Memoirs of a Mummy

2019 Goals

Raise our net worth to PHP XXX. Eyes on the Prize. This is the main goal for this year. Here is what we have done so far to get closer to XXX

  1. Updated our statement of asset, liabilities and net (SALN)
  2. Created a projection of how incoming funds and expenses monthly
  3. Defined how much we need to set aside after every pay day
  4. Opened a new bank account so we can easily transfer our monthly savings.

I have also identified how much I want our net worth to be for the next 3 years. I am now on the lookout for investment opportunities. For the longest time, we were extremely loyal to mutual funds and UITF. It was very convenient but our money is not growing at the rate that I want. We now have 3 kids. By next year, all three will be going to school. Researching about tuition fees make me palpitate! Last year, we learned about agri-investing. It was risky. It was scary at first. We interviewed stakeholders and investors and read all materials I could get my hands into. A year later, things are looking bright and promising.

Create a conducive work and study area. I take video conference calls at home. When I am sick, or the kids are or when there is an emergency, I work from home which is actually working from the bed. And Aki, haaaay, Aki, as I have shared, has this tendency to inform his parents last minute of items he needs to bring. This year, I want us to be able to work and study at home comfortably without distraction. Here is what we have so far.

  • Laptop. Thank you, Sykes HR!
  • Study/Work Desk. Thank you, Jana and Jyl for your donation!
  • Phone with sim card so Aki can call me if I need to buy something
  • Pending: Printer, computer chair, bond paper supply, cabinet or box for school supplies.

Now that we have a family laptop and a proper work/study table, my expectations from Aki are higher. Aki should be more independent. He also committed to reviewing his diary as soon as he gets home and informing us if he needs anything.

Better documentation. I have thousands and thousands of pictures somewhere out there. About 99.99% are softcopies. In CDs, in external drives, in USBs, in Facebook, in Dropbox, in Google photos. This year, I want to have actual physical photos that we can touch and look out. My sister gave me their old Canon Selphy. But after much research, I decided that I am better of with a wireless printer that Aki can use for his assignments and that I can also use for printing photos at home. A photo from Canon Selphy will cost about PHP 10-15 pesos per print. But with a Canon Pixma, it will cost me as low as PHP 2 per print. At that cost, I can print to my hearts content without guilt. The wireless printing feature is also important because for me to keep this goal, it has to be effortless for me. If I need to set up everytime I print, it will not work. I want to be able to print easily using my phone.

I want to go back to blogging. I want the kids to read about their childhood when they are older. But I just c….oooops. Aoki’s awake. Tah-tah for now.

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