Office Attire and Easter Shopping @ Divi

As I mentioned before, my new year’s resolution is to take care of myself, special emphasis on my appearance. Getting new clothes was on top of my priority  list because most of my clothes don’t fit me anymore. And those that still fit looks worn out already.  Shopping was on top of my priority list for several weeks  but has been brushed aside several times. So when Manang told us last Wednesday that she needs to go home ASAP and stay there for a month, I decided right there and then to schedule a trip to Divi.  After she leaves, finding time to shop and finding someone who can look after Aki on weekends would be a challenge.

And so last Friday, armed with a small sling bag , 2800 pesos and determination that I will go home with no less than 10 office blouses, me, myself and I hopped on a PNR coach  going to Tutuban. Commuting to Divi used to be a major hassle for us southern folks. One jeepney ride to Pasay.  Short LRT ride from EDSA to Buendia. Then a long FX ride to Divisoria. With PNR, I just sat back, and enjoyed the 45 minute ride from Bicutan to my favorite shopping meccah.

After  almost 4 hours of scouring 168 mall and the streets of  Ilaya and Tabora, I went home and bid Manang good bye (will blog about her soon!). These are some of my favorite finds

Paper dolls. One pack has 6 different kinds of paper dolls. One pack costs 18 pesos. Guess how many sheets per pack? Sixty sheets!!  I just got a few sheets for our next party’s loot bags. I gave the rest to Manang for the kids in her barangay who always asks for pasalubong from her.

The sub-reason why I went to Divi, is to get stuff for Aki’s Easter One-and-a-half birthday partey.

Instead of party hats, kiddie guests will wear these  bunny ears. I bought them in one of the stalls in Tabora for 28 pesos a piece. It was more expensive than I hoped for but I did not have time to scour as Manang was just waiting for me before she can head back to Samar.

Plastic eggs for the Easter egg hunt. I am expecting 6 kids so I got 3 dozens. I hope that is more than enough. We used to use real eggs for our egg hunts.  Now that I buy eggs with my own money, I realize how expensive egg hunts can be for organizers. We will be using plastic eggs which we will reuse for years to come. I am thinking of putting numbers inside each egg, each number corresponding to a prize. I thought I scored a good deal ( 100 bucks for 3 dozens) but at the Bodega Bulding, they were selling plastic eggs for 22 pesos for 18 pieces. Waaaah!

These bunny ponytails will serve as our napkin holder slash party favor. These cuties were only 40 pesos for one dozen.

Of course, not to be forgetten are the clothes which is the main reason for going on a shopping trip. I am a bit disappointed because I did not go home with 10  office tops. I only got to buy  7 office tops, one blazer and my favorite buy of the day, my Raaaaaaawr dress. I bought it for only 350 at Juana in 168. I hope someone invites us to a Safari party soon so I will have an excuse to wear it.


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