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Toddler School Search: Prep Camp

For the second time, I attended the Prep Camp’s annual Family Fun Day. Just like the first time, I went home convinced that that is where I want my child to attend. I insisted that Franco goes to the event too so he’d have some background about the school.

Everyone was encouraged to buy/wear the FFD shirt. My tita got one for Aki. Cute!

 Check out the sponsors. There were also booths that gave away free bags, vitamins etc.

This was during the singing of the national anthem. See where the hands of the kids were? Funny!

A school family day is not complete without games.  There were also games for dads, moms, siblings and families.

Food stalls.  Each kid had 500 peso worth of food stubs. I have always wondered why schools use stubs instead of cash. The food although yummy, was over priced. I think 50 bucks for a soda in can. 

That is our big boy, Joaquin, during the parade.

And these are some of the slides swings and monkey bars.

I love the schools spacious bermuda grass covered grounds.

The teachers seem sincerely sweet to the kids.

I saw several celebrity parents. It was nice to see them as just parents, cheering for their kids and playing like determined children during the games.

The rooms were small which means smaller teacher to student ratio.

More info about the school here.

It is been more than a month since the event. The family fun day fever  has somewhat waned. I still think it is a great school but now I am not sure if it is really the best for us. At least for the pre-nursery.

My concerns

– During the bring-me games, one of the items that kids were asked to bring was a Long Champ bag. I don’t know if the host  who by the way is a professional, was kidding when he said he saw a yaya wearing a Lacoste top. This is an issue, although it’s nothing major, because Franco and I are the last people to care about brands. My hope is for Aki to be like us.

– it is inside BF Paranaque. The daily travel from Bicutan to there might be too much for my boy.

– the tuition fee is tan ta ra raaaan…. 90K! Seeing how well rounded, sociable and confident my nephews now are, I think the steep tuition might be  justifiable.

the toddler school search is still on!

5 thoughts on “Toddler School Search: Prep Camp

  1. Hi Maqui! im not sure if you’ve already found a prep school for Aki.. am also from betterliving bicutan, have you checked the prep school inside Ethiopia St? The street between Sinangag Express and Bonheur Coffee Shop. Sorry i forgot the name of the school..

  2. Karir ka tlga sis ah! That’s good.. Ako naku! Pag nasa pre-school age na ang aking lil monster, for sure! scouting galore din gagawin ko.. 🙂 Good luck!

  3. you are so lucky, Maqui ‘cos there are lots of really good schools there. it’s also my concern now because Dade will be going to school next year, and we’re also doing our research na on where to send him to. although my company gives educational allowance to our kids, it’s just a third of how much we need to pay for their tuition fees. ang tuition fee ng nursery dito is equivalent to almost 5 times ng tuition fee ng Prep Camp. *faints!*

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