conduct a program pa during the event? Thank you. ☺

  21. Hi ma’am! I just came across your blog as i was looking for a souvenir/giveaway for my son’s baptism on May 18. Yay! Super lapit na at kapapanganak ko lng last april 2 maam.

    Thank you for posting this blog. Very informative po. I would like to request for a copy of the poems ma’am. Kindly send it to to my email ad. Thank you very much po. More power!

  22. hello! i just found your blog, and thanks for your wonderful idea, u r gifted with much to share! Can i copy it? I would like to ask also for the content of your poems and guest sheet.. This is my eadd emgie72@yahoo.com. I would appreciate much if you will send me asap, please… Thanks in advance and happy new year!

  23. Hi! Thanks sa blog mo.. Malaking tulong for me lalo na im preparing for my daughters baptism. Can i ask if pede ako makakuha ng copy ng poem mo? thanks.

  24. Hi! Im so glad i found your blog. Your ideas for your son’s baptism were so cool. Is it okay if i would do the same for my son’s baptism next month? Can i ask a copy of the poems and guest sheet? I would really appreciate it. My email is alma_gollayan@yahoo.com. TY.

      1. hello maqui! I’m planning my little girl’s baptism. Is it possible that I get also a copy of the poem and guest sheets? Will appreciate it very much. TY.

  25. hi! loove your ideas! sooo loove the poems for the godparents! can i ask for the copies of them? and the guest sheet? and also the contact numbers of mr.ballonatix? thankyou somuch! my daughter’s baptism will be on the 25th! thankyou for sharing your great ideas! here’s my email add mitzimagno@yahoo.com thanks again!

  26. Hello! Everything looked just great! Such a awesome job you did! Can I please have a copy of your poems too? Thank you in advance!

  27. Hi! I’m so glad I found your blog, gave me some ideas…..I’m going crazy right now!
    Anyway……,can you please email me the poems for the godparents and your guest sheet? I would gladly appreciate it. My email add. mrsbay6@yahoo.com God bless! And thank you for sharing your talent.

      1. Thank you so much for your time , I’m really glad I found your blog! Your ideas will help me BIG TIME!!!! I’m very greatful! Keep it up!!Again, I do really appreciate your kindness sharing your ideas…..God Bless!

  28. hi sis! i found your blog thru n@w! i love reading your blog..and i love how you prepared for your son’s baptism. Sis, pa copy din ako ng poem mo for the godparents. here’s my ad: ying_naig@yahoo.com. Thanks

  29. Hi, I admire how you made everything =) very creative. Good job Mommy…by the way I’d like to ask permission if I can also copy your message to Ninang and Ninong ? thank you so much

  30. Hi mommy maqui, i love the idea about the guest sheets, can you email me a copy along with the poems for ninongs and ninangs, would really appreaciate it. thanks a bunch ….. 🙂

    1. Hi Frechie!
      Thank you for visiting my blog.
      I sent the poems and guestsheets via email just now. So sorry for the delay. Please do check your Spam folder if the message is not in your inbox.
      Happy party planning!

  31. Hi! Among all the ideas posted, your idea is really cool.. My baby girl will bebaptised early next month and I have no idea what to do since I’m in a tight budget. I like your idea of cactus! Can I also ask for a copy of your poems for the godparents and guest sheet?
    Will really appreciate it. I hope you still can read this.
    God bless your family! Thanks..

    1. Hello! I ordered the cactus plants from a vendor from sulit. Sorry I dont hve her contact numbers anymore but her name is April. I think she is still listed in Sulit

  32. Hi. What is written on the cactus as well as the frame? I love your idea of giving away plants. -a
    Curious mommy

    1. I ordered it online via Sulit. Sorry I dont have the supplier’s contact number anymore but if you search Cactus in Sulit, I am sure lalabas. My contact person was april.
      I forgot the rates too. so sorry. If i am not mistaken 20 bucks for the baby cactus, and 50 for the bigger. Am not sure ha. pls check na lang with April.

      1. Sis,
        nagorder na din ako kay ms. april.. nag-pay ako last thursday.. 30 regular cacti for ninongs.. =p
        thanks for the idea ah! =p

  33. hello! … am currently preparing for our 1st baby’s baptism this coming December. I never thought it would be this stressful! Glad to have come across your blog — saw a lot of ideas, thanks! I’ve some questions, if you don’t mind…how was the venue for your reception…like you, am also trying to work within a certain budget (which is not a lot)… how would you rate the venue, service and their food? did you have a small program pa ba o no need na. Lastly, would like to ask for your permission if I can also copy the poems you made for the Ninongs/Ninangs, as well as the Guest Sheet Idea… =)


      1. Yes! Yes! received your reply thru PM, thanks!

        It’s getting a bit stressful na pala kapag palapit na ung event and you still feel it’s not coming together ung plans mo..hehe. To think baptism pa lang ‘to.. in a few months ung 1st birthday naman ang isipin ko…hehe.

        Will keep you posted on how everything goes.

        Thanks, again.

  34. hi! your ideas for your son’s baptism was really great..i love them!would it be okay if i copy the poems for the godparents and your guest sheet? my daugther’s christening is on the 25th and i’m sooo stressed slashed nervous thinking bout all the stuff to make it fun and memrable for my guests…and for my baby (when time comes that she’ll know about it..)luckily i found your blog..

    hoping you’d consider my request..thanksomuch!

    1. Hi Aize!
      Thank you for visiting my blog!
      Tell me about stress! PAF Aerospace Museum cancelled our reservation one month before my son’s 1st bday party!
      sure sure, go ahead. I think I still have softcopies of the poems and guest sheets. Let me know na lang if you want me to email ’em to you.

    1. Hi Ronelie! Thanks for visiting my blog.
      Unfortunately, I dont have her number anymore. MY sim kase was formatted.
      I found her from Sulit.com.ph. Just type in Cactus. 🙂

  35. Love the cactus/green plants for the godparents. Could I inquire what’s on the card? I can’t read it and would love to see what’s on it.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Raquel! Thanks for dropping by. There are two sets of poems , one for godfathers and one for the ninangs. I foud several poems online and mashed into one. Here is the one for the ninangs:


      Godmothers have no wands or wings,
      So they work with wisdom, love and things

      A Godmother is a gift sent from heaven above
      Bringing kisses and hugs and never ending love

      I want you know how lucky I feel to have a Godmother like you
      Someone who always loves me no matter what I do

      Much love, Aki

      My Baptism Day. 2.27.10 Magallanes Church / Guilly’s G5

    1. Hello mommy,
      i stumbled across your blog while searching for DIY ideas for b.boy baptismal giveaway. Your idea of taking care of a little life (representing the cactus) really touched me and of course the poem that goes with it for ninongs and ninangs. If its okay i’d like to have a copy of it and use it if you will allow. this is my email add montenegroxc@gmail.com. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much and God Bless, have a great day ahead great mommy 🙂

      -momi x 🙂

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