Queen Bee Farewell Office Party

A Queen Bee-themed Farewell Party

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Last month, I organized a farewell party for Gaye, one of our senior managers. She is one of best loved managers in our department and saying goodbye to her was hard for everyone. To make the parting sweet, I decided to have a theme for this party. Our office salo-salos are usually just lunch from Buddy’s or Amber’s. Since Gaye is special, I wanted this party to be special. In the back of my mind, I was hoping she’d cry hehe, because in the six years that I have worked with her, I haven’t seen her shed a tear. And cry she did. So did I.

I chose the Queen Bee theme because I felt it was somehow related to her being a sweet well-loved boss to us. When someone told me that her favourite color is orange, for a second, I considered having a Jollibee party. Hehe. It would have been fun but that was ordinary.

Anyhoo, I am blessed to have creative and supportive officemates whom I can count on even for last minute requests. Having a great director, Gaye’s boss, who said budget is not an issue, is a major plus.

It started with the invite that Jordie made. Wordings care of me. The lay out was all Jordie.

The Sourcing team was in charge of the cake. I suggested Iko’s since it is the cosest and most affordable bakeshop from our building. The problem with Iko’s is that they don’t deliver. With our busy schedules we don’t have time to troop to Pasig Proper. What I envision were yellow cupcakes and cakes with bumblebee toppers. The Sourcing team came up with something more fun! Taking cue from the invite, they had Gaye’s queen bee image, printed and laminated. This served as the cake topper. The cake was a mango cream chiffon cake from Red Ribbon, which is conveniently located on the same block. The Queen Bee Gaye topper looked like it was standing on a yellow flower. Love it!

We also encouraged everyone to bring honey gifts for the queen bee. I gave her a pack of Frutos because we became close because I kept going to her office to get some.

Another party detail were the GL’s that we asked everyone to write on, including the guards and maintenance guys. Her initials is GL. On yellow construction papers, we printed black circles with the letters G and L. Her friends were asked to think of words starting with G and L that would describe her. On the back side, we wrote special messages for her. Some of the nice GL descriptions were, Gentle Listener, Genetically Lean (because she is so slim!),Ganda sa Labas at Loob, Gorgeous Leader, Good Life and Go Lang (this is her usual answer when we ask for approval hehe).

And since Gaye was the queen, we thought of getting a crown for her. I found this pretty yellow fluffy crown at National Bookstore. We added yellow fuzzy wires to finish the bee look. If we had more time and more money, it would have been nicer if all the party bees got to wear bee headbands.

For the food, we ordered from CCME. I have been wanting to try them but only had the chance recently. For only 2600++, we were able to feed close to 40 hungry happy bumble bees with pancit, lasangna, empanada, brownies and potato salad. It was a nice and affordable break from Amber’s and Buddy’s.

For the dress code, everyone was asked to come in yellow. Those who did not have yellow came in black. It was really nice seeing everyone cooperate.

Lastly, let me tell you about our decors. I am so glad I had the opportunity to decorate. I have been addicted to party blogs for months now. Colorful pompoms and cute birthday signs were almost always present in featured house parties. This is what we had. All these lovingly made by me and my teammates. We made pompoms of different sizes in yellow white and black. Aren’t they lovely? It was my first time to make one and I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to make them. I will definitely be making some for our next house parties. One of these days I will post a tutorial on how to make them. The backdrop was made from gold paper plates and letter print outs.

Thank you, Gaye, for being a great boss. You are greatly missed! You will always be our friend wherever you will bee.….

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