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Giant Leap

Several friends and family have been telling us us that Aki seems tall for his age. Because I don’t know a lot of kids his age, I had no idea if he is within or above the usual the usual range. This was until last last Saturday when we went to Dra Saulog’s clinic to have Aki’s cough checked. While waiting for our turn, I thought I’d plot Aki’s weight and height in the chart. Interestingly, Aki’s height is indeed 2 centimeters above the normal range for his age. I am not sure if it is the Cherifer, his regained appetite or my genes. My male cousins are all tall. The shortest stands at 5’11. The tallest is 6’4.

Plotting Aki’s height and weight in the chart, made me realize how much I have changed as  a mother in the last 2.5 years. I used to eagerly update the chart everytime we had a check up. Now, if I had not been bored, I would have forgotten that these pages in Aki’s baby book exist. I am no longer the praning, online shopping-addict, superbaby-wanting mom that I used to be.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

His Name is Ateee Te-ten!

That was as of February. Fast forward to one month after, he can now say Aki Benten. When asked what his  name is, sometimes he will say Aki Benten. Most of the time it’s Benten… Hiyaaaa!

My bad mommy confession is that Aki watches TV.
My worse mommy confession is that he gets to watch cartoons which have violent scenes like Benten and Power Rangers.
My worst mommy confession is that I am not feeling guilty about it. Okay, maybe I am but just a bit.

Before you throw tomatoes at me, let me be clear that in our house, he rarely watches TV. We are not subscribed to cable TV. We have the old school antena which also doubles as Aki’s make believe microphone.

Aki therefore has no interest watching TV in our house. He watches TV in my in laws house on weekdays. On weekends, he is TV free.

Now that Aki is almost 2 and a half, I’m more comfortable letting him watch TV. I know that he gets a healthy dose of active, creative and free plays. I am not bothered because I know that TV is not  taking much of his time and attention. When Aki said he is Yellow Power Ranger ( he was wearing a yellow shirt that day), I made him watch this video. Now, he is always Red One.

Last month, he was obsessed with Benten. He loved wearing watches, bracelets or any thing he can put on his wrist and pretend that he is Benten. I asked our pedia if we are bad parents for letting Aki watch Benten. Doc reminded us that we also grew up watching shows that are violent in nature like Voltes V ( I am Jamie of course) and  Bioman (I have always been Pink 5) and yet we grew up to be non-violent adults. Doc said what is important is the guidance of parents.

One more thing, I also think banning  superhero shows and teaching Aki that all forms of hurting others is wrong  would be unnatural to our family since my husband is into Brazilian jujitsu, judo, and aikido. Lately, hubby and I are trying to learn arnis.  In a few years, we plan to entroll Aki in martial arts classes to bully-proof him. Actually, I have started bully-proof training him by teaching him to say “Stop it!” if some one pushes or hurts him.

I am off-topic again. Back to Benten. During the peak of Aki’s Benten obsession, I made him a Benten t-shirt.

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Baking Playdate with Maia

I have been wanting to post our super fun playdate with Faye and Maia but I just don’t know where to start! I have over 100 pictures and even more little snippets to share.

Faye and I have a lot in common. First, we are both member of the online N@wie community. We both grew up in the province and studied in UP. We’re both commuters. If you read her blog, you see that we somewhat share same practices in our parenting style. We try to sneak more veggies. We love homemade toys. We both aren’t mall rats. Our kids are both born in the month of October. Maia is a year older. We both want our kids to experience the old school childhood we had.  But the most exciting similarity for me, is that we both used to be Washington girls before getting married. What is even more exciting is that her apartment was just across the street! We probably rode the same jeep or ate in the same carinderia at some point. How I wish I met her then.

Anyhoot, about the playdate. Please do check her blog because she was able to share more of the step-by-step process of making and decorating cupcakes. Faye blogged about our baking playdate here

Before Faye and Maia arrived, I already prepared our ingredients. I did not want to stress myself so I just used instant cake mix and instant icing care of Tita Betty. Faye brought Nips and marshmallows.

It was Aki’s first time to eat Nips. He fell in love with them instantly. At first, he could not be bothered to help in the mixing because he was too busy enjoying his Nips.

How cute are Aki’s chef’s hat and Maia’s owl apron?

Once the batter was well mixed, we then placed cupcake liners on the muffin pans. The kids thought of putting Nips first before putting scoopfuls of the chocolate batter. Aki left the table as soon as he was done with his share. He was just to excited to finish his Nips.

Alin, alin alin ang naiba? Humanap ng kung alin ang .. naiba!


After the baked cupcakes  cooled, then came the most exciting part, decorating! My funny little baker, after decorating each cupcake, removed the plastic toys to lick the icing and then put them back again.

These are the pretty and yummy cupcakes of the afternoon. Maia decorated the 6 cupcakes on the right side. Aki did the left side except for the top left one which was my masterpiece. Hehe.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Our Toddler Loves his Medicines

Franco and I aren’t softdrink drinkers. We get to drink them only when there is a special occassion. Aki is also not used to drinking anything carbonated. We don’t want him to get used to softdrinks because they are sugar-loaded, expensive(when you compare them to Nawasa juice)  and can be addicting. Definitely not good for my baby.

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Mrs. Monologues

Homemade Breakfast Sausage Recipe

This is my take on the Mcdonald’s big breakfast meal.


1 kilo ground pork. Don’t use lean meat or else the sausages will be dry and less flavorful.
1/2 tbsp honey
1/2 tsp salt
1/4 tsp pepper
1 tbsp dried sage                  
1/4 tsp dried thyme
1/8 tsp cayenne pepper

The superstar here is the dried sage. I ate Mcdo breakfast sausage a day after I had my homemade version. The taste is close but it would have been better if I added more sage.

To make the patties, use a 1/4-cup measuring spoon to scoop and the flat side of a 1-cup measuring cup to flatten.

Just mix all the ingredients, make patties and fry. That is it. I wanted to pair my breakfast sausages with scrambled eggs and pancakes. Because we do our groceries every Sunday, when Saturday morning rolls in, our little egg-a-holic has already eaten most of our eggs.

Check out pancake! I finally learned the secret to perfect pancakes. Please see my post on my disastrous first batch of teddy bears and hello kitties.

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Not Your Usual Potty Training Book: Everyone Poops by Taro Gomi

I have this personal rule when buying second hand books: if the previous owner did not take care of the book, don’t buy!  However, because I have been wanting this book for the longest time, I still bought this copy. Even though the spine looks pre-chewed by the books previous owner, Aki and I, and even Franco, love love love this book!  Unlike our five other books on potty training, this one is really yucky and really visual. 

 Aki tends to be shy about pooping. When he is doing it, he would look quietly sit and freeze in the corner until he is done. I hope this book will teach him that it is perfectly okay and normal to poop.

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Memoirs of a Mummy

Puke-puke ala Nikkie

I have come to accept that we will probably be forever looking for a perfect nanny and a perfect helper. With Manang now gone, I don’t think we will ever be able to find someone like her. 

For memories’ sake, I have started a new project. From now on, I will ask each helper or yaya (nanny) who will join our family to teach me how to cook their specialty dish. I started this project with Nikkie.

This is Nikkie. She is 18 years old. She graduated salutatorian in her high school batch last summer.  One time, she could not sleep and asked me if I have a dictionary that she can read! Unfortunately, I don’t have one so I just let her one of my finance books.  She came into our lives last Feb 13 and left last March 5. 

 She taught me how to cook puke-puke. Don’t laugh because that really is the name of this Ilocano veggie dish.

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