Memoirs of a Mummy

Elbi Staycation

We are here in my mom’s house in Los Banos for the week long R&R.

Growing up, I was ashamed to live here. You see, the name of the barangay, Bayog,  never failed to make my naughty boy classmates  laugh.  And because our place seemed so far flung from the rest of Los Banos, I felt like a promdi even if all my classmates, since we all lived in Laguna, were also probinsiyanas and probinsiyanos.

Fast forward, 20 years later, I now wish that we live across the street. Well, umm, not exactly across the street because across the street is Laguna de Bay already. For the past 3 weeks, we have been planning to bring Aki to a park so he can run freely. Something always came up so the trips to High Street and  Salcedo Market were cancelled. Now that we are here in my beloved Bayog,  Aki gets to run. Not just run, but chase chickens and ducks. He also gets a kick everytime I point the many lizards in the ceiling that visit us every night. The tuko has been missing in action. I wonder if it will fascinate or scare the little Manila boy

So many stories to tell but for now, I would like to share these photos

in case you want to see more photos, hop over to our FB page.

PS. did you know that you can easily resize pictures by uploading them on FB then downloading them? I only learned 2 weeks ago from my techy FIL.

7 thoughts on “Elbi Staycation

      1. sis ano pano naging kulay brown? ano ung sweetener? try ko nga refreshment sa house one weekend! inggit ako bakerella ka tlga!!!! you can make your own sweet treats! hihi.

  1. Aaaaaaaaaaaaah sarap talaga sa probinsya! We just got back ourselves from Antique naman. Parang ayaw na nga namin umalis dun. Hehehe.

  2. Ako din nung bagong salta ko sa elbi tawang-tawa ako sa Bayog. Hehehe. 😀

    Pero nakakamiss ang probinsya. Namimiss ko na din ang promdi layp ko..

  3. i knew it! taga-Bayog kayo 🙂 i used to have a Professor who rented an apartment there. and my friend lives there, too (her hubby’s family owns the grocery in front of Caltex sa may junction).

    hubby & i love Elbi so much! that’s where we want to live when we retire. you are so lucky Aki has a place to go to where he could just run and play all day long. you can also bring him sa UPLB field. haha, sa laki nun, susuko sya sa pagtakbo! 😀

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